Friday, June 12, 2009

I Can Do Their Hair . . .

well sort of. Taylor I've been able to do the ponytail on top of the head since she has LONG hair on top. So long i should almost cut the bangs since they are in her eyes. But really, I can't cut her nails without her freaking out do you think I want to get her hair cut? I think NOT. Well Emily still has hardly any hair on top. It is growing, don't get me wrong but it still not long. But the back and sides are getting long now. So the other day I said, let's try and do pigtails and wouldn't you know it - it worked! Sort of. They fell out easily but they stayed long enough. And this morning, I actually had time and had their hair done when we went to daycare. Jackie loved it. =) They are so totally cute with the pony tails. I'll have to try the pigtails on Taylor but she doesn't sit still as long as Emily does for me so it may prove difficult.

Wednesday, I was home with the kids. The twins daycare was closed so I had a playdate with my fellow MOM (mother of multiples). Her daughter is 7 months younger than Connor and her twin girls are 3 days older than Taylor and Emily. So we had 2 three year olds running around and 4 one year olds running around. It was actually fun. They stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and then my kids napped AWESOME. So nice. Even Connor who didn't want to nap at first passed out on his bed. =D

Next weekend we are headed to San Luis Obispo for my cousin's wedding. Wish me luck. We've never stayed anywhere without the motorhome and we are staying in a hotel. Yikes. Means I have to pack everything and the kitchen sink. LOL! Usually it all comes with us =). Most of the family will be - my mom and dad. Grandma and her "friend" Ace. My Aunt and Uncle (the parents of the cousin) and their 5 other kids. Should be lots of fun - i hope.

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