Friday, February 19, 2010

Kid's Night Out

Ever since we started at this preschool we had noticed they had Kid's Night out nights. It's basically 4 hours, you drop them off in their PJs and they get to have fun, socialize, eat a snack and watch a movie. And the parents get to have alone time. =) We were hesitant at first since the twins weren't even 2 yet and not use to being around these people. We finally decided to try it in December when the teachers offering it were both the twins teacher and Connor's teacher. They LOVED it. They have been asking to go back ever since. So two weeks ago they had it again and it just happened to be the twins teacher again. Again they loved it. When we got there both girls were asleep and Connor was watching the movie (it wasn't quite done yet). So they are having it again tonight. And of course I asked them, do you want to go to Kids Night Out? The answer was a resounding YES! So I guess Surbjit and I get a night to ourselves. =) Of course two weeks ago we wasted almost 2 hours waiting for a table at California Pizza Kitchen. Ugh! I don't think we'll do that again tonight! I hate waiting. The teachers tonight are Connor's teacher and another teacher that is new. Should be interesting since Taylor was reluctant to go the last time but when her teacher picked her up she was ok and we left. Well, her teacher isn't there tonight. We'll see!!

I still need to update on the camping trip last weekend. Beautiful weather and maybe I'll download the pics tonight since I'll be kid free! I'll try!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

That sounds so cool. I think it's always great when the kid's get out and socialize and it's a bonus if you get some alone time without having to work! That's why I am so excited with the awana program at our church for's just an hour and a half but she loves it!