Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Events

It was a hot one in Southern CA this weekend. I'd like to start posting about our weekends and all we do so I can remember. Our weekends are usually chock full of LOTS of activities. This past weekend we were invited to THREE birthday parties - only made it to one though. Let's see, Saturday woke up and got everyone ready. We had to go drop off Surbjit's truck at the dealership so he could get his new tires put on. So we dropped off the truck and then headed to the park in Cerritos. The kids got to play in the sand and on the playground. Then we took them for a walk around the lake, although we didn't quite make it. Taylor wanted to walk near the lake and we didn't want her to be that close so we had a difference in opinion and she screamed. Oh well. We went back home - it was getting HOT and I of course didn't think to bring hats for anyone since recently the sun hadn't been peeking out of the clouds until after 10 or 11am. So we headed home. I haven't been grocery shopping in awhile so we had no bread for sandwiches so Connor and I ran to the store for some bread and milk. Bread, Milk, Strawberries, etc later we made it home, made lunch and put the kids down for a nap.

Since Bigi was there, Surbjit and I left to go pick up his truck. The kids napped for a long time. Well, the girls did (until 3:30). Connor decided to boycott. Oh well. So after the girls woke up we went outside and played some more. Boy do those kids LOVE to be outside. =)

Sunday, we woke up and played outside in the morning while Surbjit cleaned out his garage. I was able to have him pull out the old toys Connor use to play with (the drop and roar dinosaur, the box, and the laugh and learn activity chair). Boy were those HITS! Especially the chair. I may need to find another one or two!! After we had lunch, the kids went down for a nap and after naps we went over to TJ's and Debbie's to celebrate Mona's birthday. The kids had a blast running around the house and playing outside in the baby pool. Ended up getting home around 7pm. So it was a fun filled playing lots outside weekend!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Swim Lessons - Part 3

So the plan to take Emily again backfired. She has a cold. Poor thing. Running nose, sneezing like crazy, eyes watering. Yikes! Poor girl. So I took Taylor again. She did REALLY REALLY good on Wednesday. Didn't cry at all. Seemed to be liking it. Can't say the same for Thursday but still wasn't as bad as Monday. Today they get to "jump" off the diving board. Not sure I'll have her do that.

In other news, my big boy is a BIG boy. He got dressed all by himself this morning. Hmm. Now if I could get the girls, I'd have more time in the morning LOL! I thought I'd have to go back in his room and find him sleeping but no, he came running down the hall fully clothed while I was getting Emily ready this morning. So proud of him!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim Lessons - Take 2

So I took Emily last night. Well . . . she didn't scream like Taylor did but let's just say she was holding onto me so tight I didn't have to hold onto her. LOL. She started to loosen up towards the end though. She did say (shake head) that she wanted to go back with me. The poor thing was freezing though when we got out. I kept trying to get her to kick her legs and move around so she would warm up. Maybe tonight. I'm going to bring her back again tonight and then take Taylor on Thursday again. I have to sign Connor up on Saturday for the next session. He really really really wants to go. We even circled the date on the calendar when he gets to go because he doesn't quite get the, you go next session, speech. This does make for a long day for me but it's worth it. I basically get home at 5:30pm. Change, change whoever is going with me and have to be at the pool at 5:55pm for the swim lesson. We get home a little after 6:30pm when we are done. Thankfully the pool is only 10 mins away (and that's if I hit all the red lights). But it is nice to have one on one time with them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swim Lessons

So yesterday was the first day of swim lessons. I almost forgot. What with our trip to San Luis Obispo (which hopefully I'll get to talk over soon) and having yesterday off, I almost forgot! We signed up Taylor first thinking since Emily SCREAMS when she gets in the bathtub and Taylor likes to play, she would like it better. Um yeah. Not so much. Taylor yelled the entire time. We ended up getting out of the pool like 10 mins early. I'm taking Emily tonight. If Emily reacts the same way, Connor gets to go the rest of the time. He actually threw a fit yesterday because he wanted to go to the pool with me. I think Taylor and Emily are just too little and with no interaction with pools/water (except for baths) they are just not ready this year. Next year. I'll let you know how tonight goes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ocotillo Wells March 2009 Pictures

I don't ever remember sharing pictures from our back to back camping trips in March. I know I did share some of San Mateo but I don't think I shared any from our last riding trip of the season. Looking at these pictures, I can't wait to go again next year. This was actually the last camping trip we went on when Taylor wasn't walking yet. You'd never know now that she just started walking about 2 months ago!! Enjoy the pics!!

San Mateo Campground - March 2009 Pics

I Can Do Their Hair . . .

well sort of. Taylor I've been able to do the ponytail on top of the head since she has LONG hair on top. So long i should almost cut the bangs since they are in her eyes. But really, I can't cut her nails without her freaking out do you think I want to get her hair cut? I think NOT. Well Emily still has hardly any hair on top. It is growing, don't get me wrong but it still not long. But the back and sides are getting long now. So the other day I said, let's try and do pigtails and wouldn't you know it - it worked! Sort of. They fell out easily but they stayed long enough. And this morning, I actually had time and had their hair done when we went to daycare. Jackie loved it. =) They are so totally cute with the pony tails. I'll have to try the pigtails on Taylor but she doesn't sit still as long as Emily does for me so it may prove difficult.

Wednesday, I was home with the kids. The twins daycare was closed so I had a playdate with my fellow MOM (mother of multiples). Her daughter is 7 months younger than Connor and her twin girls are 3 days older than Taylor and Emily. So we had 2 three year olds running around and 4 one year olds running around. It was actually fun. They stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and then my kids napped AWESOME. So nice. Even Connor who didn't want to nap at first passed out on his bed. =D

Next weekend we are headed to San Luis Obispo for my cousin's wedding. Wish me luck. We've never stayed anywhere without the motorhome and we are staying in a hotel. Yikes. Means I have to pack everything and the kitchen sink. LOL! Usually it all comes with us =). Most of the family will be - my mom and dad. Grandma and her "friend" Ace. My Aunt and Uncle (the parents of the cousin) and their 5 other kids. Should be lots of fun - i hope.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Overheard at our house this morning . . .

Mommy: I was only playing with you Connor.

Connor: I'm not a toy, Don't play with me.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Apparently at daycare the other day, Grant (the son of the lady who runs the daycare) kept telling the kids to get out of his room. His room is right by the kitchen/front door. Well I guess he said it so much that Taylor started saying it. =) So now she says out.

The girls really don't talk a whole lot of words. They talk. Boy do they talk. I just wished they TALKED. They say momma, dadda, uh oh. That's about it. Well now Taylor say out. Taylor also says bye. They both understand EVERYTHING. And that's almost more scary. When I tell them to do something, they do it - unless they choose to ignore me which happens occasionally. ;) Last night they were lying down with me and I could tell they were tired. I asked them if they were ready to go to bed. Taylor starts nodding her head yes slowly. Emily will usually shake her head no but she didn't. So I said, if you are ready for bed go tell Daddy good night. Taylor proceeded to start waving bye bye and Emily got up from my lap and walked over to Surbjit and gave him a hug. So they were ready for bed. Of course, then they get in their cribs and "play" for about 30 mins to an hour. Oh well. At least it's quiet time for me. =)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Memorial Day Pics


You mean I went through the entire month of May and didn't add a single entry??? No wonder my Mom was "yelling" at me yesterday. I'm SO sorry!!!! Time sure does fly. I've been super busy at work and just not finding time to get on here. I won't let that happen again. =)

So what's been going on?? This may be a rambling of a post since so much has been going on. We went camping as usual for Memorial Day. Look for pictures shortly after I post this post. We decided not to go to the beach this year. It is just such a hassle to get online and fight with everyone trying to make May reservations for CA State parks at 8am on November 1st. Especially since it was a Saturday too. So instead, we stayed at the campground where we did our Halloween event. When I went there to get our sites, they had the two sites that were the closest to the playground and close to the pool too. It was PERFECT for our families. We opened our door and you could see the playground which worked out perfect because that's the only place Connor wanted to be. And it was close enough that he could go there and we could still see him without having to be right there! They also had the pool (which Connor wasn't a big fan of) and a spray pool (basically sprinklers). It was beautiful weather all weekend long and full hook ups! And it took us only 20 mins to get home. Definitely a place we'll camp at again.

Other than that, we've just been busy. Surbjit has been working overtime on Saturdays. We are not sure if he will have a job come the next fiscal year as the City is really being hurt with this economy and they are talking lay offs. We probably won't find out until closer to the end of the month. What will happen will happen. We'll be fine, it would just be nice to find out!!!!

Connor took a parent and me multi sport class over the last month. He really enjoyed the soccer and tball (he hits left handed but throws right. Go figure). He did not like basketball. Well at least not with a REAL basketball. We have a MUCH softer ball at home and when i finally got him to "practice" he really enjoyed himself. I don't think I would enroll him again. But it did teach ME how to teach the kids to play. =) So that should work. I think Emily would LOVE it. Taylor is going to be like me and not into sports and stuff.

Yesterday Surbjit increased the speed on Connor's Arctic Cat. Now he LOVES driving it around and around and giving his sisters rides! And they like riding it. Well Emily more than Taylor. But i guess that's ok since Connor prefers to give Emily rides and not Taylor. Go figure.

Oh yeah and Emily may be potty trained before she is two. She keeps asking to go to the bathroom and yesterday she even pee'd after I took her diaper off. Twice. I guess I need to start investing in pull-ups. Do they make them that small???

Everyone is doing good. Both girls had ear infections so we are finishing up the meds on that. And we've all had horrible colds over the last month. I really hope this cold thing is OVER now. I swear I was sick like 4 times in 7 weeks! Yuck. Other than that, we are all doing good. I will be much more happier when the girls can talk because they are very opinionated and stubborn but can't tell me what they want. :sigh: I'm pretty good at guessing but they can be pills!!!!

Well, I promise not to take as long to post next time. A month is WAY too long. But working full time and being a full time mommy is twice the work!!! =D