Thursday, June 29, 2006

Too cute!

Ok on Monday, I would ask Connor to give me a kiss and go in and kiss him/ rub noses since his idea of a kiss is to open his mouth wide. :) I did that quite a few times. Fast forward to Tuesday. Bigi came over and was rubbing noses with him too. After a couple of times of us intiating it, he's keep moving forward for us to rub noses with him. Now onto Wednesday night. I just got done feeding him and he was not in the mood to go to bed so I sat there holding him. He keeps coming closer and closer to my face. I'm like what the heck is he doing? He's trying to bump my nose with is and smiling each time he does it! How cute is that?!?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


We have a tooth!!!! I noticed it yesterday night. It's just starting to break through. Yeah!! It's the bottom right when you are looking at him and the it looks like the left one is not far behind. Yeah!! He's doing really good eating wise. He's in Stage 2 foods now. He basically likes everything except bananas which I don't blame him. The banana baby food was disgusting! I might mash up some ripe bananas and give that to him sometime and see if he likes that better. He likes all his veggies and his is now starting to try meats. Fun fun! I've also started giving him the fruit puffs. He seems to like them. He's slowly getting the hang of things. He is also drinking from a sippy cup. He does pretty well but he has a hard time tipping it all the way back when there isn't much in it. I saw an add for a sippy cup that is supposed to help eliminate that so I'm going to see if I can find it.

He had his 7 month appt two weeks ago. He was 16lbs 4ozs and 27.5 inches long. He is in the 29%tile for weight and 75%tile for height. I have a tall skinny baby. :) Well that's about it for now.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bad Mommy

I am a bad bad mommy for not keeping up with this!! It was kinda hard since I didn;t have any pictures to share, but guess what? Now I do. :) We bought a new camera! Yeah!! So here are some pictures. Connor is crawling like a champ now and standing up. He just wants to move all over the place! He's growing up way too fast.

The only bad thing about our camera, it has such a high resolution, our pictures are HUGE in size (3 MB each!). I'm uploading the pictures from our camping trip right now. It's going to take 45 mins. Ok, we did take a lot of pictures. I think like almost 100! Don't get use to it though because it's a new camera we wanted to play with it. Haha! I LOVE this camera. Anyway, once I get them all uploaded, I'll send a link to everyone so you can see all the pictures. If you don't get an e-mail from me by Monday, e-mail me because I probably forgot to send it to you!

Connor's 6 month appt is June 16th. A little late I know. Not my fault! The stupid drs office resecheduled it for Monday the 5th without calling and telling me. I have to work so I moved it to my next day off. It was a good thing I called the day before and confirmed otherwise I would have shown up to the drs office with him for his appt that wasn't then. Oh well. I'm just curious to see how much he weighs and how tall he is. I guess I just have to wait two more weeks. Plus we are supposed to go camping that weekend and I was really trying not to have his shots right before we went camping. What's a girl to do?!