Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The's Party halfway through!!!

Are we having fun yet? If you haven't checked out some the people at the party I think you should! It's great meeting all these new people. =) Now I wanted to ask a question of all the party goers. Reading through people's blogs and commenting and just seeing what people right about and taught me that I need to post more. I think things in my head but I need to get them down so I can remember them 1 month, 1 year, 10 years down the line. Am I going to remember a year from now how Connor always says dada when I ask him to say Mama? (Yes he is STILL doing that!!!) Or how Connor dances everytime he hears music he likes. He just starts to go back on forth on both his feet or if he's in the car he'll start swaying his head from side to side. =) Or how he knows how to put his hand in the air, clap his hands and stomp his feet? I need to start keeping better track. If not for me, for the family that reads this and can't see him all the time because of distance. I'm trying and I know I'm doing MUCH better than last year but there is still so much more I could do.



Susanna said...

Hello and thank you for coming to my humble little party :)
Daniel called me dada for ages too! He just had his 2 year check up today....you are right, time flies and you forget things before you know it.

Mommy Brain said...

Great party! My girls (14 months) say Da-da all of the time. I only get Ma-ma when their hungry. So far the party has encouraged me to get out there and "meet" other people. I guess I'm as much of a cyberspace wallflower as I am in real life. :-)