Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What did we do different???

Ok last night, Surbjit fed Taylor and I fed Emily. Neither one ate their whole bottle, they both only had 4 ozs (but they both have been having 7 ozs all day). So we put them to bed at the same time. Emily cried for maybe a minute, then all was quiet and they went to sleep. Connor decided to wake up around 10:30 and came to bed with us. His leg was bothering him. He skinned his knee a little at daycare today but it didn't look bad so not sure what that was about but it seemed like the fabric from his pants was bothering it. So we rolled up his pant leg and he went to sleep next to me. Midnight rolls around and Emily wakes up. I go in to giver her her binkie and she is asleep just crying out. So I give her her binkie, her eyes never open and she sucks on it and appears to go back to sleep. I go to our room but she is now awake so I feed her. I made her a 4 oz bottle only and she went right back to sleep when I put her in her crib. 4am (or should i say 3:56 because my alarm hadn't gone off yet!). Emily is crying again. So go take a shower, get dressed and go feed her which then Taylor decides to wake up. So i feed her. I'm done with both by 5am and then I go finish putting on my makeup and getting ready. UGH!

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