Thursday, January 29, 2009

Setting A Good Example

You know they always say that you should watch what you do because your kids will want to be just like you. I have found that to be entirely the truth! I've been running again for the last week as my next 5K is this coming Sunday. (I am so NOT ready for it as I've only been running again for a week but at least this course will be all flat unlike the first one I did). Anyway, I got back from running last night and Connor was still up watching Cars. He came up to me as I was walking in the door and asked to listen to my music. So I stuck the iPod headphones in his ears (and turned the volume WAY down). Then I found "Life is a Highway" from the CARS soundtrack and turned it on for him. He got this look of amazement on his face and said "Tractor Trailer Song!"

I went into the living room and sat down to stretch while we finished watching the end of the movie. Connor asked if he could stretch with me. He's still listening to my iPod. I say sure. Then he stands back up and is like "I want to run". And he asked me to put the iPod on his arm like I do (I have an armband for it to go on my arm while I run). So I did. Then he said,"I need a watch too." So I put my heart rate monitor that I use on his wrist too. He then proceeded to run up and down the hallway!! How cute was that?? I so wish I had grabbed the camera but I got a phone call right as he was starting to run. I'm sure he'll want to do it again so hopefully I'll get a picture.

But this just goes to show that you CAN and DO set examples (whether good or bad) for your children.

Friday, January 23, 2009

We Be Like Same!

That is what Connor says whenever he realizes that something is alike. "We be like same". So we were watching Handy Manny last night (his new love - but it is so much better than Caillou!!!). On this particular episode, there was a new character named Mr. Singh (for those that don't know, that's our last name) - so Connor says, "That's ME!" I'm like "What Connor?" Connor say," that's me! We be like same!" Wow, so he really does know his name!

This morning we were getting ready to leave and go to daycare and Connor is in his bedroom asking to take "that' to school. I keep asking him what's that? I can't see what "that" is. He is getting really bad at pointing lately and not using words. I'm thinking it's because that is what Emily and Taylor are doing. But anyway, I'm getting the girls in their car seats and I keep asking him what's "that". And I hear him say "N - N -O - R. That's my name." So I ask him, " you mean your piggy bank?" Because that's the only thing I can think of that has his name on it. And he says no. So I go in there and he is pointing at this box that he got for Christmas from Grandma D. It's got a chalk board on one side and a magnetic board on the other and you can put pen/pencils/crayons etc inside it. Very cute. I tell Connor that it's too big to take to school. But I am impressed he knows when he sees his name. My little boy is growing up.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday Parties . . .

So we got invited to two birthday parties in the next two weeks. Ugh. Part of my New Years Goals this year, I want to make all gifts. I figure I'll save money and people will appreciate it more. So far I'm doing "ok".

Birthday Presents so far this year:

Katrina (3 year old bday): Bought 2 books at a B.Dalton going out of Business and got them for 50% off. Then I made her a book mark. Spent a bunch of money on the ribbon etc at Michaels but now I have ribbon and buttons for another gift. (Will post pic later I did take a pic of it!).

Braeden (6 year old bday): Made a 'Smores Basket. Bought a basket at michael's on sale for 1/2 price ($5) and put marshmellows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers in. Then had dh buy an extra set of these. We already had to buy ourselves another two sets (we only bought one set when we originally bought them to see if we'd like them. Boy do we! And everyone else too! It's so hard to find a good roasting stick!!). Not a bad present if I do say so myself. Darn - I never took a picture of this. Oh well.

So now we were invited to a birthday party for a boy at the twins daycare and then a friend of a friend who's son is turning one. The boy from daycare came to the twins party and got them gifts. The boy who is turning one - didn't make it to the twins bday party. Do I think that means he doesn't deserve a gift? Not in the least. Do I think it means I don't need to spend a lot of money, definitely. And here comes the great question - When you are invited to a birthday party (especially if you are dealing with twins) how do you decided what to spend/buy? Do you get something from each girl? Do you get something more expensive because it's coming from two kids???

This is what I have decided. Remember those great fleece blankets I made for Christmas? Well my coworker went to what I am calling the fabric mart in Downtown LA. Fleece is $2.25 - $3.00 a yard!! WOW! So I went there today and spent $18 and got enough to make a blanket for each boy! But then I thought, I really should get the boy from daycare a little more since he did buy each girl a gift for her birthday. So I'll trek on down to the bookstore and get a book for him (or two) to go along with the blanket. Whew. Now i just need to make the blankets. LOL!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time for a Change

I know it's not Christmas anymore. I guess I should change up the background and stuff I just LOVE what Ragan did with everything and I'm reluctant to let it go. LOL! But I will. I also noticed I actually had 126 posts last year. WOOHOO! I can't believe I actually blogged that much. Basically all I wanted to do was post at least one more post every month than I had in the previous two years. I was successful! I'm going to try and do the same thing this year. So far, I can do it. I only need like 2 more posts this month and I'll be good. And since I still (yeah I know bad me) haven't downloaded the pics from camping at New Years I think I'll be good. LOL!

Bad Bad BAD Boy

Oh, Connor was in TROUBLE last night. I was getting Emily ready for bed. I had just put her down on the changing table and was changing her diaper. Connor ran to his bedroom and grabbed his stool so he could stand next to me and "talk"/play with Emily. I'm looking at her diaper (making sure she pee'd as she is still not 100%) and all of a sudden she is SCREAMING. I look at Connor and ask him, "Did you bite her?" He looks at me and says, "yes". I was speechless. I had no idea why or what or anything. So he got spanked and put in his room for a time out. Then we made him apoligize to his sister. Then he got ready for bed and went STRAIGHT to bed. No show, no book, no nothing. Was that harsh? Surbjit thinks so.

Connor ended up crying off and on that he wanted to watch a movie and he wanted to play. Finally at 7:45 I let him come out and lay with me on the couch while we watched Real Housewives of Orange County. Before it got a little too much we put him back to bed but he was calmer. However, he did want to sleep with us. I told him fall asleep and when Mommy and Daddy are ready to go to bed we will grab you and bring you into bed with us.

So what did we do wrong? I can see so much we did wrong. Live and Learn I guess. Live and learn. Why did he bite her? The only thing I can think of is she was sticking her fingers in his mouth (as she and Taylor love to do to me) and he decided to bite down. He bit down HARD too. So hard, he almost drew blood. But I don't think he'll be biting anyone ever again. At least I hope not. :Sigh:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sicko Kiddo

So I have a sick kid. Poor Emily. I went away to Laughlin this weekend and had no idea. I guess she had diarrhea on Friday at daycare. She didn't let Surbjit know until he went to pick them up. She wasn't really eating or drinking and was having diarrhea. So on Saturday, he called his mom up and she came over and watched Taylor and Connor while he took Emily to the doctor. Non-infectious gastroenteritis(sp??). Something she ate did not agree with her tummy. She finally started eating and had a normal poop Sunday night but again on Monday had diarrhea at daycare. So although she did not have milk all weekend once she had the normal poop we started her on milk again, we stopped that again and going strictly to the BRAT diet again for at least a week. Hopefully that'll help. She was fine eating and everything again yesterday it was just diarrhea again. :sigh: I really hope she gets through this quick.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Potty Trained?

Can i actually say Connor is potty trained? We haven't used a diaper since December 20th. We had some rough patches but now, he knows when he has to go and says so. He is mostly dry at night (although we still put him in a pull up at night but not during naps anymore). Can it be?? Can i really say I "only" have two in diapers now. LOL! I think so. =)

I am headed out on a girls weekend this weekend. Laughlin here i COME!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I don't think I've been away since the girls were born. I so need this time to refresh and relax. Good luck Surbjit! No really, he'll do fine. He always does.

In other news, Taylor is still NOT walking. BUT she is getting closer. I can now walk with her. She doesn't immediately sit down now when I try to have her walk while holding my hands. She will actually walk quite a bit before she sits down. She started doing this when we went camping for New Years (yeah I know I still need to download pictures!) with a few steps but now will walk from the living room to her bedroom. So hopefully now that they are 14 months (TODAY!) by the time they are 15 months she will be walking.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Potty Training

I'm sure y'all are wondering how the potty training thing is going. It's going. Well, actually Connor isn't doing half bad. We had a couple accidents while camping and he did poop in his underwear once but other than that, he's holding his pee and occasionally saying he has to go potty. For the most part we are reminding him though to go. I don't think he's had an accident at daycare at all since we started the whole underwear wearing. I'm just wondering when will we get to stop reminding him and he'll just go??

Monday, January 05, 2009


Well, it's a new year! I can't believe that 2008 is over with. We ended 2008 in bed asleep. LOL! We were camping though. Ended up leaving a day early. It was a rough start of 2009 with everyone in our Queen size bed in the motorhome the night of January 1st. Something was bugging Taylor and since it was such small quarters, Emily woke up. Ugh. So needless to say, we finished out the 2nd camping but left after dinner. I didn't want to deal with that again. Of course, that night Taylor cried out once or twice but never needed intervention. Was it because she was in her own bed? Maybe. I guess we'll never know. So we had Saturday and Sunday at home to just relax and chill. I am, of course, happy to be back at work today though. I tell you, I could not be a stay at home mom. Maybe when the kids get older but man! I always said I would love to be pregnant twenty times over but give the baby to someone else and they can give them back to me when they are one. I take it back. Give them back to me when they are two and can COMMUNICATE with me. Geesh!! These girls! They sure know what they want but can't communicate it to me yet. Emily is pretty easy to read. And she points at what she wants. Taylor on the other hand, ugh! She will stop in her tracks and fling herself down. And I swear its arbitrary. She is starting to point now although it's not at things she wants - yet. But I'm sure she will get there. She is starting to stand a lot more and starting to cruise the furniture so maybe within the next month she will be walking. Then I guess watch out right??

Well, even though we weren't camping for all that long, I did manage to take some cute pictures! i should have uploaded them to the computer last night while I was playing around but I didn't. I will try tonight to do it but no guarantees. Not sure when our next camping trip is going to be but Connor is itching to go again. He can't wait. He didn't want us to put it in storage yesterday because he wanted to go camping. LOL! I guess we couldn't give up camping if we wanted to. =) Hopefully the girls will feel the same way as they get older.