Monday, December 13, 2010

Emily's Foray With the Scissors

I was on my way to work last Thursday when my phone started ringing. I looked down to see who it was and lo and behold the name of Taylor & Emily's teacher pops up. Uh oh! So I answer the phone: "Who's hurt?" Miss Tracey's answer: "No one now. Emily decided to cut her lip with the scissors. We stopped the bleeding and gave her a popsicle. Then put a bandaid on it for a little while. Then neosporin. But it seems to be doing ok now. I'll send you a picture of what it looks like." [What the heck would we do without camera phones?!] I didn't need to go pick her up, they stopped the bleeding (apparantly there was a lot of blood!) but she seemed to be doing fine. I said fine, just call me if it starts bleeding again. I called Surbjit and let him know and that I would forward the pics to him too. I got the two pics:

They didn't look too bad to me. So she stayed at school and we had a LONG talk about the use of scissors and what we are supposed to cut -- PAPER ONLY!!!

Eating as a Family of Five

Ever since the twins have been born we really never sat down and ate as a family of five. When they were in their high chairs we did a couple times but it was just really squished in the kitchen. So then we got rid of the high chairs and bought the booster seats that clip to the chairs. Well, since we only had 4 chairs and 3 kids that meant we couldnt' all sit down together. :( We've been looking and looking for a solution to our problem and we finally found it! A booth dinette. And this weekend, we bought it!!! We can now all sit down and eat together as a family of 5! We even got to eat together for dinner on Saturday! The delivery time was between 4pm - 8pm and they came at 4pm! Our lucky day! We made dinner at home (nachos for me and Surbjit and burritos for the kids) and ate as a family. =) Sunday night too. =) Woo Hoo!! I see more meals at home in our future. Yeah!!!

Weekly Notes - December 6th

12/6 - We put up the (fake) Christmas tree today. Did NOT have time to decorate since Connor took FOREVER to do his homework. But we will decorate tomorrow. The kids want to sleep under the tree. We said they could this weekend.
12/7 - Rough morning in the Singh household. Connor is a GROUCH most morning and I need to find a way to deal with him. But this morning he was upset and tired and just not wanting to do anything. I had told him to put his shoes on, then finished putting on my sweater and dealing with Taylor. We go to walk out the door, Connor is standing on the front porch and bursts into tears. "Mommy I don't have any shoes!" I couldn't help but laugh. I said silly boy I told you to put your shoes on. I swear he thought I was going to make him go to school with no shoes on. Haha
12/8 -
12/9 - Dropping the girls off at school this morning. A mom comes in with her child and a baby. She sets the baby down and all the kids (including mine) go and gawk. Emily says, Mommy I want a baby. I said, um, not gonna happen sweetheart. She says No in MY tummy. I said that can't happen until your married! Hopefully she abides by that rule!!
12/10 - We decorated the tree, watched Polar Express and the kids slept all night under the tree. (Except for Taylor who ended up in our bed). I think I see a tradition brewing. =D
12/11 - Bought a dining table for our dining room that seats all five of us! We even got to sit down together for the first time and eat together as a family. It was very nice!
12/12 - Warmest day on record in Southern CA breaking records set in the 1800's! The kids got to run around outside in shorts and t-shirts while Daddy washed his truck and while he grilled Hamburgers for dinner. =) Yeah for Southern CA weather!!!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 29th

11/29 - A hum drum day in the Singh household. Connor had homework he did with no complaints and fairly quickly. He's picking up his work very quickly. We are working on him knowing our address. He has the street number and name down but gets confused on the City and State.
11/30 - Ugh is all I can say. This morning was horrible. Connor still hates wearing his polo shirt. So from now on, until he stops giving me grief, no spirit shirt (and I told him this.)
12/1 - Connor got to wear PJs to school for his Christmas program. He was stoked. Went to the 1:30 show and the 7:00pm show. Very cute. Connor had fun. The twins had their 3 year check up.
12/2 - I need to start taking notes. I can't remember anything worthy happening today.
12/3 - The kids went to Kids Night Out. Emily stayed up the whole time but Connor and Taylor both fell asleep.
12/4 - Went to the mall to pick up some Christmas presents. Went out to eat at El Torito. It was really a great lunch. The kids did very well. =D Connor had a bday party at 5:30 we went to. No naps so the kids were WIPED by 8pm.
12/5 - Went and got our Christmas tree (fake). Will put it up tomorrow.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Taylor & Emily - Three Year Check Up

Yesterday was the twins three year check up. Both are doing good. Both are 29 lbs (doc thought it was a type at first!). Taylor is 3 feet 1 1/2 inches and Emily is 3 feet 1 inches. Both are basically same size. LOL! Who would have thought since they are so different looking.

All is well. We had the doc check Taylor's ears since she has failed two hearing tests that were performed at the preschool. Basically she has fluid in her ears (probably because of the month long perpetual cold she has been having) so we got antibiotics to help clear her up to see if that would help. We then need to go back when she DOESN"T have a cold (ha ha so maybe in May?!?!) to get it checked again. Hmmm. More to come later.

Also got a letter to send to the school district so I can get Emily evaluated for speech therapy. Her c's sound like d's and have for almost 6 months now. And it's Otay instead of okay. It's cute . . . but probably needs to be addressed. We try to have her say the c sound but she just can't do it.  So I'll let you know how that goes too.

Other than that, they are both doing good. Did not cry at all during the appt although Taylor kept saying she was going to cry and did not want to be first (but Emily was more than happy and willing to be first). They both cried when they got their 2 shots. I don't blame them. I would too! So I say it was a great appt. Of course Emily watched as Taylor got her shots and then would not come to me when it was her turn. Poor thing was crying so much she wasn't even breathing and that was BEFORE the shot. Haha. They are doing great today though.

Well Connor will be next in January sometime. At least that's just one child this time. =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 22nd

11/22 - I hate to say but I can't think of anything today.
11/23 - Today was Connor's birthday. =D He went to school and shared some treats with his class. He also was able to buy things at school today in their december gift shop for family for Christmas presents. He said his reading buddy helped him to pick out gifts. After school, I picked him up and the twins and we all went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. After dinner, we went home and got ready to make the drive to Grandma and Grandpa's.
11/24 - We went shopping today at Casual Male. We took all the kids which is unusual and a "treat" for them. Of course it's boring. But the girls - well - they made their own fun. I was talking to Surbjit and I look over and one of them is posing with the mannequin while the other is "taking the picture". Then they traded. It was HYSTERICAL.
11/25 - It was Turkey Day!! Spent the day with all the family. Only my one brother Mitch wasn't able to make it. Dad got to come home from the rehab home for 5 hours to spend it with us so that was nice.
11/26 - We drove up to Roseville after visiting Dad to visit Mark and Jeannie. We brought Connor's dirtbike so him and Wyatt rode in the field across from the house for hours (basically until it was too dark to ride anymore).
11/27 - We went to visit Dad in the rehab home again. Then Surbjit took the kids back to Grandma and Grandpa's house and they played with Aunt Susan.
11/28 - Time to go home. Drove home after visiting with Grandpa again. Kids did good. Connor never napped. Emily only napped the last 30 minutes and Taylor took a good one hour or more nap on the way home. We also stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. First time for the kids. Taylor LOVED the cheese quesadilla. Emily and Connor actually ate the soft taco. I was surprised.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 15th

11/15 - Took the kids to El Torito for the girls birthday. It was a nice dinner except for the horrible service. They brought out mine and Surbjit's plates and it was another 5 - 10 minutes before the kids got their food. Ugh. But the kids loved it. =)
11/16 - Today was dh's birthday. Connor wanted to open his present for him so he got to do that. And they were SO excited to sing Happy Birthday to him and watch him blow out the candle.
11/17 - Connor's Parent Teacher Conference was today. He is dong just fine in Kindergarten. A few things we need to work on with him (knowing his left/right PERFECTLY, tying shoes, and just paying attention better). He is doing just fine. =) Yeah! And the kids helped me make 3 apple pies. They sure did a great job.
11/18 - Connor is getting used to doing his homework and will go get his pencils and crayons when it's time to do homework. Still some whining (especially when we make him do things over) but for the most part, we could tell him the instructions and he would be good to do the homework on his own. =)
11/19 - Surbjit took Connor to Knott's Berry Farm today. =) He had a half day at school so he picked him up early and they spent a couple hours there. That is the nice thing about living so close to an amusement park. ;)
11/20 - We had Connor's bday party. It was actually a lot of fun. It was at Pump It Up and we had 21 kids. Whew! But at least I didn't have to clean up or set up. Yeah. =D Then all the cousins went to Uncle Harjinder's house and stayed the night.
11/21 - We had Thanksgiving dinner (early) at Harjinder's house. We got there and ate dinner. Connor kept asking to go home so he could play with his new toys. He was actually patient for the most part! I was impressed!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Notes - November 8th

11/08 - Connor this morning (after the time change it feel like it's later than normal) - "Mom don't forget to wake me up." Me - "It's not time to wake up yet but if you want to wake up you can." And Connor forgot his yellow folder at school. :( Not good. That meant, no homework to do and we couldn't sign his weekly paper so no recess for him today. Hopefully that will teach him to bring it home.
11/09 - Connor asked me if I had a boyfriend. He then proceeded to tell me that he had a girlfriend. I thought he was too young to start this! =) When I asked him who it was, it's Kristina's oldest (12 year old) daughter that we just saw this past weekend at Dylan's birthday party. LOL! I wonder if she knows. =D
11/10 - Emily got up from the breakfast table and said she was done eating because she didn't want to hear Taylor crying anymore. Taylor was crying about me taking the crust off her waffles. Um, there is no crust on waffles dear!! (She was talking about the REALLY dark -ok burnt- part)
11/11 - Took Connor (and the girls) to Golden Spoon to use his gift card and he had to go to the bathroom. He said he had to pee and plop. So I took him in and started getting the seat cover and he said "I don't need that!" I said "I thought you had to plop" and he said "This is not a place to plop."
11/12 - Kids Night out at Preschool. Will not be doing this again anytime soon. They stay up too late and are GROUCHY the next day. Not good when you have soccer and TWO bday parties to go to (one being the twins!)
11/13 - The twins bday party! So fun. Emily kept running up to everyone and giving hugs. Taylor was much more reserved. And Connor - well he was just upset because it wasn't HIS birthday. Next week son, next week.
11/14 - Opened up the presents from the bday party. LOVED the dress up trunks. That is all they play with. =) Also loves the Barbies and the book reader.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jog - A - Thon 2010

So St. Pius had thier Jog-A-Thon assembly on Wednesday. Apparantly, the Singh Family (read Connor!) did pretty good!! Not only did we come in 4th place. YEAH! But Connor also won a raffle prize. A $5 gift card to Golden Spoon. He was of course more excited about the gift card because it was something tangible in his hand. The way they did the prizes for the Jog A Thon was there were 4 items and the 1st place family got their choice and so forth. Since we were 4th, we got what was left over. I just hoped we wouldn't win the Knott's Berry Farm tickets since we have season passes. But we didn't! Instead, we won a bowling party for 15!! Yeah!! How fun!

Next year we will have to step it up. =) I want to be 1st. LOL! But I'm so glad Connor won a raffle prize. Maybe he has good luck (unlike his momma!). =D

Monday, November 08, 2010

Weekly Notes - Week of November 1st, 2010

Ok, so i recently found a new blog. Her name is Katie and she writes about her marraiage and stuff. Well coincidentally she lives in Southern CA like me and she is married to an Indian man like me. =) What can I say. I had to start reading. ;) So she does these notes every week. Her Best Of Notes. She basically writes down the highlight of that day, whether it's small or large. I thought - what a GREAT idea! Amid the chaos and sometimes frustrating daily life that happens, there is always something to remember. So I'm going to attempt to start doing this. This would mean a post from me each week. =D

11/01 - Connor was a rainbow today in school and made an airplane during his Mad Science class.
11/02 - Emily (although she took forever to eat this morning!) picked out her clothes and got dressed (all the way down to the socks) all by herself with no whining and no help from me!! Saved me time this morning!
11/03 - The kids have been saying Eenie Meanie Minie Mo. It's so funny! Especially since they say it differently than I learned it! (They say if he screams, I'm use to saying if he hollers.)
11/04 - Leaving to go camping. The kids LOVE it and could not wait to leave.
11/05 - Connor getting his early birthday present. A dirtbike. Rode it all weekend long every chance he got! =)
11/06 - Went to a birthday party just me and the kids. Left Surbjit back at camp to have fun with the boys. The kids did AWESOME! Listened well and had a ton of fun bowling. It was Emily and Taylor's first time bowling and I showed Connor how to properly hold the bowling ball and he did it the whole time. =)
11/07 - We got back from camping and Surbjit was putting the trailer away and I was going in and out of the house getting some stuff out of the motorhome and Connor was watching his sisters. He said, "I'll watch them mom and make sure they don't put any stickers on the floor or on the furniture." He even made me take a walkie talkie so he could talk to me in case something happened. LOL.

So stay tuned for more notes next week!!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, I have to say - this has to got to be the best Halloween since I've had kids. Let's recap:

Connor's first Halloween - He was almost a year old and in bed before it got dark. No trick or treating.
Connor's second Halloween - I was on bedrest pregnant with the twins. No trick or treating for me. Connor went with Daddy.
Connor's third Halloween/Twins first Halloween - Since the twins were not even one yet, they rode in their stroller the whole time and did not go door to door. They were tired and it was way too late for them. Connor did a little trick or treating but wasn't that into going up to the houses.
Connor's fourth Halloween/Twin's Second Halloween - They did ok but mostly rode in our wagon because they were tired and we had to keep getting them in and out.
This year = All three walked. Connor RAN to all the doors with lights on. If I would have let him, he probably would have been three houses ahead of us! He wanted to go to each and every house he could. Taylor would go up, get her candy and turn around and say " Momma! Look what I got! Look Momma!". Emily was just as happy to follow and get candy for the most part. Although if there were other kids in scary costumes, she did not want to go anywhere near the door.

We've sort of made it a tradition to meet up for dinner and then go trick or treating with our friends Monica and Trevor and their daughter Kaylee. They live about four blocks from us so it works out perfect since we can just walk over to their house or vice versa and don't have to worry about driving around with all the kids everywhere. So that's what we did. It was a great night. And it's so nice now that the kids are older, they played for a little bit while we waited for the sun to set and the adults got to sit and talk a bit.

The highlight of the night - Connor and Taylor wanted Monica to take them through this haunted house. Monica said Taylor did great until a kid (who didn't hear her say "little kids coming through") came out and scared Taylor. Connor was fine the entire time. =) But Taylor calmed down afterwards and Connor said he'd get the bad monsters for her. I was so ready for a sleepless night of bad dreams last night and not once did I get woken up! Yeah!

Pictures to come when I download them from the camera!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Way Back When-esday

Going through pictures on my computer and moving them to an external hard drive and trying to organize. Wow. Talk about blasts from the past.

Our wedding day - July 25, 1998

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Chat with the Principal

I went to the monthly PPTO meeting (the PTA of Connor's School) this week. I get 2 hours of  service credit for going so why not! Right? So aftwards, the principal approached me last and was like "Are you Connor's mom"? I was like uh yeah. She started going on and on about how much of a delight he is and how cute he is. Apparantly, he is the bathroom monitor so he makes sure that no one is talking in there (not sure how long it lasts) and he is just very grown up about his position making sure no one talks etc. The vice principal was there too and said he even caught me the other day talking. =) So my son is now well known! LOL! The principal told me she told the teachers and was like if this kindergartener can do this kind of a job I think all of our students should be able to. LOL!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend

Well I'm really posting to write about the weekend (pretty low key as far as we are concerned LOL!). But I also wanted to take this opportunity to say there was NO TEARS! There was no FIGHTING and there was NO whining this morning. I was so very very very happy!! Connor did say he didn't like wearing his button shirts to school but he said it matter of factly and without whining or complaining. =) Coincidentally, his teacher must have said something to him about buttoning the bottom button. I didn't fight with him last week about buttoning any of the buttons. I let him be. It was enough that he put it on! This morning, he said just the bottom button Mom. And he tried to button it himself. I asked, did your teacher tell you that? He said yes.

So for the weekend. Friday night was the welcome back picnic at school. Connor did have fun. I think. Although he was VERY disappointed that we did not win the raffle. And he had a little tiff with some boys. He actually went out onto the grass and was playing with a bunch of boys. While he told me later they were in his class, I highly doubt that. So anyway, someone kicked the ball (i think I don't remember them throwing it) and Connor and some other boys ran to the ball. Connor got there first. He then basically tackled the ball and picked it up. After that I didn't see what happened until i saw him walking back towards the playground where the girls were playing. I asked him what happened. He never cried but he was upset because "those kids didn't want to play with him." I guess he wanted to throw the ball but they wouldn't let them. Surbjit said later he thinks they were supposed to be kicking the ball not picking it up. So we told Connor next time, he needs to find out what the rules of the game are and play by those rules. He probably wasn't supposed to throw it and that's why they didn't want to play. So the rest of the night was Connor at the playground wanting Surbjit and/or I to watch him play. He tried to play with Emily but her and Taylor were busy playing with our friends daughter Kaylee that also goes to St. Pius. But all in all, they all had fun (and got McD's for dinner that night!)

Saturday we woke up and it was the whiny crying day I like to call it. ALL DAY LONG. WHINE WHINE WHINE. Really??? We had soccer for Connor at noon. One of the parents has to stay with the kids and help them practice and then referee the "game". They basically split the kids up into groups of 6. They practice for like 20 mins and then they break and then they play a 3 on 3 game. Connor really did pretty well. He was able to steal the ball quite good from other players but I guess towards the end, he was complaining that he was tired. (I swear that is the story of his life!). But he said he had fun and liked it better than tball.

After soccer, we ran home, did a potty break and headed to Carbon Canyon park for my niece's birthday party. It was a beautiful day. Of course all the kids wanted to eat was candy. (Mental note - NEVER put the goody bags out until the end of the party, especially if they have candy in them!). We were finally able to get them to eat some pizza but they mainly ran around, tried to catch bugs (they got cool bug catchers and magnifying glasses) and played on the playgrounds that were there.

Sunday was basically a church day. I took Connor to mass (although after about 10 mins in, he wanted to go home. I made him wait until they do the gifts to the altar. That way I could turn in my donation ugh). Then we came home and Surbjit and Bigi took the kids (and Mona - my other niece) to the Gurdwara. After they came home, the girls took a nap and Connor and I headed to the grocery store. My goodness, whiny whiny again! He got better towards the end because I wouldn't give in on what he wanted. I'm hoping he's learning but geese! He's never been that bad at the store before. Oh well.

Came home and played and went for a walk the five of us. Then we ate dinner and went to bed. Well, Connor went to bed. The girls played in their beds for almost 2 hours!! Ugh. I so wish I could separate them. I think that would solve a lot of that problem but now its too late. I think they would cry for each other. LOL. At least they woke up this morning semi decent.

So that was our weekend in a nutshell!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I need to update

And since I've been so horrible I'm so sorry! Let me just hit some bullets:

  1. Taylor is completely potty trained!!! YEAH!!! Now that was not that hard. THANK YOU PRESCHOOL!!! Emily is potty trained at night so no pull ups for her AT ALL. Taylor still needs pull ups at night although she doesn't like to wear them.
  2. Connor started Kindergarten. It was great! Then Wednesday hit, and Thursday and Friday and the following Tuesday he was screaming hysterically because he didn't want to me leave. Then on Thursday he was screaming hysterically because he didn't want Daddy to pick him up. Make up your mind boy!!
  3. Connor still does not like buttons. I shocked and awed him the first week but every day the second week was him saying I don't like buttons! Ugh. He needs to get over that.
  4. Taylor and Emily started a new year at preschool. They moved Emily up to the Busy Bees (3 year old class) and Taylor stayed back in the Sunshines (2 year old class). Hopefully these couple of months of separation will benefit them both. Taylor is way too dependent on Emily.
  5. Taylor and Emily had their first dentist appt. Taylor screamed hysterically. Emily didn't even utter a whine.
  6. We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa for Labor day weekend. It was nice to see them and the Aunt's and Uncle's and cousin Evan.
I think that's pretty much the highlights. Connor starts soccer this Saturday. Should be interesting. Hopefully he takes to it better than tball! I think he will though it's much more fast paced. The girls finished gymnastics and did great. I'm thinking of signing them up to do dance at school. I think they would both enjoy it a lot.

I'll try to update more! Sorry it's been so sporadic. I'll try to be better!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

3 Short Weeks

until Connor starts Kindergarten! How crazy is that? It seems like yesterday I was just waiting for him to arrive! Now my baby is going to be starting Kindergarten. I find out this Thursday who his teacher is going to be. =) I can't wait. It's also the day I get to fill out all the FUN paperwork of daycare, volunteering etc. So much fun! NOT! Then afterwards we are going camping. It should be fun. New campground. No one else is going with, just our family, so we can work on our schedule and don't have to worry about anybody else. There is a pool and a small splash waterpark at this place. And multiple playgrounds. I'm really looking forward to checking it out!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Potty trained????

Well the week before we went camping the teachers at preschool decided it was time to potty traing Taylor. Really? Before we go camping? Ugh. It was rough. The first day she didn't go in the potty at all. Having several accidents! The second day, more of the same. The third day, I think she went pee pee once. Then it was time to go camping. I tried. I really tried but after the first day I couldn't deal with it anymore. Not after she pooped and didn't tell me and then when I went to have her go potty, poop falls out on the bathroom floor. =( Ugh. So she was in pull ups the rest of the weekend. Fastforward and it's the second week. She's back to school. The first day, one accident. The second day one accident. Third day one accident and then the fourth day NO accidents and no accidents at home either! Can I say she is fully potty trained? No. Are we almost there. YES!! I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

1st Haircut

Yes. It has taken me 2 1/2 years to get the girls first haircut. What can I say. Taylor's hair was just nice and flowing and thick and I wanted Emily's hair to grow. But it got to a point where Emily needed something done to her hair because it was so many different lengths in the back. So I bit the bullet. Taylor did NOT want to get her hair cut. She literally tried to JUMP from the chair but we bribed her with a lollipop and Kung Fu Panda and she sat and did really well. Emily was THRILLED to get her hair cut. No crying no whining and she wants to go back again. Of the two, there is a HUGE difference in the before and after of Emily. Taylor really only needed the dead ends cut off and you can tell she got her hair cut but not as much as Emily. Here are some pictures:

Taylor Before:

Emily Before:

Taylor After

Emily After:

All I have to say of Emily is where did my baby go? She looks like a little girl now and not my baby. Gosh they are growing up so fast!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Saturday

So last Saturday was BUSY. And I don't mean busy like I've said in the past but BUSY!! First Friday night was Kids Night Out. We ended up getting there at about 10:40 to pick the kids up and got busy talking to the teachers and didn't end up leaving until 11:40!! Yikes!! Connor and Emily ran around with the other kids that were still there. They played Simon says and just chased each other. It was cute to watch. Taylor wanted me to hold her so I did. She put her head on my shoulder and then proceeded to fall asleep!! Ha ha! Only Taylor! So needless to say, the kids didn't go to bed until almost midnight.

Saturday was the very busy day. Connor slept in until 7:30. I ended up waking up the girls at 8am because we had to eat and get ready for gymnastics! Plus Connor had tball pictures at 9:30. Bigi was going to go with me and the twins for gymnastics but ended up getting called into work. Uh oh! So I called up Shawn and she saved my life! She was able to come with us and help me out with the girls. We don't see her that often so I was worried the girls wouldn't "take" to her but they sure did! I was even having a problem with Emily during the first class because she wanted Shawn instead of doing the class with me! LOL! Fortunately, we shouldn't have this problem again since tball is only during the week. I've also switched both girls to the 10:05 class and I'm signing Connor up for the 10:05 class for his age group since he was so adament about wanting to be in the gymnastics class.

So we went to gymnastics from 9 until 11. And Surbjit took Connor to tball pictures at 9:30. Once we got home, we gave the kids a snack and then headed to the beach for Mona's birthday party. We got there a little after Noon. It was beautiful! I was a little worried at first because the sun didn't appear to want to make an appearance but as soon as we got to the beach, it came out. =) The kids LOVED playing at the beach and I loved this beach. I want to go back again.

Taylor, Emily and Connor enjoying lunch.

Playing in the sand

Emily all wrapped up.

Surbjit had to meet me at the birthday party because he had to go sign up Emily for swim lessons. So we had two cars there. After we were done, we went back to the house, dropped off my car and headed up to see John and Melissa in Victorville. We haven't seen them since December because they had moved to South Dakota for John's work but thankfully, they were able to move back home at the end of May! Yeah!! So we drove up there and let the kids play. They had so much fun! Connor and Mackenzie drove around in the Barbie Jeep. Taylor and Emily rode Mackenzie's bikes around the driveway and Kendalynn joined in too. Then we moved to the backyard to BBQ and play on the swing set. It was a fun night but another late one. We didn't leave until 10:30. Needless to say, the kids all fell asleep on the way home (Surbjit too!) and we didn't end up getting home until almost midnight.

We were all able to sleep in on Sunday though! Surbjit, Taylor and Emily stayed home all day. I went to church and took Connor with me. He did amazingly good considering that was the first time he ever went to church with me. I think it helps that they go to chapel at preschool! Then he went with me to run errands. So it was a nice semi-relaxing day.

Thankfully this weekend we have nothing planned. Just 4th of July which we are going to a friends house to BBQ and let the kids swim and jump (we rented a jumper!). I'm sure we'll have fun. Then Surbjit and I are off Monday but preschool is open! So the kids will go to preschool and maybe I'll get to relax a little for once. ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Rainbows Class

So there are 5 classrooms at the kids preschool. They are as follows:

2 year olds - Sunshines
3 year olds - Busy Bees
4 year olds - Precious Doves
4 year olds - Shining Stars
5 year olds - Rainbows (Pre-K)

The Rainbows are meant for those kids that are older but can't or aren't starting kindergarten. So during the school year, they are mainly old 4 year olds and young 5s. Well Monday starts the summer session at preschool and we were notified yesterday that Connor is going to be moving to the Rainbows. =D There are only two kids in his class moving there. I am so happy for him. I think this will be perfect to allow him more learning time and a way to grow and get accustomed to going to kindergarten. The school he is attending next fall was offering a summer school for the kindergarten class. Unfortunately I couldn't do it because of logistics and timing. With him starting in the rainbows, he will still get that pre-k type refresher course before he starts kindergarten. Yeah!! And let me tell you, I was hesitant because I didn't know how he would take it - he is estatic!! He was so happy when I told him!! So Monday will be his first day in his new class. =)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm calling in sick

to work tomorrow and we are taking Connor to see Toy Story 3!! Woo Hoo!! This will be his first movie! Yeah! Now the debate is whether we want to take the girls. Hmmm. I say no. They won't sit and watch a 30 min show let alone a 1 hour and 45 min movie. Now if they were like Connor was at this age I'd say totally let's try it but they are not as "zoned" on the TV as Connor was/is. So we will see. Then the plan is to pick up the girls (if they don't go with us) and go to Knott's for a couple of hours. Then we have a graduation party for our friends daughter at 7pm.

Saturday will be just as busy with Gymnastics at 9:15 and 10:05am and then go and attempt to sign up for swim lessons at 12:30 if there is still room. Yikes. Busy busy. At least Sunday we have no plans. So maybe I'll get to breathe then. =)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Busy Busy Busy but we did have a break!

This past weekend was a low key type weekend. Well as low key as you can get in my family. LOL! Friday night we stayed home. The kids played outside LATE. The neighbor across the street came over with her two sons. Diego is turning 4 this month and the baby is 8 months old. The kids LOVED talking to the baby and making him laugh. And Connor and Diego had a grand time riding the truck and quad all over the front yard. We didn't end up eating dinner until after 7:30pm that's how late we were playing outside!

Saturday we woke up and just chilled out around the house. Then we all went to Target. Geesh! At least they have carts where I can fit 3 kids. YEAH! I so should have taken a picture! oh well. And the Target we went to even has produce now! So the kids spied a watermelon and bananas so we got them. Then we went home and played all afternoon. I also introduced the kids to the Wii. Was that a mistake? Nah. The LOVEd playing Just Dance and Connor did great at bowling. But when I asked if they wanted to go outside, they didn't hesitate. =D Of course we played the Wii again on Sunday too. LOL! Then it was time for our slumber party. =) We rented a new movie from Netflix (Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosours) and we spread a blanket and pillows out and laid down and had popcorn. Connor loved the movie. The girls - well they just aren't into TV like their brother is. Not sure if that is good or bad.  Only time will tell! Emily ended up falling asleep before the movie was over. I turned off the movie and Connor, Taylor and I proceeded to fall asleep. Let's just say the floor - not that comfortable. At least for us adults!

Woke up on Sunday. I went to church and then came home and Surbjit took the kids to the gudwara with Bigi while I went to the grocery store. When they came back, we played a little Wii then went outside and played some more until it was time for dinner.

So low key weekend. ;) Thursday we are leaving to go visit Grandma & Grandpa. The kids are so excited. Not sure if they are more excited to see Grandma and Grandpa or their dogs, Duchess and Penny!! Two of my Aunts and Uncles on my Dad's side are visiting from Michigan so it should be a fun trip. Plus Saturday all of the kids are supposed to be there so we will finally get a chance to get all seven of us in one picture. I don't think we've ever all been in the same room since my Mom and I moved back from NY in 1990!!! Yikes. Definitely a picture moment that's for sure.

In upcoming sporting news - I did sign Connor up for Tball. He starts that 6/22. It's Tuesday/Thursdays from 5- 5:45pm. Then I signed both the girls up for Gymnastics. Taylor's class is at 9:15 and Emily's is at 10:05. It's a parent and me so I'll get to do stuff with them. Then of course starting this month is swim lessons too. We are going to miss the first round but we'll start after that with Mon- Friday 5:55pm classes. And yes, that means on Tuesday-thursday we will be EXTREMELY busy until Tball is over (the beginning of August!).

So that's a little recap of the Singh household for now. I'll try to update more often but NO promises! LOL!

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Aftermath

This is what happens after a weekend of no naps and late bedtime!! But
well worth it! =)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


One down, one to go! And then I'll be DIAPER FREE! Oh my god. What will that be like?!?! I cannot even imagine. Can you believe I have had to change diapers since November 23rd 2005!!! That is 1,646 days as of today! COME ON TAYLOR!!! Let's get rid of the diapers.  So the great news is I don't have to pay the extra potty training fee at daycare anymore starting next month for Emily. (By the way, it is Emily that is potty trained. She hasn't had an accident in over two weeks I think. Watch I just jinxed myself!) It's so nice! And while we do remind her to go potty (and she puts up a fight occasionally) she will tell us when she has to go. Even when she has to go Poop!! YEAH!!!! I am beyond excited. Now if only Taylor would get interested. Even a little bit. She flaty REFUSES to use the potty. I guess the plan at preschool is start potty training her in mid June. I laughed when Surbjit told me that. They can try but I don't think they'll be successful. Taylor has a mind of her own. Hello - this is the girl that decided not to walk until 19 months. But when she did, she took off and you'd never guess she hadn't been walking for months! I'm not worried or stressed over it. Shoot, Connor wasn't potty trained until 37 months. I'm just happy I only have one in diapers now. WOO HOO!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Surprise Text Message

So I was at work the other day and I get a text message. I look at the number and I'm like who the heck is that?? Then I look at the text. It's a picture:

That's Emily and one of her preschool teachers! She must have seen my cell phone number somewhere and decided to send me a picture. She also sent this one:

She said Emily was hanging out with her during her break. Too cute! Was a very NICE surprise to get during the day!!!

This Weekend

I don't know what to do with myself! Tonight is Kids Night Out at preschool again. The kids LOVE going and for the price, we can't beat a night to ourselves! Our only problem is making sure we don't fall asleep and pick them up by 11pm! LOL!

Then on Saturday night, Uncle Harjinder and Aunt Edith invited the kids over for a sleep over. Wow! Two night in a row! What will we ever do with ourselves! LOL!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This morning

Yes it's May. Yes it was raining. I hate this weather!!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Jumping in the jumper

Potty Training Cont'd

So how are we doing?? We are doing Ok. Taylor is still NOT READY. Although she thinks she is ready, she is not ready. Emily is almost completely pee trained. YEAH!! We do need to remind her here and there but that is ok. Poop on the other hand. YUCK! If I had had to deal with this with Connor I don't think I would have had another child. Connor was the perfect child. (At least in my mind now! LOL! I bet if you go back and read I thought otherwise at the time!). So if I can get Emily to start telling us and going Poop in the potty I will be a happy happy mom. Although one sort of potty trained is a great birthday present if you ask me. =)

So funny story of yesterday. It was my birthday. Surbjit made brownies the night before and said me and the kids can eat them for breakfast for my birthday. So I go in to wake up Connor. He gives me the usuall grumps and grumbles. Doesn't really want to wake up. So I say, "do you know what's for breakfast?" His answer, "No." I reply, "brownies!" I don't think I could articulate how fast he was out of bed and in the kitchen. I swear I had barely stood up from his bed and he was already in the kitchend (quite a feat since it's on the other side of the house!). Now I guess I know how to get him out of bed in the mornings LOL! ;)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Potty Training

Don't ask where I've been. =)

So Surbjit comes home Tuesday and asks if we have underwear for Emily. I said yes. I bought a TON about 6 months ago when she was showing signs she was ready and I was thinking of trying to potty train. I just never got around to it. Well I guess Miss O said she wanted to start potty training Emily so I sent underwear (or chonies as Miss O likes to call them) and lots of pants. I got home yesterday and anxiously awaited the news of how she did and guess what? Not ONE accident. Not even during nap time. Go Emily! Of course then she proceeds to not only have a pee accident at home but right after I got her off the stinking toilet (where she didn't do anything) she goes poo in her underwear. YUCK! This is why I didn't want to potty train.

Of course, now that Emily is wearing chonies, Taylor says she wants to wear chonies. Ugh. So I sent more underwear and more pants today. We will see how it goes. I did send Emily to school wearing underwear! I know she is ready she just needs to click it all together everywhere we are, not just as school. I just feel sorry for Surbjit. This couldn't have been a worse week to start it. I'll be gone this weekend to Vegas and he'll be with the kids all weekend. GOOD LUCK BABE!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing Outside

The beautiful thing about living in Southern California. The weather. We went outside after dinner and played outside until 7 pm. I see this A LOT in our future. =)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Connor is wearing a button shirt today!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Strawberry Picking & A Trip to the Doctor

We went to pick the kids up from Kids Night Out and the teachers are like Emily eye looks swollen. It doesn't look like pink eye, just swollen. So we looked at it and it sure did look puffy. By the next morning, her eye was almost swollen shut. Was it bothering her? No. But we were supposed to go to Tanaka Farms with my multiples group so Surbjit took Emily to the doctor and I took Taylor and Connor to the farm. We were hopeful they would be done in time to meet up there by 11am when our tour was to start. And they did! Of course Emily is the only one that does NOT like strawberries. What is wrong with that girl??? LOL! But they all had fun. My pictures are still on my camera but one of the moms took this picture of Taylor trying an onion. I thought they were delicious - the kids - not so much. =)

After the tour it was lunch time so since I packed a lunch, we went to a local park and ate lunch there. It was a beautiful park (my new park for the month! Well ok, I'm one park behind so I need to go to another park too this month). Since we had given Emily benedryl (her diagnosis was possible allergic reaction to something?? don't know) she was kinda tired and they all were cranky since it was nap time. But we got to play on the playground and walk around the lake. It was a beautiful day. Then we went home and basically stayed inside the rest of the weekend since Sunday was just yucky outside. By Sunday afternoon, Emily's eye was back to normal. And it never really bothered her at all. Weird.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Well . . .

I didn't really end the month so good now did I? I missed a total of 4 days I think. Maybe 5. Not too bad! I can't guarantee you'll get as many posts as you did in March but I'm going to try my hardest!

We are going to Grandma & Grandpa's for Easter. The kids can't wait. Of course, they also keep saying they are going to see Grandma D too and we have to tell them (mainly the girls) that she lives far away and it's just Grandma and Grandpa this time. Wish us luck! It's a 6 hour trip and we are leaving tonight at bedtime. Hopefully we don't wake up the whole house when we get there at about 1am. Well, ok it would just be Grandpa because Grandma has to wait up for us anyway so we can get in!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Enjoy!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Knotts & the Park

While Connor was suffering at the dentist. Emily got to go with Bigi to the park and Taylor got to go with Daddy to Knott's. Both Bigi and Daddy said the girls just weren't that into it. I don't know if they didn't like not being with their sister or what? They've really never been apart except for the few days in the past when one has been sick and stayed home with me and run errands with me. Hmm. Maybe we need to do it more often??

Taylor at Knott's

And yes I know I missed two days (this past weekend!) of posting. But what can I say. Had I thought about it, I could have posted the above picture. I've learned I need to be more aware of what I can post. I forget sometimes I can quickly e-mail a pic we took to the blog. I'm learning and this month (only two days left!) has shown me that I can update a little better than I have been. I can't promise the next months will get you as many updates as you've had but you will get more!! =)

The Dentist

I've been kinda procratinating this post. Not that I don't want to talk about what happened at the dentist with Connor but it's just writing the whole thing out doesn't really make me go yeah. But anyway, here we go!

We woke up that morning probably about 7am. The appointment was set for 9am but I was told to call earlier and see if they were running on time or not. So we woke up and I was hoping they wouldn't start asking to eat because Connor could not eat for 6 hours before his appt so that meant no breakfast. Also, Emily was going to go with Bigi to the park and feed ducks and play and Taylor was going to go with Dad to Knott's Berry Farm. (But more on that later). I was able to stall them after they asked to eat. (whew!) And we continued having them play. At about 8:15 I called and she said why don't you get here at 8:45? So we took off. I got to the dentist and he actually didn't start until 9:30. Whatever. Connor got to watch Thomas in the waiting room and play with some toys there. Before we left the house though, he started to whine and say he didn't want to go to the dentist and Taylor started crying because she WANTED to go to the dentist. Yeah, just you wait until your first exam!

So in waiting all this time, Connor never once asked for something to eat. Only when we were at home. So thankfully I didn't have to hear him whine or cry that he awas hungry. Once it was our turn, the doctor came out and gave Connor a shot to basically put him sleep. He sure didn't like the shot and cried even though the doctor was AWESOME about "sneaking" it in. But after little bit, he was fine. And let's just say, he had one heck of a trip for about 30 seconds before he fell asleep. He was trippin' on his hand and Thomas on TV.

So I took him back to the room and they situated him and started the IV and then started with xrays to see if there were any other cavities besides the original 4. Nope. Whew! BUT two of the cavities were deeper than they thought. One of them had actually infected the root so they had to do a Pulpotomy. The other four were fine and could be filled a "normal" way but this tooth now has a silver crown on it. So now Connor has a silver tooth.

After they were done (it took 1 hour and 40 mins! Yikes!), they placed him in another room where he proceeded to sleep for about an hour, maybe more. Once he woke up, we were free to go home. He was disoriented and dazed but that was "normal". I had to carry him out to the car and we were told his coordination would be off most of the day so no stairs, make sure we pick up things so he won't trip and no playing with other children (do they know he has twin sisters who he LOVES to play with??).

Well on the way home, he was complaining he was dizzy but he still wanted to go to Toys R Us and pick out his Fire Truck. (I had promised the next time we go to the dentist he could go to Toys R Us and pick out a fire truck). I said why don't we go home and rest and then we'll go later that afternoon. He was adamant so I said fine but we had to stop by the house so I could get the stroller. There was no way he'd be able to sit up in a shopping cart in his condition. So we stopped by the house, picked up the stroller (and Daddy tried to convince him not to go to Toys R Us but he started crying so I said we'll just got) and went to Toys R Us. Now I know why I don't go on a Saturday! Gosh there were a lot of people there. But we found a fire truck and went home.

When we got home we moved him into our bedroom and him and I laid down and he watched Dora while I dozed. At around 3pm he said he wanted to go play. I was like are you sure? He said yes. So I said be careful. He was still a little disoriented and walked a little to the side but once he started playing he was pretty much back to his old self. He did fall off the chair once in the living room when he leaved a little too far forward but he just laughed. He started eating at snack time too and never complained about his teeth.

His only complaints were when I took the band aids off his arms. You would have thought I hit him or something the way he was carrying on. He doesn't remember any of it and asks what happened to his cavities. I told him the dentist took them out and threw them away. He has also been asking why he has a silver tooth now. I told him because he had cavities and they needed to fix it. But that now we need to brush and floss better and see the dentist every 6 months for a check up and cleaning and hopefully we'll hear her say see you in 6 months! So hopefully, we can take better care of our teeth.

I know this wasn't necessarily a case of bad brushing. The dentist said because of the way his molars are (deep indentations) we probably couldn't have prevented this but we could have caught it earlier. We put sealants on the other 4 molars that were not fixed. And I've made appts for the twins since the dentist says teeth shape is hereditary. Both the girls are getting their second molars now so we are doing a better job of brushing and we are flossing daily. I will NOT skip a day anymore and they are going to get less juice and candy then they have in the past. We need to keep teeth healthy because I surely do NOT want to go through this again!!

Friday, March 26, 2010


And Connor will be going to St. Pius' next year for kindergarten!!!!
Yeah! One thing off my list. Now to get him to wear polo
shirts. :sigh:


Tomorrow is Connor's Dentist appt to get his FOUR cavities fixed. Please pray for him AND me! As of right now his appt is at 9am. I'll know more in detail later when the anesthesiologist calls me. Ugh. He can't eat for 6 hours before. Poor guy! I'll keep him up late tonight and let him eat something before he goes to bed. He will also have to get a shot and obviously and IV in his arm. I don't think he's going to like either one but this is the best. I was told he will probably be sleepy most of the day. So no plans the rest of the weekend. I was going to take him to Toys R Us afterward to pick out ANY toy he wants. We'll see if he is up for it but he will get to go at some point no matter what.

I was telling him yesterday that we were going to the dentist on Saturday. He said but he cried the last time he went. I said that's ok. It's a scary new environment for him. And I said, he may cry again but I will be right there with him. And he also said he didn't want his teeth to get a bath. LOL! He didn't like that part.

So pray that everything goes super smooth tomorrow. And he doesn't have to go through this again! And I'm getting appointments in August for the girls. I am NOT going through this again if I don't have to!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Funny Faces

Yesterday Emily started making this funny face. She would say "Happy Face" and then make this face and Connor and Taylor would laugh. It was the CUTEST thing. So today, we got her to do it and we took pictures. Then everyone wanted to get in on the pictures, including Daddy! ENJOY!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hmmm . . .

Not much going on here. Emily was cracking us all up this morning. She would say "happy face" and then make this really funny face. I have to get it on video. It's priceless! Other than that, I just have to mention that I love how much the kids play together now and how much they want and look for each other. This morning Emily woke up at 4:30am this morning and said she missed brother. How sweet. And I love when they hug each other. It's very cute.

In two more weeks, we will be headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to visit for Easter weekend. Yeah! I'm really looking forward to it and Connor wants to see Papa. I have NO idea where he came up with that name. Someone at school must call their Grandpa Papa and that's where he got it from. I told him he could call him whatever he wanted.

Oh yeah, remember how Connor got his award for saying please and thank you? Well the girls got awards two weeks ago for friendly hellos and goodbyes. =) That's my kids. ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I actually got a full night of sleep! Shocker. Taylor did not wake up and say "blanket on me!" She actually went to bed. And about 10 mins after, said "blanket on me". I went in there after saying you can do it yourself and when I got in there, she was lying down with the blanket on her. She looked at me and said, "I did myself." So happy! Can this be a turning point? I can only hope.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Emily & Taylor Singing

After the birthday party on Saturday, the girls kept singing Happy Birthday. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

VERY Busy Weekend

Started with Friday night (which was a reason why I forgot to update on Friday). Kids went to Kids Night Out. I think they will go every time they have it unless we are going camping or have family/friends in town. They ask every time. =) So they went to that and Surbjit and I chilled out at home. We went to pick them up at 11pm (Connor was mad last time because we picked them up early so we waited until the end of the time to pick them up this time). Every single one of them was UP! We were shocked. Especially Taylor. She is my sleeper! So by the time we got home, which they did not fall asleep on the way home which was another shocker, it was 11:30pm. Thankfully they slept in until 8:30!! Woo HOO!

Well, on Saturday we had a birthday party and soccer to go to. The birthday party started at noon with the activities really starting at 1pm. I'm glad we knew that because there was no way we were going to make it by noon. We got there about 12:45. At 1pm, they had a train show up. That was the highlight for all the kids!

They rode the train, ate some food, played on the playground and rode the train some more!

Then right after the party we had to head to Connor's soccer practice. The girls got to play on the playground there while Connor practiced. After soccer, we headed over to Romy & Jeff's house where the kids got to play with Katrina and Dylan. So by this time, none of the kids got a nap and we ended up staying at Romy & Jeff's until 9:30! Needless to say they fell asleep immediately on the way home! On Sunday, they slept in until 9am!! Wow. Maybe I am liking this no nap/time change thing after all! LOL!

Sunday turned out to be another busy day. We ate breakfast and then the kids went to the Gurdwara with Daddy and Bigi. They came home, we played for a little and then headed to another birthday party at the neighbors house. The kids did good, jumping in the jumper, swinging on the porch swing, playing drums, and learning how to ride a skateboard. Needless to say, it was ANOTHER day with no naps. The kids got to bed at a decent hour this time (girls 7pm, Connor 7:30). I bet I have a hard time waking them up in the morning though!

So we had a great weekend. It went way too fast though. Next weekend will be lower key. Connor will be getting his cavities filled on Saturday. We are having him get all four cavities filled at once and having him completely sedated. Wish us all luck! My poor boy. We are not planning on doing anything since we won't know how he'll feel afterwards. But at least we'll get it all done at once and hopefully he won't remember anything. Then since Sunday is the last day of the month and I have not gone to new park this month, hopefully we hit up a new park on Sunday. I just have to figure out which one I want to do! So that's the plan.

So far i"ve been doing pretty good keeping up with the blog and posting something each day. =) I only missed Friday. I'm very proud of myself so far for keeping up. Just 10 days left this month. ;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

At a birthday party

And they have a train. The kids are having FUN!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boggles My Mind

I was just thinking about Taylor and walking (or her lack thereof for so long). Can you believe that she hasn't even been walking for a year yet? She did not start walking until she was 19 months old. But then she didn't stop! You would have never known it took her so long to walk. I remember going to the doctor for her 18 month checkup and saying my concerns. Of course that week, she started to pull herself up and walk furniture more than she had. And of course, a week later, she was fulling walking! But that didn't occur until June of last year! Now she is running, jumping and climbing everything! Go figure!!!

This was a camping trip and Emily was walking and Taylor was crawling everywhere! She had so many holes in the knees from doing that!!

Same here. Even though Taylor is standing, she wasn't walking at this time. What a difference a year makes!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Way Back When-esday

Emily & Taylor

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