Friday, February 26, 2010


We signed Connor up for Soccer. He is supposed to have 8 classes. Well the first week it rained out. The second week we went and were informed they would make up rain cancelled classes. Good because the third week, it was cancelled also due to rain. The fourth week we were camping so Connor didn't get to go. And then he went last week (which was the 5th week). Now it looks like we may be having class cancelled again tomorrow due to rain. A big storm is supposed to come in tonight (although it is 10pm and I hear no rain outside!) and the heaviest is supposed to be around 7 - 8 am tomorrow. Ugh. So another cancelled class. We are going to have too many cancelled classes we are going to run into the next session!

But Connor is having fun and doing pretty good. I signed him up for the 3 1/2 - 4 year old class instead of the 4-5 year old class since he didn't have any real soccer experience. I think the next time I'll sign him up for 4-5 class. He is doing pretty good and enjoying it, I think being with the older kids, he'll learn more and not be so distracted by the kids who aren't listening.

Anyway, here are some pictures of him playing. ENJOY!

And of course the girls were there too. Thankfully they practice right next to a playground so the twins get to play on the playground while Connor practices. They really like the swings last week. I think I pushed them for a good 15 mins!

I was thinking . . .

Since March is coming upon us starting Monday and I haven't been very good at updating - I'm going to challenge myself to post something at least once a day in the month of March. Why not? It's not like I can't send something from my iphone. =) That was one of the reasons why i got the darn thing why not use it to its full potential? So hopefully you will get more updates. Something happens every day why not document it. Even if it is small.

Speaking of small - Connor received an award at school today. He got an award for making good choices! So proud of him. Hopefully this means he learned his lesson from yesterday. Cross your fingers!

Very bad!

I am being very bad this year on updating! I really have no excuse as to why. I just don't feel like getting on the computer at home when I've been on the computer at work all day. Everything is going fine. We are just in the midst of Kindergarten sign up hell and trying to figure out what we are going to do. Still struggling with the whole LATE November birthday child but I'm never going to get rid of that. And he is smart. I know he is. He also LOVES to learn so there is no question that he is ready academically. Socially/Maturity wise. Well, he has 6 months until he starts. Can he be mature enough by then? I believe so. Although he doesn't seem to be making wise choices lately (see previous post). We have a kindergarten assessment test at St. Pius next Saturday. I'm thinking that will help to see if they think he his ready for kindergarten. Should be interesting.

In other news, my mom and Diana are coming out to visit next weekend! Can't wait!!! The kids are excited too. Can't wait to see them. Should be lots of fun. It'll be a short visit but it'll be fun. Hopefully the weather cooperates so Diana can get some sun! She lives by Buffalo, NY. You know - lake affect snow and all that jazz. Plus they are getting hit by some pretty big storms lately. Everytime I check the weather it's like 25 degrees there so I guess even if it's cold here (50 degrees) it'll still be warm to her!

I really need to start updating more and better. I'll try!!!

Connor's First Note Home

Or Should I say Connor's first BAD note home. =( Not happy. I guess he wasn't being very good yesterday. Well actually, none of the kids were being good yesterday. It was a very hard day for Mrs. Teri. So she told all the kids to sit down and put their heads on the table. Well, my son decided to sit down at the table and when Mrs. Teri said to put his head down, he proceeded to put his fingers in his ears and shake his head no. Well by this point, she was done, so she told him to go to Mrs. Sevilla (the director of the preschool). So we need to work with Connor on making better choices. :sigh:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kid's Night Out

Ever since we started at this preschool we had noticed they had Kid's Night out nights. It's basically 4 hours, you drop them off in their PJs and they get to have fun, socialize, eat a snack and watch a movie. And the parents get to have alone time. =) We were hesitant at first since the twins weren't even 2 yet and not use to being around these people. We finally decided to try it in December when the teachers offering it were both the twins teacher and Connor's teacher. They LOVED it. They have been asking to go back ever since. So two weeks ago they had it again and it just happened to be the twins teacher again. Again they loved it. When we got there both girls were asleep and Connor was watching the movie (it wasn't quite done yet). So they are having it again tonight. And of course I asked them, do you want to go to Kids Night Out? The answer was a resounding YES! So I guess Surbjit and I get a night to ourselves. =) Of course two weeks ago we wasted almost 2 hours waiting for a table at California Pizza Kitchen. Ugh! I don't think we'll do that again tonight! I hate waiting. The teachers tonight are Connor's teacher and another teacher that is new. Should be interesting since Taylor was reluctant to go the last time but when her teacher picked her up she was ok and we left. Well, her teacher isn't there tonight. We'll see!!

I still need to update on the camping trip last weekend. Beautiful weather and maybe I'll download the pics tonight since I'll be kid free! I'll try!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Connor Got an Award

Connor received an award at preschool this past Friday. I guess over the next two months they are going to be learning about manners. Good! Of course I do try and teach my kids manners as much as I can (although they all are having a hard time lately it seems!). So anyway, the first week (last week) was Please and Thank You. And Connor won the award for the week! His preschool teacher Miss Teri couldn't tell Surbjit enough how good he was on Friday and how well deserving that award was for him. That was one thing I keep trying to make them say. Even Emily and Taylor. I guess it really does work. =) I tried to get a picture of him with his award - it's a little silver trophy - but he wouldn't cooperate. Oh well. Maybe next week.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where does the time go?

I know I am due for an update. I am so sorry! I've been busy at work actually working and updating this just gets pushed to the side. I'm also trying to organize pictures and videos at home and put them all on my external hard drive so that takes up my time at home. (what little free time I have LOL!) but that is no excuse. I really do need to get in here and update. =)

Not much going on. We have been busy trying to figure out what to do with Connor next year for Kindergarten. Our elementary schools are OK but I want him to be in an excellent school. He is very smart and I don't want him to be bored like I was. There is no doubt, even though he is a November birthday (and our school cut-off is December 2nd) that he will start Kindergarten next year. That's the bad thing about November birthdays - and I have THREE! They will either be the oldest or the youngest. Is that good? Is that bad? Both have pros and cons associated with it. Anyway, in the end. I believe we have decided to send him to St. Pius Catholic school. I think this is hilarious. Why? Because I wanted to go to Catholic high school so bad when I live in New York and my mom wouldn't let me. =) And also, because Surbjit is not Catholic. But funnier yet, his mom went to catholic school when she was growing up. Funny how things go around in circles. Our friend's daughter goes to school there. She is in 2nd grade right now and they love the school. It's right around the corner from our house and it is also the parish I belong to so it all works out. So Grandma (& Mom) - you'll be happy to know I'll be going to church every Sunday now. ;) I actually went last weekend. I think it's been 10 years since I went. Very surreal!

The kids are doing good and loving their preschool. They get to do so many things. They have a jumper every month and not only does Connor love jumping in it but so does Emily and shows me how she jumps in it. Too cute. Next week they are having an animal stuffing company come out and the kids can pick an animal and have it stuffed and pick out an outfit for it too! For only $20. I don't think that's bad at all. I've heard horror stories about how expensive Build A Bear is so this isn't bad at all. They even get to have Pancake day where they get to go to preschool in their PJs (which means Mommy gets a day off from dressing them in the morning!) and the teachers make them all pancakes. Yum! And they also have bike day once a month where each class gets to bring in their bikes for that day. I haven't brought the girls bikes yet (as they don't really ride them) but Connor's brought both his bike and his new scooter.

So that's just a little bit of what the kids get to do every month at preschool. We are finally going camping again next weekend. We haven't been since October which is definitely odd and strange for us. It's been a long time coming. Well, I HOPE to keep better updated! I promise!!!!