Monday, September 12, 2011

Connor lost his first tooth!

Looks like the tooth fairy will be swinging by out house tonight. :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Twins first Day at Preschool

Well today was the twins first day at preschool for the 11-12 school year. And it will be their last year at this school. Bittersweet. Kinda funny that Emily has the same teachers this year that she started out with since the school did a shake up and moved all the teachers around!

You will notice I said Emily. Not Taylor. They are split. Taylor stayed in the Precious Doves and Emily is now in the Shining Stars. When I read the class lists to them this morning and Taylor realized Emily was not in her class she said, "I don't want to be alone." Then her second reaction was "Is Isabella in my class?" (Isabella is her BFF). I looked and sadly, no she was moved to the Shining Stars as well. Poor Taylor. She was just upset and did not want to stay at school. I did find out that one of her other friends Avarie was still in her class. Plus many more that she has been in school with since the beginning so it's not really like she is alone. But I knew she would have a hard time. Will be interesting to see how she does. They were separated at the beginning of last year too for like 2 months but I doubt she remembers that much. The next few weeks will be hard for her, I know. She is the more low key one. But I know this will be good for her too. :)

Weekly Notes - 8/29 to 9/4

8/29 - Connor's first day of school. Everyone dropped him off and he did just fine! Then the girls went to the dentist and they did AWESOME!!! Hardly any crying. :) And Emily even stayed with the hygenist by herself while I sat with Taylor. Then we went to visit Jackie (the girls old babysitter) and then picked up Connor and went to Carl's Jr for lunch (his choice).

8/30 - Connor's second day of school. MUCH better than last year as he was crying when I dropped him off last year.

8/31 - Took the girls into work today. UGH. They did pretty good. Emily sure doesn't know how to control her volume though. And can't sit still. I have a feeling we'll be getting a lot of notes and phone calls from school on this girl. But otherwise she did pretty good. :)

9/1 - The girls went to Jackie's for the day so I could go to an application workshop for work.

9/2 - Picked Connor up directly after school and then headed to Grandma's house! Took the motorhome so we got to watch movies and snack/eat on the way up. Made it a much more comfortable trip. :)

9/3 - All the Aunt's and Uncles' came over (except for Mitch, Andy and Sherry). We BBQ'd at the house and had a blast playing with everyone. Uncle Phil was definitely a big hit and Evan too since he brought over a TON of toys that he gave his cousins. Included was this HUGE automatic Nerf gun that Connor had been begging for ever since he saw it at summer day camp (another boy had brought it in). Tons of fun!

9/4 - Everyone got together again and went out to breakfast and then to the trout farm. Always a hit with the kids although Taylor didn't want to fish. Afterwards I asked her why and she said because she didn't want to kiss a fish again. LOL! I told her she only had to do that the first time when she caught her first fish. Silly girl. :) Then we went back to Uncle Phil's house for awhile and collected acorns and played the flying game. Poor Uncle Phil is sore now. LOL!!