Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swim Lessons

So yesterday was the first day of swim lessons. I almost forgot. What with our trip to San Luis Obispo (which hopefully I'll get to talk over soon) and having yesterday off, I almost forgot! We signed up Taylor first thinking since Emily SCREAMS when she gets in the bathtub and Taylor likes to play, she would like it better. Um yeah. Not so much. Taylor yelled the entire time. We ended up getting out of the pool like 10 mins early. I'm taking Emily tonight. If Emily reacts the same way, Connor gets to go the rest of the time. He actually threw a fit yesterday because he wanted to go to the pool with me. I think Taylor and Emily are just too little and with no interaction with pools/water (except for baths) they are just not ready this year. Next year. I'll let you know how tonight goes.

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