Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Nights Have to Get Better. =(

One month old today! Geez! I can't believe they are already a month old. Where did the time go?? They are starting to get more fussy at times. It's hard when they are both being fussy at the same time. Luckily Taylor likes her binky and is pretty good about keeping it in her mouth. And Emily likes the swing. So those are my two life savers right now. I got to sleep some last night. Surbjit took the night shift but I ended up taking over at 2:30am because he was getting frustrated with Emily. She wouldn't go back to sleep after he fed her at midnight. He tried feeding her, changing her, putting her in the swing, putting her in the rocker. Nothing. So I took over for the rest of the night. At least I got to sleep from 10pm so that's about what I normally get a night. Plus I got to sleep from 3-4 and then from 5-6 so I got a little more sleep than I normally do. Hopefully tonight is better

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sleep Deprivation = Rock Bottom

Well life is moving along here in the Singh household. I can't believe they are going to be a month old on Saturday! Where did the time go?? I hit rock bottom last weekend though. The girls were just non stop eating Friday night and I got no sleep and was exhausted. I took a 2 hour nap that morning Then I took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then Surbjit took the night shift and I got to sleep from basically 9pm till 7am. That was so nice!! It reenergized me and made me sane again. So now i've been doing ok. The girls have been decent at night all week. They get up about every 3 or 4 hours to eat so I get about a 2 hour sleep in. At night I've been propping them both in their rockers and feeding them at the same time so I get back to sleep sooner. That's the only way I'm going to get through the nights right now!

So other than that, not much else is going on. I did find daycare for the twins. It's at a different place than Connor goes but right now I just need daycare. The plus side is she's cheaper than Connor's and is in our neighborhood. It's just too bad she doesn't have room for Connor too. Oh well. Well, I best get going. I need to get some sleep.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Still Trucking Along

Not much happening here. We are trying to get them more on a schedule and trying to get them to sleep a little longer at night. If I can get them to sleep 5 hours at night, I'd be golden! Emily did sleep 5 hours last night. We fed the girls at 11 pm (Taylor then Emily) and Emily slept until 4 am!! Taylor woke up at 2am and then woke up again while I was feeding Emily so I fed her again. Then they slept until 7:30am. Now they are both up in their swings. They still sound congested but seem to be breathing ok. Hopefully it stays like this. Poor Emily has the hiccups and Tyalor decided to fall asleep! I think she is my lazy girl (just like Momma!). Well, I need to go wrap Christmas presents. I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner. I hope i get my calendars and Christmas cards in the mail today so I can mail them out. Ah, too much to do and so little time.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Updated Weights after Doc Appt.

Ok real quick, Emily is hungry and needs to be fed. Doc appt went fine. They have colds. Let's hope it doesn't progress any further.


When we went for the two week check up 10 days ago they were:

Emily 4 lbs 10 ozs
Taylor 6 lbs 3 ozs

Today at exactly 3 weeks:
Emily 5 lbs 10 ozs
Taylor 6 lbs 13 ozs

Their First Colds. =(

Well, both the girls have a cold. Thanks to our very own germ factory (AKA Connor). Oh well. We are headed to the doctor this afternoon. I was hoping it wouldn't hit Taylor but no such luck. She started getting congested yesterday. They are both sleeping in their swings right now so I can keep them upright to help breathe better. I'm sure the doctor is just going to tell us to do what we've been doing but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I just hope they don't get worse. Emily seemed to be better yesterday but now she seems about the same. Hmmm. Oh well. There is nothing I can do except keep them comfortable. Taylor doesn't want to eat that much right now and I'm not sure if it's because she is sick or what. It just started happening over the past day so I think it's because she is sick. She'll eat maybe an ounce at each feeding if I'm lucky. She's still peeing and pooping though. I hope they both get over this cold ASAP and we can be sickness free for at least another month. Well, I need to get going and feed the girls soon!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Day Just Us Girls!!!

Well, today is my first day alone with both girls. It shouldn't be a problem. Poor little Emily caught her brother's cold. She's doing better today, not as congested but poor little thing. I feel so bad. We all (the girls and I) slept in the living room with Emily in the swing so I could keep her upright to help her breathe better. They both did great sleeping except to wake up every three hours to eat. So I can't complain. I'm a little tired but I can take a nap later. I'm debating on taking a shower. On one hand I feel like being lazy but on the other hand, it'll wake me up and make me feel better. Decisions, decisions.

I had my doc appt yesterday for him to check my incision. He said the pathology report came back from the placenta saying it was di/di so we still don't know if they are identical or not. I need to look into a dna test. Surbjit still swears they are not. Although it was di/di, there was still communication between the two which means they are most likely identical. One of the scary things he told me though is that Emily's cord was actually through her membrane and then into the placenta. So, had her sac ruptured, it would have tore the cord from the placenta and she would have died. I can't even begin to imagine if that had happened. With everything against her, the TTTS and the cord, it's a miracle she is with us. She is my little miracle baby. Well, I better go. If I'm going to take a shower I need to do it now!!!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Little Harder than I Thought

So everything is going good here. For the most part. All I seem to do lately is cry though. I know part of it is I miss my Mom. She left on Friday and went home. It was so nice to have her here. I didn't necessarily use her to her full potential but just knowing we had three bodies (one for each kid) if we needed it was nice. Now it's just Surbjit and I and the nights seem the worse. Connor is a great big brother (i'll go into that later) but he is two and you know how well two year olds listen sometimes. So it gets hard when I'm feeding one and have my hands full and Connor is getting into something. It's not like I can jump up and get him out of it. UGH!. I know it'll get better though.

But Connor is being a great big brother. If one of the girls are crying he'll go over to the bassinet and rub their tummy and say "It's OK". He wants to hold them all the time. Of course, he says "want hold it". We keep correcting him to say her although it still hasn't happened yet. He will also throw away the diapers for us and he has just recently started to help holding the bottles.

I did breastfeed for two weeks. But with no one being here to help me starting Tuesday, I just felt like it would be easier to bottle feed. It was taking me forever to feed them. I would breastfeed Taylor for an hour and then Emily and then I'd have an hour to do whatever and then it would start back up again. With the formula, it only takes them about 30 minutes each to eat so that gives me about 2 - 3 hours after to rest, do chores, etc. It upsets me I didn't last 6 weeks like I had wanted to but I think my sanity is worth it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Twins Arrival!!!

Hi everyone!! I'm happy and excited to announce that my beautiful angels are finally here. It kinda seems surreal that I have two babies! The c-section went without a hitch and we are 95% positive that they are identical girls based on the placenta when they examined it. My OB sent it in for a pathology report so we'll know for sure in a week or two. Anyway, here are the details:

November 15, 2007
Taylor Ann 8:43 am 6 lbs 7 ozs 18.5 inches

Emily Kathryn 8:44am 4 lbs 13 ozs 17 inches

Although Emily was much smaller, she was doing just as well if not better than her sister. Neither went to the NICU and we were all able to go home Saturday night!! It was nice. The nurses for the most part were awesome! The ones we had when we went home sent us home with TONS of diapers, wipes, formula, pacifiers, you name it!!! Although I am mostly breastfeeding (and actually really loving it), we are still supplementing with formula mostly at night (so I can get some sleep!). I am definitely in love.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Poopy in the Potty!!!!!

Ok, I can't belive it's been over two months. YIKES! I'm so bad. This can't happen. I need to update more. But I had to get on here and talk about the great news!!! Connor went peepee and poopoo in the potty tonight!!! WOO HOO!!!! We were so proud of him. We were shocked he actually went. We've been having him just sit on it but today he wanted his pants and diaper off and he actually went!! So we let him flush it down the toilet which he liked to watch. I know we are still aways away from being potty trained but this is the beginning. And with the twins coming, having him out of diapers would be so cool!!!

On the twin front, I've been on bedrest since the last week in August. They are kinda far apart in weight so we think one twin is taking more nutrients than the other one. If this is the case, it also means they are identical. We'll hopefully get to find that out when they are born. As of my last u/s on Friday, Baby A is 5 lbs 10 ozs and baby B is 4 lbs 1 oz so we will see. I most likely will not get another u/s. I've been going to the hospital for twice weekly NSTs. The girls have been active and cooperative. I've had contractions though so twice I've had to have a shot of terb to stop the contractions. I think it's just when I do too much. Bad me. But we also now have the c-section date set. These girls will be born November 15, 2007 (unless they stop cooperating at the NSTs or my water breaks). So I'll have a family with all birthday's in November except me. It will definitely be one busy month!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Connor and Mommy Weekend

We had a good weekend without Daddy. Friday night I picked him up from daycare and we ate dinner at Burger King and then went shopping at Kohl's (my favorite place!). I got Connor some new PJs. He prefers to sleep in shorts so I need to get some more and of course we bought some clothes for his two sisters. Connor even helped me pick out some outfits. =) He did pretty well overall at the store. I was very impressed.

Saturday we played at home the whole day. Stayed inside in the morning and then after his 3 1/2 hour nap we went and played outside with the pool and hose. Of course he liked the hose more than the pool. We had grapes and goldfish for a snack while he was playing. Connor loves grapes! Actually, he loves anything that is a fruit. I guess that is a good thing! =)

Sunday we went to Irvine park and met my working Mom's group there for lunch. It was nice. Connor is the only boy though which is weird since everyone we camp with has boys. He had fun though climbing on the tables, eating the fruit. He never tried to run off really so it wasn't that bad for me thankfully! It was the first time I've been to Irvine park. I never realized it was there and it's huge! Not really any playground equipment more trees and grassy areas. But it's a nice park.

Of course last night Connor didn't want to sleep. Cried again. Finally went to bed at 8:30pm. Then woke up crying at 5:30am. Not sure what's going on with him. Bad dream? Growing spurt?

Monday, July 16, 2007


Here are some pictures from our busy weekend:

At the aquarium:

At Melissa's Birthday party enjoying the pool:

At the OC Fair:

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend this past weekend. Connor and I met Melanie and Dylan at the Aquarium of the Pacific on Friday. Connor did OK but it was hard to handle him by myself since I also had the stroller and he wanted to walk half the time. Oh well. He did well for the most part. Except for of course wanting his way which he does so much now! He will learn one of these days that he can't have everything that he wants. As soon as I left the parking garage to go home he was sound asleep in his car seat. Surbjit took him out of the car when I got home and put him in his crib and he didn't even wake up. He sure was tired. Didn't help that he didn't go to bed until 10:30pm the night before. Not sure what was up with that but he did not want to go to bed.

Then on Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for Melissa to go to. Gina & Curtis live really close to where the house was so we hung out with them before and after the party. It was a pretty good day. I think Melissa was really surprised. Her sister came out from Kentucky for the party even so that was nice. There was a pool there for people to go in. It was hot though. After the party we went back to Gina and Curtis' and were there until about 9pm. All in all a good day.

So then on Sunday we went to the Orange County Fair. We got to walk around and see lots of different animanls and some exhibits. There was a "beach" even for the kids. It was basically two feet of sand deep by probably about 50 feet across complete with sand toys and everything for the kids to play with it. So we got to sit down for a little bit and Connor got to play in the sand. He enjoyed!! Enjoyed it so much he fell asleep again on the way home and ended up taking a 3 hour nap. So it was a busy weekend!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Well yesterday was the Fourth! We ended up having Bigi and Uncle Harjinder over as well as our friends Gina, Curtis and their son Braeden. Uncle Harjinder was kind enough to cook Bratwurst with onions and peppers. Good stuff!! Connor got to play in his pools. I did take pictures and will hopefully be able to share once I get them downloaded off the camera. Then at night we lit off some fireworks. Connor was one tired little boy! He only took an hour nap the whole day! And did not go to bed until 9pm after we were done with fireworks. But all in all it was a good day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sleep Over

Well Connor had his first sleep over this weekend. He went over to Uncle Harjinder's and Bigi's house and spent the night. We got to go see Oceans 13 (which we liked a lot). Connor did fine and enjoyed himself like we knew he would. I figured he might as well get used to being overnight there since when the twins come, he'll probably have to stay there while we are in the hospital.

Other than that, not much going on. We had a good Memorial weekend camping trip. The weather could have been better but it was ok. Then the weekend of June 8th we went to the Colorado river. Talk about HOT! It was in the high 90's there. Connor didn't care running all around but I was tired from running around after him! He got to go in the river and on a boat and they even had pools there that we took him into. He enjoyed himself. This weekend we are going camping again. Probably our last until the twins are born!

Connor says a few words now. Dog is always his favorite! He also says dada, mama, please, thank you, cheese. He knows where his eyes, ears, nose, and belly button are. Hmm, what else. His favorite thing to do lately is climb ontop of our ottoman and then jump onto the chair (most often when either myself or Surbjit is sitting in it). Of course he jumps ON Surbjit but he knows he's not allowed to jump on Mommy so lands on the chair next to me and then starts laughing. It's kinda funny. I'll try and get him on camcorder but most of the time when he sees the camera he starts running towards it and opening his mouth like we are the dentist! =) So that doesn't work well for getting action shots of him but he's getting better.

Anyway, that's an update for now. Hopefully I can add some pics here pretty soon!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An entire month!

What's up with that?!?! Bad bad me. Ok, well first of all, Connor. =) He is doing pretty well. He has been teething lately and his mouth has been bothering him but other than that, everything is going good. I just feel sorry for the poor guy. I can only imagine how his mouth must feel. In other news, at daycare he has taken a nap like a big boy with the rest of the kids. =) Momma is so proud. No more cages for him. Well maybe not all the time because that boy will not sit still but he is growing up. I have to say he LOVES water. It's probably a good thing we do not have a pool. I can imagine him at the edge of the pool dipping his hand or foot in and falling in. Not a good idea!!! But we do have a kiddie pool for this summer that we can splash and play in. I know he'll have fun. And we have a water table for him that he already loves to play with. That boy and water. =)

In other news - I guess I'm going to have to change the name of this blog. It will no longer be Connor's life but Connor and his two siblings lives! Yup you heard me right. I am pregnant with TWINS!!!! We are shocked but happy. I never pictured myself with three kids but I guess someone else has other plans for us. =) I am due December 4th although I doubt I will go that long. I guess time will tell. Well that's about it here in this household. Hopefully I'll be able to update sooner than a month! Sorry!!!! :Blush:

Monday, April 09, 2007


Gosh it's been awhile. Things have been hectic here in the Singh household. Most of the family knows already but I'll wait to announce it here until after Friday. Until then, you'll just have to make due with Easter pics of Connor. =) On Saturday we went to our neighbor's house for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and party. They had easter eggs for the kids to get with prizes inside along with the Easter bunny there to take pictures. There was also a humungous spread of food for all to enjoy!!!

Here is Connor with the Easter bunny! He wasn't scared at all!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And here is Connor looking for Easter eggs at the Nering's annual Easter Egg hunt.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He doesn't quite get the whole idea of Easter yet but I'm sure he will next year. =) I did have an Easter basket for him and some eggs to find in the house on Easter morning. He found most of the eggs and took his basket apart. Then he went to the LA Convention Center with Dad, Bigi, Uncle Harji and Auntie Edith to celebrate Baisakhi. Baisakhi marks the year's first harvest and the day when a principal guru in Anandpur Sahib, India, codified the religion's spiritual and personal codes of conduct. All the Sikh's from the various temples around Southern CA get together at the convention center to celebrate and Connor got to go this year. I was told he was a very good boy and sat in Daddy's lap the whole time and did not act out at all. That made Mommy very proud. =) Then of course they all came home with Indian food for lunch. ;)

So Connor had a very busy weekend filled with lots of activities!

Monday, March 26, 2007


We went camping this past weekend. We had so much fun!!! We went to a new place - California City. I guess the riding was pretty good. I wouldn't know since I don't ride anymore. Well Connor got to ride in Gina & Curtis' Ranger. He had a blast!!! Well at first I don't think he did but the next day he was laughing. I think he just wasn't use to the wind in his face. We didn't go fast but going 10-20 mph you still get hit with wind. And of course everytime he sees Daddy's quad he wants to get on it. =) I'm sure we have a dirt bike rider in our future.

The weather was in the 80's the whole weekend. Just beautiful!! I have some great pictures of Connor playing with Katrina (who is 6 weeks younger than him) and riding in the wagon with Kaylee and Braeden. Once I get them downloaded to the computer I'll share. Hopefully I can do that do that tonight.

Connor did have fun playing with the kids and the toys this weekend. I have to thank Gina for the toys that Connor played with! You know kids - they like others toys better than theirs!! He played with a bunch of Braeden's toys all weekend long. At least it kept him occupied. =) I was able to chit chat with the girls mostly while he played. So it was a good weekend. Connor is getting in the last of his four molars though and is not a happy camper sometimes. Poor guy. I hope they break through soon!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I won!

WOO HOO!!! Remember how I posted about the Party? And all the great prizes they were offering? Well I won one!!! YIPPEE!!!! I never win so this is a delight. =) I won a picture book preschool book. I think it will come in handy as Connor gets older. Maybe it will give me some ideas for new books to try out for him since he LOVES to be read too. So anyway, thanks Sherry for contributing the great prize. You can check out her blog ----->HERE<-----. Thanks so much!!!!!

Trip up North

We had an eventful trip this past weekend. Let's see, we left the house at 7:30pm and Connor was fine. I could tell he was so tired!! So we get about 45 mins away and he starts freaking out! It doesn't help that we aren't moving (darn LA traffic) So I calm him down and he falls asleep. About an hour later, we are in Bakersfield and he wakes up and is SCREAMING! There is nothing that I can do to help him. He looks so uncomfortable trying to sleep. Surbjit had put his seat forward facing so I told him to pull over and switch the car seat back to rear facing. So we pull over in Bakersfield in a dark parking lot under a light. I've got Connor in the front seat (who is fine now and playing with everything!) and Surbjit is wrestling with the carseat. He finally gets it in and we put Connor in it and he's fine. But he doesn't fall asleep! He was up for the next 3 hours just chillin'. He didn't cry or anything but he wouldn't fall asleep. He finally fell asleep when we hit Merced about an hour away from my parents. I was like sure, I might as well keep him up so I tried. I was tickling him and he was laughing with his eyes closed so I just let him be. When we got to my parents he stayed asleep while we unloaded the truck and set up his pack n play. Transferred him to that with little problem. On the way home Saturday night he fell asleep but he kept crying out every hour or so. He is getting all four of his molars in so I'm sure that's not helping!!!

As soon as I download the pics, I'll share. He got to ride in Grandpa's wagon around the yard and push it (his favorite thing to do!). He loved looking at the cat and dog. He didn't try to hurt them or anything which is a good thing. He would just sit there and watch them. The cat was more afraid of him then anything. LOL! It was nice to visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Grandma Diana. Especially since Diana has never seen Connnor since she lives all the way in NY.

We also had Connor's 15 month check-up yesterday. He weighs 23 lbs and is 32" long. Tall skinny boy as is evidenced in the fact that I have no pants for him! They are all too big. Even 12 month pants. He needs more like 6 month but then they are too short for him. I probably have 20 pairs of pants in a drawer for him that do not fit. At least it's getting to short season so I can get the smaller sizes that fit and not worry about them being flood pants, LOL!

Speaking of weather it's been in the 90's here. It's supposed to start cooling down into the 70's by this weekend. It's perfect outside weather though. We have Connor's clubhouse climber for him to play on and we bought him the cozy coupe the other day and a water table that we need to set up. maybe we'll do that this weekend. It was so nice yesterday playing with Connor after his dinner and before bedtime outside. =) I love having it lighter at night now. I'm hoping to be able to play more with him outside in the evening now. Get me and him some exercise. =) Well, that's a long enough update for now. I'll try and post and the pics tonight if I get a chance. Have a great day!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Well it was fun while it lasted but today is the last day of the party. I would just like to thank everyone for coming on over! I know I've found some people that I plan on checking in on from now on. Some very funny remarkable ladies. I can't wait to party with you all again soon! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!!!

Make sure you take some Girl Scout Cookies on your way out. I bought WAY too many this year and I certainly do not need to eat them. :)~p Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The's Party halfway through!!!

Are we having fun yet? If you haven't checked out some the people at the party I think you should! It's great meeting all these new people. =) Now I wanted to ask a question of all the party goers. Reading through people's blogs and commenting and just seeing what people right about and taught me that I need to post more. I think things in my head but I need to get them down so I can remember them 1 month, 1 year, 10 years down the line. Am I going to remember a year from now how Connor always says dada when I ask him to say Mama? (Yes he is STILL doing that!!!) Or how Connor dances everytime he hears music he likes. He just starts to go back on forth on both his feet or if he's in the car he'll start swaying his head from side to side. =) Or how he knows how to put his hand in the air, clap his hands and stomp his feet? I need to start keeping better track. If not for me, for the family that reads this and can't see him all the time because of distance. I'm trying and I know I'm doing MUCH better than last year but there is still so much more I could do.


Monday, March 05, 2007

The pictures I promised

Ok here are a few pictures:

Daddy and Connor on Daddy's new toy!

Connor's new toy that Mommy and Daddy got him for Christmas:<

Photo Tag: Belly Pics

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing has started a photo tag of belly pictures. Since so far I've only been pregnant once I can only add my picture from when I was pregnant with Connor. I hate to say, I was in the no camera picture stage of my life back then. I have since come to the realization how important cameras and pictures and capturing them are! They grow up so fast, the pregnancy goes so fast etc it's hard to remember and pictures are a great way for that. So I don't have many pictures of my big bump except at my baby shower. But here is a picture from when we did our annual work summer cruise on our coworkers boat in Huntington Harbor. Always lots of fun although I didn't get to partake in the champgne this time. =) I was about 31 weeks along when this picture was taken.

Let's Party!!

And no good party would be good without some food. LOL! So here's a recipe!

Molten Chocolate Cakes

4 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
1 cup powdered sugar
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
6 Tbsp. flour
1/2 cup thawed COOL WHIP Whipped Topping

PREHEAT oven to 425°F. Butter four (3/4-cup) custard cups or soufflĂ© dishes. Place on baking sheet.
MICROWAVE chocolate and butter in large microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1 min. or until butter is melted. Stir with wire whisk until chocolate is completely melted. Stir in sugar until well blended. Blend in eggs and egg yolks with wire whisk. Stir in flour. Divide batter between prepared custard cups.
BAKE 13 to 14 min. or until sides are firm but centers are soft. Let stand 1 min. Carefully run small knife around cakes to loosen. Invert cakes onto dessert dishes. Serve immediately, topped with whipped topping.

AND since i neglected to introduce myself yesterday - My name is Heather (there are quite a few of us aren't there!). I am married (almost 9 years) with a 15 month old son. I work full time for the government and love my job! Love the perks that is. =) My son Connor is the light of my life. I love him to death! And I also love to scrapbook. I just got into digi scrapping. I use PSE 4.0. I just got a new laptop about a month ago to help me better. It's so much faster than my old aging desktop unit. I can complete so much more now. But I am so green it's not funny! I have so much to learn. Anyway, that's a little about me. If you want to hear anything else, feel free to ask!!!


I have pictures to share. I just need to download them. To find the time ah! That is something I need to do. LOL!

Connor is now down to one bottle a day. (I know he should be off them!) But the only bottle he takes now is his nighttime bottle. I'm sure we'll be getting rid of that one here within the next couple months too. He is getting so big! Talking up a storm but still only says a few words, dada, dog I can usually get him to say. Sometimes I can get him to say truck or duck. He still won't say mama. =( But I'm sure once he does I'll want him to stop. LOL! Nothing else much going on. It's starting to warm up here. It was in the 80's yesterday. It's supposed to cool down to the 70's this week and high 60's. I'm thinking it's going to be a HOT summer!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's a Party!!

A blog party that is!! Come one come all, check out the link in my side bar. It's happening now until 3/9 so join in on the fun. I'll put out some virtual cookies and your favorite drink (just let me know what it is. =) ) and let's sit in the backyard and enjoy. Today was the best day for that. It was in the 80's here!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sickness Engulfs the Singh Househould

Yes, we are all sick. We went camping last weekend anyway. I ended up getting worse (you should have heard me on Sunday). I could not breath, throat was sore, voice was hoarse, all the good stuff. =( And then Connor started to get the runny nose and watery eyes on Sunday too so we left early. I felt so bad I got two pictures taken the whole weekend. Two. One Two. :sigh: Oh well. There will be another camping trip. Oh well. I am feeling better now but my nose is still congested a lot. But I feel 200% better. Connor seems to be doing better too. I can't wait for Spring to come and the cold season to go bye-bye!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Small World

Ok, this is a VERY small world. So I've been dealing with this lady at work (Susanna) regarding our documents that are in the sub basement. So anyway, we got that delt with and I don't work on that with her anymore but we still run into each other in the hallway, etc. She has a 3 year old boy and a 10 month old girl so we have things in common so we always ask how the kids are. Well today we are talking and I don't remember how we got on the subject I started talking about daycare and how Connor is in daycare in La Palma. Then she asks me where and I tell her. And then she's all is the lady's name Tina? I'm like yeah. She says her son goes there too!!!! How funny is that??? He is only there 2 times a week because her husband stays home with the kids but he is there to socialize and play the two days. Surbjit has seen the kid and the husband and knows who I am talking about. Small world huh?!?

Blog It Challenge Week 2!

Who needs some loving words from you the most in your life right now? What would you say to that person? Put it up on your blog and let your sentiments run free for a day of love!

Here's a quote I find to inspire you:

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get . . .
Only with what you are expected to give. . . .
Which is everything.

Katharine Hepburn

Ok, right now this would have to be my son. He is in the growing stages of learning about everything and getting into so much! He still needs to hear that I love him no matter what. I think at this stage in his life, if he continues to get hugs and kisses and hear me say I love him then he will grow up a happy and well adjusted child (at least I hope!). And I can learn so much from him right now too. He has unconditional love. He will come up to me and just hug my legs. I love it when he does that. It is the sweetest thing in the world. Or like last night when I came home from work. Connor and Surbjit were in Connor's bedroom playing. After he heard the door open and me come in the house, he walked down the hallway to the front door and said hi to me! (Ok he didn't really say hi but he was telling me something! Although right now I have NO idea what that was! LOL!) But he gives love and expects nothing in return right now. If we could all learn that, this world would be a much better place!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog It Challenge

Digishak has a challenge where you are supposed to blog about something that they have told us to. This week it is to blog about the following quote:

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

Eleanor Roosevelt

This quote makes me think of Connor. He is just a baby who is starting out with no fear who is trying to learn everything that he can. And getting into trouble too! He wants to try everything even if I keep telling him no. I don't do this. I'm a chicken when it comes to new things. Status quo is what works for me and keeps me in my comfort zone. I need to break out of that. Because when I do, I have a lot of fun! I need to take some of what Connor does and apply it my life so I can get those exeperiences that he is having. It's amazing what I am learning from that little kid!!!

Four Generations Get Together

Well, I've e-mailed out pictures from camping in January and the relatives visit in January also. If you haven't gotten the pictures, please e-mail or leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll get them to you. I'm trying to get everything together so I can do it faster from now on. =) So bear with me.

Here is a scrapbook page that I did of the four generations! I really enjoyed making this page. It was so much fun!!

We had a great visit with everyone! I'm just sad I didn't get any pictures of Connor with Uncle Al, Aunt Dorothy or Ace. But it was kinda hard to even get this picture as Connor did not want to sit still. He's a very active little boy!!

He is feeling much better and back to normal now. We went to Uncle's/Bigi's house last night and he had fun running around there. So much fun that he wouldn't take a nap. He was whipped when we were leaving. Fell straight to sleep on the way home. He sure does wear himself out! I think he is getting ready to get his molar's in. I was feeling inside his mouth and his gums are swollen and I can feel a little sharpness. That could explain all the drolling! LOL! So anyway, that's what's new in Connor's world!!

Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm really not sure how many people read this blog. OK, I know Surbjit does, and Grandma and Bigi but that's about it I think. So I'm giving a forwarning. I am going to turn this into a scrapbooking/Connor blog. =) I really want to get more into scrapbooking and I've found some great sites that are going help me and hopefully I'll get to meet some great people that can help me hone (sp?) my skills. So far I've found lots of inspiration. Now I just need to do it. And of course what better subject to scrapbook than Connor. =) So I will share my LO's (layout's) and stuff here so if you start hearing me talk about scrappin' that is why. Just wanted to give a heads up. =D

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Didn't I say I'd get in here more often. :< Well, I have had a sick kid on my hands. We took Connor to urgent care on Sunday. He had some white bumps in his mouth and it hurt him when you touched his tongue. The Dr. diagnosed him with hand, foot, mouth disease. I still don't think that's what he had. Anyway, so we kept him home Monday - Wednesday. I ended up taking him back to the dr on Tuesday because he was just sounding so horse and crying and not feeling well. Basically all they said was he has an upper respirtory infection (a cold). Well gee, thanks. I just love our health care system. I feel like I am the one that has to go in and tell the doctor what I want done or what I need done. There is no, let's see what's going on, it's a you tell me what to do mentality. I understand in this day and age that we have all these resources so for the most part we can figure out what's going on, but I would like a seperate unbiased opinion. Is that too much to ask? So anyway, we kept him home on Wednesday and he was almost back to his normal self. He finally started eating again and drinking water too. He hardly ate anything on Tuesday. I can't blame him because I'm sure his throat hurt. So I hope he's over the worst part.

Other than that, not much new going on. He might be teething again. It's almost time for his molars to be coming in. He's been drooling BUCKETS too. He has this new dance that he does when he hears music. It's kinda like stepping back and forth. I call it the football shuffle. =) I will try to get it on camcorder but everytime he sees it, he makes his picture face of scrunching up his nose and opening his mouth wide and coming straight for the camera. Funny but annoying! He is also liking to climb anything he can. If he could put his knee up on the sofa, he'd be climbing it all the time. Only a little while longer and he'll be tall enough!!

I still have some pictures from our last camping trip and the visit from Great-Grandma, Ace, Uncle Al and Aunt Dorothy I want to share. We just got a new computer so I was waiting for that. So bear with me. We are using two computers right now so it get a little confusing. Once we set up the wireless network we should be good to go. =) And I'll have no more excuse. :~p

Saturday, January 06, 2007

First Haircut!!

YEP! Today was Connor's first haircut! I took him to Cool Cuts 4 kids. That place really caters to the kids. They have a play area while the kids are waiting for the older kids they have game stations where they can play nintendo! Too cool! And while he was getting his hair cut, he got his choice of movies to watch. Connor chose Elmo's World this time. I have a feeling he'll choose CARS next time. =) He sure did not like it. =( He screamed the whole time but he was a champ and looks great with his hair more manageable. =) The hairstylist even spiked his hair for him. What a cutie!!!

The finished product (with the spikes). He was crying so hard and wanted me to hold him at the hair salon that I didn't want to take a picture there of him so I waited until we got home.

New Years Camping Trip

We went on our annual camping trip for New Years! We went to Ocotillo Wells. There were a total of 17 motorhomes/trailers that went with us. It was a huge group but we had a lot of fun. The kids got to run around and play in the dirt including Connor. But Mom had to keep a careful watch on him because he kept putting the rocks in his mouth!! YUCK! He sure didn't seem to mind though. And he even enjoyed himself by the fire. =)


One of my New Years Resolution is to keep this updated at LEAST weekly. So hopefully you will hear more updates more often this year. =) So here goes. There will be a couple of entries tonight to catch you all up!

First - Christmas. Connor was spoiled yet again. But what's new. The big gift from Mom and Dad isn't up yet. We have to figure out where we want to put it in the backyard. But it is a playset. Hopefully one of these non busy weekends (that was a joke! We are swamped the entire month of January!) Dad will get it up. No big deal. But he did get lots of clothes, lots of money for his 529 account (he will be thanking you all in 17 years when he goes to college!), and a couple of toys. Here are some pictures: