Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trip up North

We had an eventful trip this past weekend. Let's see, we left the house at 7:30pm and Connor was fine. I could tell he was so tired!! So we get about 45 mins away and he starts freaking out! It doesn't help that we aren't moving (darn LA traffic) So I calm him down and he falls asleep. About an hour later, we are in Bakersfield and he wakes up and is SCREAMING! There is nothing that I can do to help him. He looks so uncomfortable trying to sleep. Surbjit had put his seat forward facing so I told him to pull over and switch the car seat back to rear facing. So we pull over in Bakersfield in a dark parking lot under a light. I've got Connor in the front seat (who is fine now and playing with everything!) and Surbjit is wrestling with the carseat. He finally gets it in and we put Connor in it and he's fine. But he doesn't fall asleep! He was up for the next 3 hours just chillin'. He didn't cry or anything but he wouldn't fall asleep. He finally fell asleep when we hit Merced about an hour away from my parents. I was like sure, I might as well keep him up so I tried. I was tickling him and he was laughing with his eyes closed so I just let him be. When we got to my parents he stayed asleep while we unloaded the truck and set up his pack n play. Transferred him to that with little problem. On the way home Saturday night he fell asleep but he kept crying out every hour or so. He is getting all four of his molars in so I'm sure that's not helping!!!

As soon as I download the pics, I'll share. He got to ride in Grandpa's wagon around the yard and push it (his favorite thing to do!). He loved looking at the cat and dog. He didn't try to hurt them or anything which is a good thing. He would just sit there and watch them. The cat was more afraid of him then anything. LOL! It was nice to visit with Grandma, Grandpa and Grandma Diana. Especially since Diana has never seen Connnor since she lives all the way in NY.

We also had Connor's 15 month check-up yesterday. He weighs 23 lbs and is 32" long. Tall skinny boy as is evidenced in the fact that I have no pants for him! They are all too big. Even 12 month pants. He needs more like 6 month but then they are too short for him. I probably have 20 pairs of pants in a drawer for him that do not fit. At least it's getting to short season so I can get the smaller sizes that fit and not worry about them being flood pants, LOL!

Speaking of weather it's been in the 90's here. It's supposed to start cooling down into the 70's by this weekend. It's perfect outside weather though. We have Connor's clubhouse climber for him to play on and we bought him the cozy coupe the other day and a water table that we need to set up. maybe we'll do that this weekend. It was so nice yesterday playing with Connor after his dinner and before bedtime outside. =) I love having it lighter at night now. I'm hoping to be able to play more with him outside in the evening now. Get me and him some exercise. =) Well, that's a long enough update for now. I'll try and post and the pics tonight if I get a chance. Have a great day!!!

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