Monday, January 11, 2016

Busy busy

Super busy weekend this past weekend. Saturday started with Connors basketball game. They lost. 😞 But Emily and I had to leave early to get her to her Little Sisters dance rehearsal. Too cute. They are performing to Saved by the Bell's theme song. Lol. 

Then we went home and the kids packed because they got to go spend the night at the Cal's. Sean and Ashley are friends from St. Pius. None of us go there anymore but we've stayed really close friends and Ashley is even in our Girl Scout troop! 

So they spent the night there and Surbjit and I got to go to see Marlon Wayans perform at the Brea Improv. It was my Christmas present to him. Good time!! And Ozzy and Melanie went with us so it was super fun!! 

The on Sunday I picked Connor up at 11am because him and Dad had to work on their pinewood derby car and had Boy Scouts at 1pm. I met up with Lisa and the girls at UCI for the Girl Scout cookie rally. It was fun. I just wish Emily had a better attitude. It's a lot of work to do Girl Scouts and her attitude doesn't make me want to continue it. :sigh: But overall the girls had fun. 

Then we came home and got ready for a new week!! 

Monday, January 04, 2016


Well it's 2016. Can't believe how fast last year went and that it's already 2016. Where has the time gone? Maybe I'll get better at updating this. And maybe I won't. Lol. But if I get in here at least once a month it's better than what I was doing lol. 

The kids went to their first hockey game last night. Ducks vs. Winnipeg Jets. Ducks won. Yeah!! And the kids had a blast. It helped that their friends Sean and Ashley were there too. Lol.