Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow - Has It Been That Long??

I've had requests to write in my blog. =) SORRY!!! I update little status' on facebook mostly. I should copy and past them here to keep those that aren't on Facebook updated too. ;) Like has been busy. But with three small kids, when isn't it. LOL!

I took the twins to their second ever dentist appt this past Wednesday. Taylor got right up on the chair and didn't cry. She didn't want to be there but I think she wanted her nails painted more. =) Emily on the other hand started crying the moment we walked in. They looked at Taylor and then at her chart and said, "this is Taylor? Not Emily? " I said yep. They switched on me. The last time we went Taylor was hysterical and Emily was perfectly fine. Ugh. They just LOVE to do that to me. No cavities that she can see but it's kinda hard when they are upset. They do have staining on their back molars so they may develop cavities back there (what Connor had) so we just have to wait until they are old enough to sit still to get sealants put on or until they get cavities and we sedate them to get those filled. :sigh: Meanwhile, we keep brushing like mad and no chewy candy or gummies!!!

This past Friday Connor's school had Family Movie Night. We all went and saw Despicable Me. I didn't find that movie that good but it was hard to watch and answer the questions Emily was asking and opening M&Ms and juice boxes and keeping the girls quiet and watching where Connor was sitting (he sat with his good friend Sean). Oh well. It was fun for all of us and I can see a year or two, where they will all sit with their friends and I'll be free to socialize and/or watch the movie.

I'll try to update more. I know it doesn't take a lot of time. Even if it's just a sentence or two. I can't believe it's been a month since I posted. I was doing really good there for awhile. I'll try to do better. =)