Friday, June 26, 2009

Swim Lessons - Part 3

So the plan to take Emily again backfired. She has a cold. Poor thing. Running nose, sneezing like crazy, eyes watering. Yikes! Poor girl. So I took Taylor again. She did REALLY REALLY good on Wednesday. Didn't cry at all. Seemed to be liking it. Can't say the same for Thursday but still wasn't as bad as Monday. Today they get to "jump" off the diving board. Not sure I'll have her do that.

In other news, my big boy is a BIG boy. He got dressed all by himself this morning. Hmm. Now if I could get the girls, I'd have more time in the morning LOL! I thought I'd have to go back in his room and find him sleeping but no, he came running down the hall fully clothed while I was getting Emily ready this morning. So proud of him!!!!

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