Friday, September 25, 2009


Here is Connor at Kaylee's B-day Party at Pump It UP.

Helping Taylor climb the obstacle course.

Kaylee sliding down with Taylor

More of the obstacle course

Connor on the obstacle course. This was about as far as he would go.

Emily, Taylor & Kaylee

Me & Emily ready to go down the slide.

Going down the BIG slide.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

Gosh. I keep wanting to come in here and post but I've just been busy. I even started writing a post and id not get to finish it last week so here I am! :sigh: I have pictures from the last two weekends downloaded to my computer at home so hopefully tonight, I'll get a chance to share!

Let's see. First, we had Kaylee's Birthday party. It was at Pump It Up. An indoor inflatable bounce house mecca I guess you could call it. I was a little dissapointed. They had four "jumpers" - one was a regular jumper, one was an obstacle course jumper, one was a slide, and the last one was a jumper with a small slide in it. Connor was a scardy cat. But I guess what's new. Taylor on the other hand - CRAZY. =) She loved the obstacle course. I had to go through it 4 times with her! The first time, I tried to take all three kids. Emily and Connor bailed after the first little climb. Taylor would cry when I wasn't right with her but as soon as I had her again, she was fine. We finally made it all the way to the final climb and slide. It was probably a good 8 foot climb where I'm trying to push her up and Kaylee is at the top waiting to hold her and take her down the slide. That was interesting. But she LOVED it. So much so that she ran to get on it again and never looked back. Didn't care if I was right there was trying to get through it all herself. We finally got Emily to do it the last time we went through. She liked it. Connor never did it. We also did the slide. Kaylee took Taylor down it and I took Emily. Connor would not go. Oh well.

Then last weekend was our camping trip. It was a nice weekend. It was warm but not too hot. It ended up just being our family with our friends Gina and Curtis coming out Saturday for the day. It was very nice. Of course, the kids did not end up napping on Saturday. Not fun! At least trying to get them to nap was NOT fun. They actually did pretty good all day despite the no naps. Of course at the end of the day, Taylor was SO tired she fell asleep watching Dora in the chair with Connor. (I have a pic!). And Emily went right to sleep once she laid done. So it was a very nice weekend.

This weekend, Surbjit's cousin is in town from Australia. She came over last night and I got to meet her and the kids got to meet her. They didn't like her at all - said VERY sarcastically! They were jumping all over her, having her rock them, playing with her. They didn't want her to leave. =) We told them we'd be spending Saturday with her so they'd get to see her again. It'll be nice since the whole family is going to be together so all the cousins and whatnot can play together!

Preschool is going pretty good. Finally this morning as I was leaving Connor was playing with the other two boys that are there as early as we are. So moving in the right direction. He says he has fun but then he says I'm not crying mommy. It's hard to understand what is going on with that boy! The girls are doing pretty good too. Taylor is a talking machine. She will repeat anything and everything. This morning she asked for yogurt for breakfast so I had to give it to her. =) Emily on the other hand is stubborn and will only say things when SHE wants to. We really need to get her out of that habit. Also for the last two nights, Emily has ended up in our bed. :sigh: Not sure why she is waking up crying but she goes right to sleep in our bed. Of course she has to sleep sideways so it's a little inconvient. Especially when her feet are kicking my face. Hopefully it doesn't happen again tonight. And Taylor every night when we put them to bed, two minutes later is standing in her crib crying. We go in there, she lays down and two minutes later, does it again. Ugh. This keeps going on and on until we finally threaten her and she is fine. Not sure what is up with that but I'm ready to be done with the sleep struggles.

So that's what's been going on in our neck of the woods. Hope you all are doing good and staying cool. It's in the 90's around here (100's yesterday) and really does not feel like fall. I'm ready for some cooler weather!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Way Back When-esday

I know I'm late but better late than never right?!?!

Date: November 26, 2005
Our first family photo!!
Connor: 3 days old

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day at Preschool

It was the kids first day at their new preschool. Connor loved it. No problem from him at all. Yeah!! Emily wouldn't leave my arms at first. Then she was fine, Then Taylor kept crying everytime I'd put her down. I ended up staying at their preschool for 1 1/2 hours. Then I left. Taylor cried. But I guess she was fine after about 5 mins. That was good to hear. She did cry when they went outside to play but Miss Olympia (their teacher) said it was because she was inside cleaning up and she didn't see her. As soon as Miss O came outside, she was fine. And I guess the only time Emily cried was when she got knocked down by some boys on the playground that were running (where they weren't supposed to be). But she was fine.

AND, they took naps with no binkies!!! Wahoo!! This means, no binkies for naps at home anymore either. So hopefully within the next month or two we will be binkie free!! So needless to say I've been crying all day and they were fine. LOL! So hopefully tomorrow will go smoother and so on, as the days go by. Let's hope the girls don't freak when I leave tomorrow.

Making lunches for everyone isn't as bad as I was imagining. I'm taking the easy route right now though and doing sandwich, fruit and chips or crackers for everyone. We'll see how that lasts. I know I have more options but for right now, easy is what I need!
I tried to do pictures today before we left. Connor wouldn't cooperate and the girls didn't want to stand next to each other. Trying to get pictures at the preschool, HA! Didn't even attempt (although there were other parents I saw taking pictures! Maybe next year). But I keep thinking shoot, if this was bad this year, I'm going to be a wreck when Connor goes to kindergarten next year!!! Ugh.
Taylor's first day of preschool!


Connor wanted me to take a picture of him hiding!
Emily ready to go wanting to turn the TV off!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Mobile blogging

Let's see if this works. This was taken when we were at Chuck E Cheese
last Sunday.

Last Day of Daycare

Today is a bittersweet day. (As I have tears forming in my eyes). I will not be dropping the kids off at two different daycares anymore. Today was the last day of that. Jackie and Pratima will definitely be missed!! I know they will miss the kids too. This morning was a lot of trying to hold back the tears (for the adults not the kids!) Although I have a feeling Taylor knew something was up because she was hesitant to go in yesterday and today. Jackie offered to babysit if we ever needed it. We may just have to take her up on that offer. I know she would love to see the girls again (as well as her whole family would like to see them again). And she is just 3 blocks from our house. =)

I guess Surbjit got two envelopes from Michaels' mommy yesterday when he picked up Connor. Not only did she get him the puzzle, but she also got 3 movie tickets to the movie theather by us, but also McD's gift certificates! My goodness. She so did not have to! I also got her number and e-mail (which I had given her mine too) so we will definitely be talking soon! They live in our same school district so keeping in touch is a good thing since I KNOW we will run into them again. =)  And Michael and the twins will be in the same grade I believe so who knows. Maybe they'll be in the same class one of these days.

Well, we have a busy weekend ahead of us. I will definitely share it all as time permits! I hope everyone reading this has a Happy Labor Day!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Connor's Gift

Tomorrow will be bittersweet. It'll be the last day the kids go to thier current daycare. I'm sad yet I know it marks a new beginning for them too. Today on the way to Pratima's, I told Connor, only two days left! He said he didn't want to go to his new preschool, he wanted to go to Tima's every day. Ah. I know he will miss her and he will be missed.

When we got to Tima's, the other mom that I am always running into in the morning gave Connor a gift! It was so nice and not necessary! We are always consistently dropping our boys off at the same time. And her son is the twins age but I know Connor loves playing with Michael. We are both in the same school district too so unless we move (highly doubtful!), we'll be running into each other again. Note to self: Write thank you note tonight to give to them tomorrow!

So tomorrow is the last day. They probably don't really "get" it. But they will on Tuesday. Stay tuned for that event! And this weekend is Aria's 1st birthday party. So much fun! I just hope it's not too hot!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Way Back When-sday!!!

I know this is MAINLY the kids blog but hey. I was going BACK in time and I found pictures of when we went to Cancun. Talk about WAY BACK!

Time: June 2004

Me at one of the times in my life I was working out and eating healthy! This was the year before I was pregnant with Connor!

Me and Dh in Cancun.

I hope you enjoyed going Way Back with me. Check out more at: Twinfatuation

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gifts for the Preschool Teachers

Well it's a good thing Jackie and Pratima don't read this or I couldn't share the gifts we are giving them. =) This is the last week that the kids will be going to them before they move on to preschool. It's bittersweet. I know they loved my kids and treated them like their own and they will truely be missed. We will defiintely visit and keep in touch as this is not good riddance,  just see-you later.

Anyway, here are the gifts:

They are both engraved with the following:
For Your Memories
Past, Present & Future
Love, (child's name)
I hope they like it. We truely are blessed that they were in our children's lives and helped to shape and mold them to what they are today. Now onto a new chapter in their lives!