Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why aren't we sleeping through the night???

Ok, last night. Bath night. I got Emily ready and handed her off to Surbjit to feed. Then I got Taylor ready. Emily fell asleep on Surbjit. Taylor was fighting me (and has been doing that the last couple days). She did eat 5 ozs and then was so tired when I was burping her, her head was on my shoulder and she was fast asleep. Put her in her crib, no crying. Grabbed Emily from Surbjit (who was still sleeping). That woke her up in which I was able to feed her a little more but then she kept fighting me and wouldn't take the bottle. She'd only had 2 ozs. There was NO WAY I could have to go to sleep with just that as that would mean she'd wake up for sure. So I sat her down in her chair. Did a load of laundry and waited for her to get mad. Surbjit got Connor and started gaving him a bath. By this time Emily was starting to cry and freak out so I grabbed her and she ate. She finished about 5 ozs also and was falling asleep so I put her to bed. No crying.

Of course Emily decided to wake up at 12:45am. I tried to just keep giving her her binkie as I don't think she needs to eat at this time. It's just started to become routine for her(which I NEED to break). But in the end, I made a 4 oz bottle and fed it to her. But I swear, half of it ended up on her bib. =( Then Taylor decided to wake up a little after 4am but she was just talking and moving around so I let her be. I finally got her up at 4:45am and got her dressed and ready. And then I had to wake up Emily.

I really hope Emily starts figuring out that waking up at night is NOT a good thing. If I could just get them sleeping through the night again, I'd be a much more rested and happy mom.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What did we do different???

Ok last night, Surbjit fed Taylor and I fed Emily. Neither one ate their whole bottle, they both only had 4 ozs (but they both have been having 7 ozs all day). So we put them to bed at the same time. Emily cried for maybe a minute, then all was quiet and they went to sleep. Connor decided to wake up around 10:30 and came to bed with us. His leg was bothering him. He skinned his knee a little at daycare today but it didn't look bad so not sure what that was about but it seemed like the fabric from his pants was bothering it. So we rolled up his pant leg and he went to sleep next to me. Midnight rolls around and Emily wakes up. I go in to giver her her binkie and she is asleep just crying out. So I give her her binkie, her eyes never open and she sucks on it and appears to go back to sleep. I go to our room but she is now awake so I feed her. I made her a 4 oz bottle only and she went right back to sleep when I put her in her crib. 4am (or should i say 3:56 because my alarm hadn't gone off yet!). Emily is crying again. So go take a shower, get dressed and go feed her which then Taylor decides to wake up. So i feed her. I'm done with both by 5am and then I go finish putting on my makeup and getting ready. UGH!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad blogger & last night

I was doing so good for awhile. Then my mom and Diana came into town and I haven't had time since. LOL! No I'm not blaming them. I'm blaming my life with three kids under three. There is never time for anything anymore. I took a couple pictures yesterday of Connor playing in his new sandbox with sand and realized I have 120 pictures on the camera! Geez! Good thing I have a 2GB card in there. UGH! I'll try tonight to download them. I know the girls are chaning so much. I look back at their pictures from when they were a month or two old and they look nothing like that now. And they look so much different from each other now too!

I also wanted to come in here and sort of chronical their nights. Maybe i'll detect a pattern or something.

Last night was bath night. Surbjit fed Taylor, I fed Emily. Taylor kept falling asleep on him. We were also trying new BPA free bottles (Parent's Choice by Wal-Mart). I put Emily to bed and tried to finish Taylor with her bottle. Then I put her to bed. Both babies did NOT cry. (WOO HOO!!!) Both slept all night but decided to wake up at 4:30am. Ugh. Oh well. Poor Taylor had to wait until I was done feeding Emily since she will just sit there and cry while Taylor will sit there and talk for awhile.

So that was our night last night. I want to kinda keep track of when and what happens to see if there is a way to get them to not cry before they go to bed. They don't usually cry for very long but still. It pains me and I'm tired of it. It almost seems like if I put one to bed first and then the other they don't cry. I will have to test that theory out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

4 Month Check up (Ok at 5 months)

The girls had their four month check up on Tuesday. Here are their stats:

birth: 6 lbs 7 ozs 18.5 inches
5 months: 14 lbs 7 ozs 24.75 inches

birth: 4 lbs 13 ozs 17 inches
5 months: 13 lbs 5 ozs 24.5 inches

So Emily is catching up with Taylor!! Although I swear there is more than a one lb difference in weight. If you hold Taylor and then Emily my gosh. Taylor is definitely more heavy. But I think it's because she is more solid than Emily. Emily is my dainty girl!

They both got four shots. And of course, Emily had just started coming down with a cold (runny nose) that morning. She did not fare well with the shots. She had a fever that night and was grumpy. I'm sure not being able to breath out of her nose did not help. So we stayed home Wednesday and she was doing much better by the afternoon smiling again and being her usual self. She seems all fine now but now Surbjit is sick. I sure do hope Connor, Taylor and I don't get it!!!

I know I'm really behind in catching up. I haven't had a chance to blog about Grandma and Grandma D's visit either. I will. Also, Taylor now rolls from back to tummy! And Grandma and Grandma D were able to see it when she did it for basically the first time. Well I will update more later when I have time!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Connor picked Strawberries

Last Saturday, Connor and I headed out to Tanaka Farms with my Working Moms group to go on a farm tour and pick strawberries. It was so much fun! We got to ride a wagon pulled by a tractor (Connor's favorite!). It was funny though, every time we stopped he would ask, "all done?". We got to sample fresh grown veggies too. Sugar snap peas, spinach, onions, celery, carrots. Connor didn't really like any of it. Although he did eat some spinach but when I gave him more he spit that out. Hey at least he tries it! The end of our tour concluded with us stopping and picking strawberries. Connor loved picking strawberries . . . and eating them. =) He really didn't pick and and put in the box. I guess that was mommy's job. He would pick a strawberry, say "this is for Daddy" and then proceed to eat it. He probably ate as many strawberries as we brought home! They were really delicious too.

Connor picking strawberries with his friend Jasmine.

Oh, funny story about Connor and Jasmine - after the tour was over we were hanging out talking and letting the kids run around. Well Jasmine WANTED to hug and kiss Connor and Connor was like NO! He kept moving away and trying to get away from Jasmine. It ended up as Connor running in a circle with Jasmine chasing him! It was too cute! Reminded me of the disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean where that lady is chasing that guy. Too funny. I have say, Jasmine finally won out and stole a hug and kiss although Connor wasn't too happy. =)

And we ended the day taking some pictures of the strawberry heads that went:

Monday, April 07, 2008

Binkie Free!!!!

I think I can finally say it. Connor is binkie free!!! WOO HOO!!! One night we were sitting watching CARS before going to bed and Surbjit told Connor, since we are watching CARS, no binkie for bed tonight. He said, "OK". We put him to bed and that was it. The next night I said the same thing to him and he said, "OK." and that was that! He hasn't asked for it once since! Of course now his new thing is he wants the door open. I'll take that over the binkie any day!

Mommy & Daddy Go Out

That's right! Surbjit and I were able to get out of the house Saturday night thanks to Bigi! Our friends Jeff and Romy called us up and asked if we wanted to go to Irwindale Speedway because it was 2 for 1 night. Bigi just happened to be there visiting so we asked her if she would watch the kids. She said yes so we took her up on her offer! The racing didn't start until 7pm anyway so we got the girls ready for bed and put them to bed before we left. Of course they didn't fully cooperate and cried for about 10-15 mins but finally went to sleep. I guess Taylor woke up after we left but Bigi held onto her and she feel asleep and was fine the rest of the night. Connor wasn't a big deal either. He got in his jammies and they watched CARS (his all time favorite movie right now!) and then went to bed.

We got home a little after 10pm so we weren't whooping it up at night! It was just nice to get out of the house just us two for once. I can't remember the last time we did that. Ok I can, I was pregnant with the twins and it was the weekend before I went on bedrest. We would have gone out more but that darn bedrest thing got in the way. Oh well

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

First Family Photo

So last weekend we didn't end up going camping. Long story short our friend hurt himself while he was loading his dirtbike into his truck and had to go to the ER. He did break his toe and will be out of work for awhile but otherwise he is ok. But since we didn't have anyone else to go with, we weren't going to go by ourselves so we cancelled our trip. John and Melissa and Mackenzie were supposed to come out Saturday since we were only going to be camping about 20 minutes from their house so inside, we drove up to their house and hung out for the day. It was a lot of fun. And we were able to take our first family photo of the five of us. Here it is:

I'm really glad we got to hang out with them. Since they live so far away, we hardly get to see them anymore. And Connor and Mackenzie are only 4 months apart. They played really well together. Connor was a little touchy and sensitive that day but I think it's because he was in a new environment and all. Otherwise, he did pretty good.