Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Weekend

We didn't have school on Friday so we went to John's Incredible Pizza to eat and play. The kids loved it and had a blast. 

Afterwards we went to visit Grandma Grandma D since Grandma D was here visiting from New York. We  ended up going to Huntington Beach Pier to Ruby's. It was a beautiful night and we even got to see four dolphins swimming by the pier!!  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last Day of School!!!

Today was the last day of school. So to celebrate, we went Soak City with the Carter family. It was a fun filled afternoon. Everyone is ready to start summer vacation!!!

Connor & Nolan
Taylor, Nolan & Emily

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Really Bad!!

I can't believe how bad I've been about posting in here. I will try to get better. I will have more time at night to post now that Surbjit is working nights so hopefully I can start documenting better!! Here is a picture from our trip to the park today :-)

Spring Break Fun

Before I forget everything we've done this week. :-)

Monday - Kaylee spent Sunday night over. Then we went to Concourse bowling center to bowl. Afterwards, the kids played outside in the yard until it was time for Kaylee to go home.

Tuesday - we went to Knott's Berry Farm in the morning. Then we met up with the Leach family at Kidspace Children's museum for their free family night. They had a playground outside the museum too which was awesome for the kids to play at.

Wednesday - we met up with Auntie Debbie and Mona at Frogg's bounce house. Afterwards, They came over and played all afternoon at our house.

Thursday - we stayed at home in the morning. After lunch we went to Tewinkle park in Costa Mesa then went to Heritage park in Cerritos and met up with the Leach's again. Followed that with soccer practice for Connor at Cerritos Sports Complex. The girls played on the playground while Connor practiced. After his practice, we went back to the playground so Connor could play too. Very busy park filled day. ;-)

Friday - we met up with the Carter's at Johns Incredible Pizza. The kids still wanted to hang after spending 3 hours here so we all headed to Scooter's Jungle for open bounce. After about 30 mins, the boys wanted to leave. Nicole and I were like um, you are spending at least 1 hour here!! So in the end, we ended up talking them into spending the whole 2 hours there. :-) Afterwards, the Carter's came to our house and we ordered pizza and hung out until 8 pm!!!

Saturday - another day filled with lots of activities. The girls had their karate awards and Connor had his soccer game at the same time. Ugh. So I took the girls. And Surbjit took Connor. I asked if the girls could get their awards first and the sensei said no problem. So right after, we left and went to Connors game. After the game it was back to karate for Connors awards. After the awards, we went out to lunch at El Torito (our favorite restaurant) and then headed to the Stanton Public Library to participate in bark buddies. Each of the kids got to read to a dog. It was pretty cool. After that we headed home. That night, Connor had practice with his punjabi class because they were going to be performing for the big celebration the next day at the convention center.

Sunday - the kids, daddy and Bigi went to the convention center for the big celebration. They were there from 7:30 until 12:00. The rest of the afternoon was spent just relaxing at home (finally)!

So that was our spring break. Fun filled and action packed!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Day of Spring Break

For the first day of spring break we spent the day with the Carter's. Nolan is one of Connors best friends in school and his older sister Natalie really likes hanging with the twins. So we met up and went to see The Croods at downtown Disney. Then we went to lunch at Rainforest Cafe. Then we walked around downtown Disney. Then we left and had ice cream and shakes at Ruby's followed by a trip to the Catholic bookstore to pick up banners to make for the boys first communion next month. Then the girls hung out at our house and the boys went to the Carter's. It was a very nice day that started at 9:40 and didn't end until 8:30 at night!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

So we promised the kids they could carve pumpkins. So I ran to the store on Sunday and bought pumpkins (so much cheaper then a pumpkin patch!!). But we ran out of time on Sunday to carve. So we did it Monday night after I got home from work. Well, I should say MOMMY carved pumpkins. The kids just wanted to take pictures and watch Mom pull the guts out. Although Connor did pull all of his guts out of his pumpkin. :)

 Pulling the guts out
 Mommy carving the pumpkin
 Connor's finished pumpkin
 Taylor's finished pumpkin
Emily's finished pumpkin

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Week Of School

Emily is still having a hard time adjusting. I left her in a happy mood at daycare this morning but Monica text me around 8:20am asking if it was a rough morning. I asked was Emily cyring? She said she was crying a little at morning prayer. I know Connor did this for like the first month when he first started. She will work through this.

I have to say it’s kinda funny but all three are so different when it comes to their uniforms. Connor hates button shirts and the shirt is a polo. So if it’s a 1/2 day or Monday you can be sure he is going to wear his spirit shirt. So today he is wearing his sprit shirt (since it's a 1/2 day). Emily wanted to wear the button shirt. She wore the spirit shirt yesterday but I guess she likes the look of the polo. What can I say?? And Taylor wanted to wear the jumper so she doesn’t have to tuck the shirt into the shorts. LOL. Haha. I think that is so funny!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Well Monday was the first day of school -- Connor started 2nd grade and Taylor and Emily started Transitional Kindergarten. Connor - sailed through the first day no problem. Taylor did AWESOME. No crying, no complaining. Smiling. Having a good day. Emily -- well -- Emily is Emily what can I say. All morning after she woke up she kept saying that she didn't want to go to school. I don't think she was entirely thrilled that her and Taylor weren't in the same class. But I know that separating them is for the best. We took pictures at home. Then we took all three kids to school. Dropped Connor off in his classroom. :) He was just fine seeing all his friends that he hasn't seen all summer. Then we went over to Taylor's classroom and let her put her stuff down in the her class. By this time, Emily was very clingy. I left Taylor with Surbjit and took Emily over to her classroom. She was walking and excited to get her name tag like Taylor got hers. That was where the excitement ended. Once we got in the classroom it was all over. She was not happy and started crying. Wouldn't leave my side. When it was time for me to leave - she started screaming and her teacher Mrs. Westerlund had to hold her so she wouldn't follow me. Of course I'm bawling at this time because she is crying. Ugh. They still had to come outside to the inner court for morning prayer so I went over by where Taylor and Connor were standing for morning prayer so that I was far away from where Emily was going to be. I knew if she saw me she'd come running to me. So i stayed far far away. At least I didn't hear her screaming or crying. But Monica (who was standing over by where Emily was) said she stood there crying wiping her eyes with the tissue the whole time.

When we went to pick her up, her teacher said she was the one that cried the longest in the class but was done before recess. But when it was time for recess, she started crying again. While they were out at recess, she got to see Kaylee and that made her stop crying so that was good!

Today (the second day) was much better. She said she only cried before nap time. But she never cried when I dropped her off at daycare in the morning. And Monica text me after morning prayer and said she was fine in the morning so hopefully she is now comfortable and there will be no more crying!! :)