Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekend Fun - July 25, 2015

For some reason, I had tried to post this back in July but it never went through and I never realized it!!! So here it is!!!

So Surbjit and I went to a concert on Saturday to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Saw Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney. Awesome concert!! Jason was awesome!! 

The kids were able to spend the night with Grandma which was nice. Bigi had them the whole week we went to Vegas so I figured we should spread the love. Ha-ha!!

The kids had to be back on Sunday so we could go to Ashley's birthday party. They had it at the Fullerton pool which was so cool. We had the pool all to ourselves. And there was a patio right outside where the parents got to sit and talk. They even provide lifeguards. And it's an indoor pool so even better! 

We then went back to the Cal's house to watched Ashley open presents. And then the kids ended up spending the night over there since they all go to the same summer camp it wasn't a big deal. They had a blast playing with their friends who they don't get to see that often anymore. So that was nice. 

Thanksgiving Week 2015

Surbjit and I took the week of Thanksgiving off. And it was jam packed full off fun stuff for the kids:

Saturday - We had Connor's first basketball game of the season followed quickly by his 10th birthday party at K-1 speed. He had a blast and had 23 friends join us!! Wow. Afterwards, Dylon, Katrina & Mona spent the night for a fun sleepover. They didn't go to bed until well after 2am!! 

Sunday - We stayed home but played with Katrina and Dylon until Romy came and picked them up. Mona ended up staying another night with us! 

Monday - It was Connor's birthday so we went to the LA Auto Show. 


The kids had a blast looking at all the cars. 

Tuesday - Tuesday morning Taylor had a play date with her BFF Kate.  They got to hang out at Kate's house and they even went to McDonald's for lunch!! 

Then it was basketball practice for Connor followed by a sleepover at Katrina and Dylon's!! 

Wednesday -  the kids got to spend all day with Katrina and Dylon while Surbjit and I ran a bunch of errands. 

Thanksgiving - We got to enjoy a peaceful day at home with a delicious turkey, stuffing , green bean casserole and apple pie. Yum!

Friday - we got to meet the Carter's at the outlets at Orange and watch the peanut movie. Eh. Wasn't impressed with the movie. But we got to eat lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then they came back to our house to play for awhile. 

Saturday - we went to legoland with aria and Ravi. It was a little crowded for my liking but the kids didn't notice and we all had a great time!  

Sunday - we spent it at home watching the Buffalo Bills lose. 😡 And decorating the inside of the house. Still need to get a tree but will get that next weekend!! Now time to head back to school and work. It's gonna be an adjustment this week!!