Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Gym Birthday Party

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2 Year Check Up

Seriously?? Really?? The twins are TWO!! Where did the time go? I have to say though except for the tantrums and the it has to be my way - I LOVE this age. They are learning so much and enthralled with so much that it's just plain FUN.

So anyway, we had the annual check-up yesterday. And silly me. I took them myself. Ha. I ended up calling Surbjit and requesting backup. The girls would NOT calm down from the time they saw the nurse. Ugh. Actually Taylor did once I gave her a pop-pop (lollipop) and I put the music video for Bolt on. Of course once the doctor got to her it was all over again. LOL! When he said they needed to have thier blood drawn I knew I needed reinforcement! Thankfully, Surbjit got there right before the shots so he was able to comfort one while i held the other. The blood drawing was a nightmare too. Emily did great (so unlike her!) but Taylor would not calm down and in turn, it caused her blood to stop flowing so they had to poke her again on the other side. Thankfully that is all done and over with and now it's Yearly check ups from now on! YEAH!! I have to wonder though that when Dr. Karp goes to pick up his son if they will start crying when they see him at preschool. LOL!


Weights: 24 lbs 13 ozs & 24 lbs 9 ozs. It was crazy! I'm amazed I remember those number although I don't remember who was which.

Height: Taylor 33 1/4" Emily 34"

So if what they say is true and you double their height at 2, Taylor will be about 5'6" and Emily will be 5'8". Their brother will be about 6'. It will be interesting to come back here and see if this is true! Regardless, it appears that all my children will be taller than me! =)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

THE Birthday Party

Well, we did the Birthday party on Sunday. I have SO many pictures I have NOT uploaded pictures yet. I will do that tonight. The kids had a blast! I really liked having it at MyGym. It was perfect for the 2-5 year olds. We had a couple kids who were 9 and 8 and they were a little bored. Good thing they were late and were only there for like 30 minutes! =) Hee hee. It was 1 1/2 hours and that was perfect! The kids got to do so much. They danced, they played dodge ball, they got to pick up turtile droppings (i kinda missed this game but the kids loved it!), they hula-hooped. We did the birthday march in which Emily did NOT want to sit in the car so I held her the whole time and Connor helped pull. They sang Happy Birthday, they ate cake and we ended with the zip line! Everyone was able to ride the zip line. Connor didn't really want to at first. All the kids went and then his sisters got to ride a swing on the zip line (which they LOVED. I was shocked. I thought Taylor would give me a problem as she hates the swing at the park but she didn't want to get out!). When Connor saw his sisters ride on the swing that's what he wanted to do. So they found a bigger swing and he got to ride the zip line too.

All in all, a GREAT birthday party. I'm just glad it's over and done with and I don't have to worry about anything for a full year now. =) Yeah! We are taking all three kids to Disneyland on Monday which is Connor's birthday. He is free on his birthday as part of Disney's promotion this year and the twins are under 3 so they are free! Should be lots of fun. Taylor LOVES Mickey Mouse so it will be interesting to watch her. I really hope we get to see Mickey while there. ;)

We also went to the aquarium last Friday while Grandma was here. The kids loved looking at the fishes and walking around. We found a rainfall exhibit and the kids just LOVED it. Kept wanting to go back. It was nice too because we got there about 1/2 hour after it opened and it was empty. So i didn't have to worry about the kids wondering around and getting lost in the crowd. As we were leaving around 11:30 it was getting crowded. Still not as crowded as when I've been there before but I hate crowds now. (Oh, I'm gonna love Disney huh?!?) =D

So that's our story for the past week. We have one week "off" and then we are headed to Grandma and Grandpa's Tuesday night for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing their new house and the kids want to see Grandpa. It will be nice for them to see Grandma again too. =) The kids have their Thanksgiving Feasts at school tomorrow. I'm glad it's this week and not next as they are only there one day next week due to Disneyland and going to Grandma & Grandpa's. So if you don't hear from me for awhile it's because we are busy! But I promise I will send out pics of the birthday party and stuff SOON!!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

When is a weekend NOT busy????

Especially this time of year with MY family. So lots we did last weekend, and lots to do coming up. My goodness. Well, on Friday I ended up staying home with Emily. She woke up crying and felt hot so we took her temp and it was 101.5. Eek. I took Connor and Taylor to daycare and kept Emily home with me. She was acting fine all morning. She ran two errands with me. We ate lunch. She went down for her nap right away and when she woke up, she was not a happy camper. Took her temp again 102.0. So off to the doctor who diagnosed her with an ear infection. Prescribed antibiotics and off we went.

Bigi came over and spent the night since we were all going to Day Out with Thomas on Saturday so we got the kids ready for bed and left for a couple hours to enjoy some time alone. Went down to the beach and walked the pier and then got some coffee (hot chocolate for me =) ) and walked up and down main street, then headed home. It was a nice distraction.

Saturday woke up, got everyone dressed and fed and were out the door! The kids LOVED Thomas. Well maybe not Emily so much but that was because she still wasn't feeling good. The all got to pick out something at the Thomas gift shop. Connor got the breakdown train and the girls each picked a toothbrush. Hey, I'm not going to argue! We left Thomas and headed to a nearby park we saw and ate lunch. It would have been a nice park except for all the graffiti everywhere. Oh well. We quickly ate and then headed home because Connor and I had to head up to Victorville for Dylan's 6th birthday party.

Got home (all three kids feel asleep on the way home) and then I grabbed a few things and off Connor and I went. It was a bowling party! How fun. I haven't bowled in FOREVER. And it sure showed. LOL! Connor even did better than I did (although in my defense I didn't have the bumpers in the gutters!). After the party we headed over to Melanie's to visit for awhile since we were there. While we were at the bowling alley, Connor found a new friend. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in the past but he ALWAYS gravitates towards older girls. And this day was no exception. Melanie's sister has a 10 year old daughter Grace who Connor instantly started hanging around and playing with. Even after the party when we went to Melanie's. Too funny. And she didn't mind him at all so that was nice too. =) We ended up leaving a little after 10pm so I didn't get home until after 11pm. LONG DAY!

Sunday we slept in a little (very little) and stayed around the house all day. We did go for a walk to the park and the kids played there for a little over an hour. They loved running, climbing and sliding. And Connor befriended another girl that was at the park. Well, she tried to befriend Taylor and Emily first but they would have nothing to do with her. =D

So that was our weekend. This is going to be a very busy week ahead. We have a Holiday on Wednesday and then Grandma is coming on Thursday. Friday we are going to head to the Aquarium (I hope that's ok if you are reading this LOL!) and then Saturday will be a relaxing day before Sunday which is when we decided to do the kids birthday party. Yes, all three at once. Yikes! At least I get it over and done with right?!? Meanwhile, this week I will be busy getting the stuff together for the birthday party since I have done exactly NOTHING so far. I ordered plates, napkins and goody bags but I have to fill them, order cakes, get some appetizer type food together etc. At least I don't have to clean or set up. But still it will be one hectic week!

I'll share pictures from this weekend soon! Just have to download them from the camera. Hopefully tonight!