Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

Gosh. I keep wanting to come in here and post but I've just been busy. I even started writing a post and id not get to finish it last week so here I am! :sigh: I have pictures from the last two weekends downloaded to my computer at home so hopefully tonight, I'll get a chance to share!

Let's see. First, we had Kaylee's Birthday party. It was at Pump It Up. An indoor inflatable bounce house mecca I guess you could call it. I was a little dissapointed. They had four "jumpers" - one was a regular jumper, one was an obstacle course jumper, one was a slide, and the last one was a jumper with a small slide in it. Connor was a scardy cat. But I guess what's new. Taylor on the other hand - CRAZY. =) She loved the obstacle course. I had to go through it 4 times with her! The first time, I tried to take all three kids. Emily and Connor bailed after the first little climb. Taylor would cry when I wasn't right with her but as soon as I had her again, she was fine. We finally made it all the way to the final climb and slide. It was probably a good 8 foot climb where I'm trying to push her up and Kaylee is at the top waiting to hold her and take her down the slide. That was interesting. But she LOVED it. So much so that she ran to get on it again and never looked back. Didn't care if I was right there was trying to get through it all herself. We finally got Emily to do it the last time we went through. She liked it. Connor never did it. We also did the slide. Kaylee took Taylor down it and I took Emily. Connor would not go. Oh well.

Then last weekend was our camping trip. It was a nice weekend. It was warm but not too hot. It ended up just being our family with our friends Gina and Curtis coming out Saturday for the day. It was very nice. Of course, the kids did not end up napping on Saturday. Not fun! At least trying to get them to nap was NOT fun. They actually did pretty good all day despite the no naps. Of course at the end of the day, Taylor was SO tired she fell asleep watching Dora in the chair with Connor. (I have a pic!). And Emily went right to sleep once she laid done. So it was a very nice weekend.

This weekend, Surbjit's cousin is in town from Australia. She came over last night and I got to meet her and the kids got to meet her. They didn't like her at all - said VERY sarcastically! They were jumping all over her, having her rock them, playing with her. They didn't want her to leave. =) We told them we'd be spending Saturday with her so they'd get to see her again. It'll be nice since the whole family is going to be together so all the cousins and whatnot can play together!

Preschool is going pretty good. Finally this morning as I was leaving Connor was playing with the other two boys that are there as early as we are. So moving in the right direction. He says he has fun but then he says I'm not crying mommy. It's hard to understand what is going on with that boy! The girls are doing pretty good too. Taylor is a talking machine. She will repeat anything and everything. This morning she asked for yogurt for breakfast so I had to give it to her. =) Emily on the other hand is stubborn and will only say things when SHE wants to. We really need to get her out of that habit. Also for the last two nights, Emily has ended up in our bed. :sigh: Not sure why she is waking up crying but she goes right to sleep in our bed. Of course she has to sleep sideways so it's a little inconvient. Especially when her feet are kicking my face. Hopefully it doesn't happen again tonight. And Taylor every night when we put them to bed, two minutes later is standing in her crib crying. We go in there, she lays down and two minutes later, does it again. Ugh. This keeps going on and on until we finally threaten her and she is fine. Not sure what is up with that but I'm ready to be done with the sleep struggles.

So that's what's been going on in our neck of the woods. Hope you all are doing good and staying cool. It's in the 90's around here (100's yesterday) and really does not feel like fall. I'm ready for some cooler weather!!

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