Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day at Preschool

It was the kids first day at their new preschool. Connor loved it. No problem from him at all. Yeah!! Emily wouldn't leave my arms at first. Then she was fine, Then Taylor kept crying everytime I'd put her down. I ended up staying at their preschool for 1 1/2 hours. Then I left. Taylor cried. But I guess she was fine after about 5 mins. That was good to hear. She did cry when they went outside to play but Miss Olympia (their teacher) said it was because she was inside cleaning up and she didn't see her. As soon as Miss O came outside, she was fine. And I guess the only time Emily cried was when she got knocked down by some boys on the playground that were running (where they weren't supposed to be). But she was fine.

AND, they took naps with no binkies!!! Wahoo!! This means, no binkies for naps at home anymore either. So hopefully within the next month or two we will be binkie free!! So needless to say I've been crying all day and they were fine. LOL! So hopefully tomorrow will go smoother and so on, as the days go by. Let's hope the girls don't freak when I leave tomorrow.

Making lunches for everyone isn't as bad as I was imagining. I'm taking the easy route right now though and doing sandwich, fruit and chips or crackers for everyone. We'll see how that lasts. I know I have more options but for right now, easy is what I need!
I tried to do pictures today before we left. Connor wouldn't cooperate and the girls didn't want to stand next to each other. Trying to get pictures at the preschool, HA! Didn't even attempt (although there were other parents I saw taking pictures! Maybe next year). But I keep thinking shoot, if this was bad this year, I'm going to be a wreck when Connor goes to kindergarten next year!!! Ugh.
Taylor's first day of preschool!


Connor wanted me to take a picture of him hiding!
Emily ready to go wanting to turn the TV off!

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