Saturday, March 10, 2012

Summer Day??

It sure does feel like summer today. :) I even had to pull out the sunscreen to put on the kids!!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Disney with Grandma

Grandma came down for a visit this past weekend and we decided to hit up Disneyland on Friday since Connor's school was closed for the day. It was the PERFECT day to hit up Disney. Relatively speaking, there was no one there!!! (It was still crowded but the lines were non existent!) The longest we waited for a ride was maybe 15 - 20 mins. Most rides, we walked right on. Basically the length of time it took us to walk through the lines was how long it took us to get on the ride. :) It was great!!
We got there about 10am. Boy was it ever windy that first hour. I was ready to pack up and go home but i had already bought the tickets. Thankfully after about 11 am the wind died down and it was a beautiful day. We first went on the tea cups. Emily, Connor and I rode them while Grandma and Taylor watched. ;)

After the teacups, we went to find It's a Small World. The kids LOVED it (which was surprising since Taylor started crying the last time we went to go on it). They kept begging all day to ride it again. Since Grandma hasn't been to Disney in forever we kept trying to get them to go on other rides. =D

After Small World, we went and stood in line for the princesses. The sign said 30  mins which really wasn't a bad wait. It ended up being more like 40 mins which still isn't bad!! I did end up making Connor wait in line but I didn't make him take his picture. LOL! He whined a little at first but then he did really good about waiting. I was very proud of him.

After the princesses we went into toon town and ate lunch. We got to see appearances by Goofy and Pluto but never got our pictures taken with them. Half the time my kids won't get their pictures taken so what's the point of waiting in that long line. We didn't go on any rides (or visit Mickey) in toon town but we did go in the treehouse. Connor wanted to go in the boat that you get to walk and play through but it was closed off. He was very disappointed. :(

After that, we headed to the train around the park and rode the train all the way around. Once we got back to where we started, we got off the train and headed toward autopia. We had seen in when we were on the train and the kids wanted to go on it. There was no point to get a fast pass. The standby time was 15 mins! Basically we walked right up and got on. I rode with the twins and Grandma and Connor rode together. When we got off, the standby time now said 5 mins!! (That just shows you how few people were there!)

After autopia, I tried to talk them into going on Finding Nemo. They didn't want to go. :( So we walked toward the front of tomorrowland. Connor wanted to ride the rockets. So did Emily. And shocker - Taylor said she wanted to ride too!! WHAT?!? Of course babe! So we all got in line. Connor found out that if he was 7 he could ride by himself so guess how old he was?? I rode with Emily and Grandma and Taylor rode together. They all had fun (except for Grandma I think who does not like heights!).

Once that was over, I talked them into going on Astroblaster. Again it was a 15 min weight! Unheard of. :) So we got on. Taylor - who didn't want to ride it at first - LOVED it and Emily didn't. She said she didn't like the bad guy (zurg). But we all had fun. :)

Once we were done there we headed over to where Pooh Bear was but I couldn't talk them into any rides over there. We then ended up going on Jungle Cruise and saw the show in the Tiki Room. They loved hearing the birds since and act. They just didn't like the thunder or lightening.

Once that was done, we went to Tarzan's treehouse and walked all through that. Then we went over to Fantasyland and got on the Storybook Canal, the little train over there, the carousal, and Pinocchio's journey (not a big hit!).

Then we went back to It's a Small World. After we were done with that ride, the parade was going to start so we got front row seats and waited for the parade. Definitely worth it. They all loved seeing the parade.

So we ended up being there from 10 am until 8 pm. I think we did pretty good getting on so many rides! I actually can't wait to go back (our tickets are good for 2 days). I just hope it's another "off" day so it's not too crowded!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

At the park

At the park with grandma on a beautiful Southern CA day. :)