Monday, June 18, 2007

Sleep Over

Well Connor had his first sleep over this weekend. He went over to Uncle Harjinder's and Bigi's house and spent the night. We got to go see Oceans 13 (which we liked a lot). Connor did fine and enjoyed himself like we knew he would. I figured he might as well get used to being overnight there since when the twins come, he'll probably have to stay there while we are in the hospital.

Other than that, not much going on. We had a good Memorial weekend camping trip. The weather could have been better but it was ok. Then the weekend of June 8th we went to the Colorado river. Talk about HOT! It was in the high 90's there. Connor didn't care running all around but I was tired from running around after him! He got to go in the river and on a boat and they even had pools there that we took him into. He enjoyed himself. This weekend we are going camping again. Probably our last until the twins are born!

Connor says a few words now. Dog is always his favorite! He also says dada, mama, please, thank you, cheese. He knows where his eyes, ears, nose, and belly button are. Hmm, what else. His favorite thing to do lately is climb ontop of our ottoman and then jump onto the chair (most often when either myself or Surbjit is sitting in it). Of course he jumps ON Surbjit but he knows he's not allowed to jump on Mommy so lands on the chair next to me and then starts laughing. It's kinda funny. I'll try and get him on camcorder but most of the time when he sees the camera he starts running towards it and opening his mouth like we are the dentist! =) So that doesn't work well for getting action shots of him but he's getting better.

Anyway, that's an update for now. Hopefully I can add some pics here pretty soon!