Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Carving 2012

So we promised the kids they could carve pumpkins. So I ran to the store on Sunday and bought pumpkins (so much cheaper then a pumpkin patch!!). But we ran out of time on Sunday to carve. So we did it Monday night after I got home from work. Well, I should say MOMMY carved pumpkins. The kids just wanted to take pictures and watch Mom pull the guts out. Although Connor did pull all of his guts out of his pumpkin. :)

 Pulling the guts out
 Mommy carving the pumpkin
 Connor's finished pumpkin
 Taylor's finished pumpkin
Emily's finished pumpkin

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Week Of School

Emily is still having a hard time adjusting. I left her in a happy mood at daycare this morning but Monica text me around 8:20am asking if it was a rough morning. I asked was Emily cyring? She said she was crying a little at morning prayer. I know Connor did this for like the first month when he first started. She will work through this.

I have to say it’s kinda funny but all three are so different when it comes to their uniforms. Connor hates button shirts and the shirt is a polo. So if it’s a 1/2 day or Monday you can be sure he is going to wear his spirit shirt. So today he is wearing his sprit shirt (since it's a 1/2 day). Emily wanted to wear the button shirt. She wore the spirit shirt yesterday but I guess she likes the look of the polo. What can I say?? And Taylor wanted to wear the jumper so she doesn’t have to tuck the shirt into the shorts. LOL. Haha. I think that is so funny!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Well Monday was the first day of school -- Connor started 2nd grade and Taylor and Emily started Transitional Kindergarten. Connor - sailed through the first day no problem. Taylor did AWESOME. No crying, no complaining. Smiling. Having a good day. Emily -- well -- Emily is Emily what can I say. All morning after she woke up she kept saying that she didn't want to go to school. I don't think she was entirely thrilled that her and Taylor weren't in the same class. But I know that separating them is for the best. We took pictures at home. Then we took all three kids to school. Dropped Connor off in his classroom. :) He was just fine seeing all his friends that he hasn't seen all summer. Then we went over to Taylor's classroom and let her put her stuff down in the her class. By this time, Emily was very clingy. I left Taylor with Surbjit and took Emily over to her classroom. She was walking and excited to get her name tag like Taylor got hers. That was where the excitement ended. Once we got in the classroom it was all over. She was not happy and started crying. Wouldn't leave my side. When it was time for me to leave - she started screaming and her teacher Mrs. Westerlund had to hold her so she wouldn't follow me. Of course I'm bawling at this time because she is crying. Ugh. They still had to come outside to the inner court for morning prayer so I went over by where Taylor and Connor were standing for morning prayer so that I was far away from where Emily was going to be. I knew if she saw me she'd come running to me. So i stayed far far away. At least I didn't hear her screaming or crying. But Monica (who was standing over by where Emily was) said she stood there crying wiping her eyes with the tissue the whole time.

When we went to pick her up, her teacher said she was the one that cried the longest in the class but was done before recess. But when it was time for recess, she started crying again. While they were out at recess, she got to see Kaylee and that made her stop crying so that was good!

Today (the second day) was much better. She said she only cried before nap time. But she never cried when I dropped her off at daycare in the morning. And Monica text me after morning prayer and said she was fine in the morning so hopefully she is now comfortable and there will be no more crying!! :)


Friday, August 24, 2012

It's been awhile

I know it's been awhile since I last posted. Our summer has been jammed pack with things to do every weekend.  We always have Connor's karate on Saturday's. He just tested last weekend for his nexy belt (purple I believe) and will see if he get's it tomorrow at his awards ceremony. Other than that I have just filled our weekends will plans with friends to do fun things!!

We went camping at the end of July with two other families to O'Neil Park in Orange County. It was ok. It was hot and there is not much to do there except hike. They did have a playground we took the kids to play on and they had a blast. We went with Melanie and her fiance Ozzy and the Marshall's (friends from high school). It was fun and we had 7 kids between the three of us. I would camping with this group again but try some place different. :)

A couple weeks ago I got to take Connor to Knott's Berry Farm with his friend Nolan and Nolan's mom Nicole. We had a great time! There was hardly anyone at Knott's that day (it was a Monday) but Nicole can't walk a lot due to arthiritis so we got an electric wheelchair and a front of the line pass. :) It was so cool!! We went on a ton of rides including Big Foot Rapids twice!! Jaguar (a roller coaster) like 5 times. I think that was the boys favorite ride. Well that and the swings and the pirate ship (which they were able to ride without us) were the big hits of the day. ha-ha

We even got to go to Soak City a couple of times this summer. One time we went with Connor's friend and this past time we met the girls old preschool teacher Miss Tracey and got to swim and have fun for a few hours. It's been a fun and activity filled summer!!

But alas, that is all coming to an end. School starts Monday. Connor is starting 2nd grade. And the girls will be in Transitional Kindergarten. Thankfully (for me) St. Pius got so many kids to start - they are having two classes!! Yeah. That means I get to separate the twins! Double yeah. I even got to pick which teacher each one would have. I'm very excited for this new year. Hopefully the kids are too. (yeah right!) Connor will be making his first reconcilliation and eucharist this year so it'll be an exciting time for him. And the girls will be starting a new school. Although some of the kids from their preschool are coming to St. Pius so they do know some of them (ok 2 lol!). Wish me luck on Monday. I'm not sure who is going to be crying more. Me or the girls!!!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Busy July Weekend

We had a busy July weekend. :) Saturday Connor had his normal Karate class in the morning. Then in the afternoon we went to Melissa's Aunt's house for a pool party for her and Mackenzie's bday. Mackenzie's bday isn't until the end of the month but they will be gone to Tennesee to visit family. It worked out great too since we didn't have anything planned.

Then on Sunday we went to Knott's Soak City and met Connor's classmate Alex. All the kids had a blast. We even ran into one of the girls old preschool teachers - Ms. Tracey. :) The girls want to go back again and meet up with Ms. Tracey again. I definitely see that happening. The key is to get there when they open and leave by about 1 or 2pm. It was getting so crowded I could hardly keep up with where the girls were in the kiddie area and it's not even that big of an area. There were just too many people.  But it was fun. Connor even got to ride down the big slide and had a blast. Emily wanted to go down it so bad but she was just one inch too short. Maybe next year!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Twins First Dance Recital

The twins had their first dance recital this past Saturday. I have to say. . .. they did AWESOME.  I couldn't believe how good they did. :) They had a bunch of people in the audience to watch them too. Grandma drove down to watch their recital. Bigi, Uncle TJ, Uncle Harjinder, Aria, Monica and Kaylee also joined us to cheer the girls on.

They looked so adorable. Of course, Emily wouldn't wear the hair piece in her hair. I put it in and then she wanted it out. Oh well. Taylor wanted to wear it and the necklace that went with the costume. It was a good thing that Emily didn't want to wear the necklace since her costume didn't come with it. :( Oh well. Not sure that Emily will continue. I don't think getting on stage and doing the dance is her thing.. While she had fun, it wasn't like she wanted to do it again. Taylor on the other hand, loved it. :)

Thursday, June 07, 2012


All three of the kids were baptized on April 22nd. It turned out really good. I thought it was going to be crazy having all three done at once and it was! But it did go smoothly. Connor got to walk through the baptismal font but the girls weren't quite tall enough so they just had the water dumped on their head. They all have the same Godmother. Well - technically their godparents are my cousins (my friend who I wanted to be their godmother wasn't married in the church. Whatever - so I put down my cousins as the "official" godparents but Monica is their godmother). After the baptism we all went to Panda Inn for dinner. It worked out really nice. We had our own room so the kids could run around and be half way loud and we wouldn't bother anyone else. All the cousins and aunt's and uncle's and Bigi came to watch them get baptismed. Melanie, Ozzy and Dylan also joined us as well as Grandma was able to come down for the weekend to celebrate the great event.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Wow. I'm such a slacker

I hadn't realized it had been so long since I've posted. :-( I did just get an iPad for my birthday today though from the family. :-) Maybe this will help me to post more. Lol. I won't make any promises though. Hee her. Today was a great day. I did a 5k this morning and then went home. The kids were up and greeted me at the door. I got my birthday cards and then opened my present. :-) Then I took a little nap and then Surbjit and I headed to the apple store to get my iPad set up. After that we went home. I worked on Connors school project with him and then we went to dinner at el Torito. It was yummy. Then we came home and had ice cream cake. It was th best birthday I've had in a long time. :-) Well now that I have my new toy, we will see how I do about updating. Lol!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Summer Day??

It sure does feel like summer today. :) I even had to pull out the sunscreen to put on the kids!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Disney with Grandma

Grandma came down for a visit this past weekend and we decided to hit up Disneyland on Friday since Connor's school was closed for the day. It was the PERFECT day to hit up Disney. Relatively speaking, there was no one there!!! (It was still crowded but the lines were non existent!) The longest we waited for a ride was maybe 15 - 20 mins. Most rides, we walked right on. Basically the length of time it took us to walk through the lines was how long it took us to get on the ride. :) It was great!!
We got there about 10am. Boy was it ever windy that first hour. I was ready to pack up and go home but i had already bought the tickets. Thankfully after about 11 am the wind died down and it was a beautiful day. We first went on the tea cups. Emily, Connor and I rode them while Grandma and Taylor watched. ;)

After the teacups, we went to find It's a Small World. The kids LOVED it (which was surprising since Taylor started crying the last time we went to go on it). They kept begging all day to ride it again. Since Grandma hasn't been to Disney in forever we kept trying to get them to go on other rides. =D

After Small World, we went and stood in line for the princesses. The sign said 30  mins which really wasn't a bad wait. It ended up being more like 40 mins which still isn't bad!! I did end up making Connor wait in line but I didn't make him take his picture. LOL! He whined a little at first but then he did really good about waiting. I was very proud of him.

After the princesses we went into toon town and ate lunch. We got to see appearances by Goofy and Pluto but never got our pictures taken with them. Half the time my kids won't get their pictures taken so what's the point of waiting in that long line. We didn't go on any rides (or visit Mickey) in toon town but we did go in the treehouse. Connor wanted to go in the boat that you get to walk and play through but it was closed off. He was very disappointed. :(

After that, we headed to the train around the park and rode the train all the way around. Once we got back to where we started, we got off the train and headed toward autopia. We had seen in when we were on the train and the kids wanted to go on it. There was no point to get a fast pass. The standby time was 15 mins! Basically we walked right up and got on. I rode with the twins and Grandma and Connor rode together. When we got off, the standby time now said 5 mins!! (That just shows you how few people were there!)

After autopia, I tried to talk them into going on Finding Nemo. They didn't want to go. :( So we walked toward the front of tomorrowland. Connor wanted to ride the rockets. So did Emily. And shocker - Taylor said she wanted to ride too!! WHAT?!? Of course babe! So we all got in line. Connor found out that if he was 7 he could ride by himself so guess how old he was?? I rode with Emily and Grandma and Taylor rode together. They all had fun (except for Grandma I think who does not like heights!).

Once that was over, I talked them into going on Astroblaster. Again it was a 15 min weight! Unheard of. :) So we got on. Taylor - who didn't want to ride it at first - LOVED it and Emily didn't. She said she didn't like the bad guy (zurg). But we all had fun. :)

Once we were done there we headed over to where Pooh Bear was but I couldn't talk them into any rides over there. We then ended up going on Jungle Cruise and saw the show in the Tiki Room. They loved hearing the birds since and act. They just didn't like the thunder or lightening.

Once that was done, we went to Tarzan's treehouse and walked all through that. Then we went over to Fantasyland and got on the Storybook Canal, the little train over there, the carousal, and Pinocchio's journey (not a big hit!).

Then we went back to It's a Small World. After we were done with that ride, the parade was going to start so we got front row seats and waited for the parade. Definitely worth it. They all loved seeing the parade.

So we ended up being there from 10 am until 8 pm. I think we did pretty good getting on so many rides! I actually can't wait to go back (our tickets are good for 2 days). I just hope it's another "off" day so it's not too crowded!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

At the park

At the park with grandma on a beautiful Southern CA day. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Camping - Weekend of January 20th

We went camping last weekend. Can you believe I didn't take a single picture?!?! Ugh!!! Bad Heather. We went with new people this time. We were invited by one of the families at Connor's school. A little boy that was in Kindergarten last year with Connor (Domanik). He is just the sweetest boy and the kids (even the girls) had a ton of fun this weekend. It was a lot of fun. The weather was pretty good Friday and Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we had a dust storm blow through. That was the first time that's ever happened to me before!!! It was so bad, there was about 2 inches of dirt IN my motorhome. Some of the windowsills had an inch of dirt sitting on it that I had to vacuum up. It was unreal!!! There were tables blowing over, shoes blowing away, garbage cans flying - even Christmas trees running around!! Yikes! Thankfully it only lasted about an hour or so and then it was beautiful the rest of the night. :) Of course, the time the storm hit was the same time the boys had gone on a ride so needless to say, it wasn't a great ride since they couldn't see more than a foot in front of them.

But we all had a great time and the group we went camping with was really fun. Hopefully we'll be able to go back out with them again!! (And I will take pictures this time!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Three Day Weekend

And what did we do?? We were of course busy as usual. :) Saturday was Connor's final karate class. He got his orange belt!!! Yeah. And of course, now he wants to continue on. Hopefully he'll start paying attention more. . . He knows the moves. He just needs the confidence to know he knows the moves. :)

After karate, we went to the Monster Jam truck show. It was a lot of fun!! We went early and went to the pits to see the monster trucks up close and personal. We were even able to see three dirt bikes go round and round in this enclosed globe like structure. I have no idea how they did not run into each other!! After checking out the trucks, we went back to the car and ate some dinner and waited for our friend The Graether's to meet up with us. Once they met up with us, we made the walk up to our seats in what I would call the nose bleed section, however, they were the best seats in the house!! From up there, you are actually able to see the whole track and see the monster trucks race and get wild. It was a lot of fun!! Some of the trucks did ok and some of them put on a GREAT show! Definitely fun. Although it got quite cold towards the end.

Sunday I went to church and cleaned the house. The kids and Daddy and Bigi and Mona went to the Gurdwara. Afterwards, they came back and while I was still cleaning, the kids got to play with Mona all afternoon. They wanted Mona to stay for movie night but we didn't plan very well (I kept forgetting we had Monday off!) so we promised the next time, they would get to do movie night with her. We did movie night and watched Ramona and Beezus. Didn't quite finish it. The kids decided they wanted to watch Jungle Junction instead so they watched one episode of that and then it was bed time.

Monday was a busy day! I went to the grocery store with Taylor and Connor. Then I went to Costco with Taylor while Emily and Connor stayed home and Daddy washed the motorhome. After I got back from Costco, we all went to Knott's for a couple of hours. It was a little chilly and the kids started complaining they were cold, so we went home.

It was a fun weekend!