Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sicko Kiddo

So I have a sick kid. Poor Emily. I went away to Laughlin this weekend and had no idea. I guess she had diarrhea on Friday at daycare. She didn't let Surbjit know until he went to pick them up. She wasn't really eating or drinking and was having diarrhea. So on Saturday, he called his mom up and she came over and watched Taylor and Connor while he took Emily to the doctor. Non-infectious gastroenteritis(sp??). Something she ate did not agree with her tummy. She finally started eating and had a normal poop Sunday night but again on Monday had diarrhea at daycare. So although she did not have milk all weekend once she had the normal poop we started her on milk again, we stopped that again and going strictly to the BRAT diet again for at least a week. Hopefully that'll help. She was fine eating and everything again yesterday it was just diarrhea again. :sigh: I really hope she gets through this quick.

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