Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, I keep writing posts in my head but I never seem to come here and actually post. I keep saying I'll wait for the pictures but right now we have had the sickies invade our house so who knows when I'll get a chance to post pictures. So let's do one day at a time. =)

Well, unfortunately Taylor had a fever on the 23rd and we got a call from preschool saying she was falling asleep and had a fever. So they gave her tylenol and let her sleep. I guess when she woke up, she was fine so they never called me back and Surbjit picked her up at normal time. I don't remember if she had a fever later that night but definitely Christmas Eve morning, she had a fever. Luckily I was already off that day and I was going to spend it with the kids, making cookies for Santa and appetizers and dips for us to enjoy all day. Well, Taylor decided to nap all morning and Connor and Emily played together (quite well I might add! There wasn't much screaming or yelling going on that morning. It was so nice!!!). I ended up taking Taylor to the doctor and she was diagnosed with a bad chest cold. So not much we can do. Went back home and she napped some more.

While she was napping that afternoon, I ran to the grocery store real quick and then Connor and Emily helped me make chocolate chip cookies. Yum yum!! They turned out so good thanks to my little helpers. I think we will do that every year from now on. =) Bigi also joined us and spent the night. The kids later got to watch Polar Express before going to bed and also got to unwrap ONE present each. All three went to bed in their cool new Christmas PJs and we slept until about 5 am the next morning. Thankfully Taylor did ok that night but she still had a fever on Christmas and was NOT into opening presents!!

Stay Tuned for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Christmas Musical 2009 @ Crescent Ave. Preschool

So the Christmas musical was a HIT! Well, at least I think my kids did awesome! =) There was a little crying but it turned out well!!

Connor in his angel costume:

Taylor in her angel costume

Emily in her angel costume

Connor sitting down getting ready to go perform with his class.

Connor walking into the church. He saw us sitting there and waved and said hi. =) I didn't really get a picture of the girls. Taylor had started crying and I didn't want her to see us for fear she'd want to stay with us. Emily was FINE. Taylor stopped crying when they got on stage and things settled down a bit. That was more than I could say for this one girl who cried throughout the ENTIRE musical. =( Poor thing! There was even another boy that the parents ended up taking out about 1/2 way through the performance.

Connor getting ready to do his speaking part. He did awesome! Very loud and CLEAR.

Emily with her teacher Miss O. She LOVES Miss O. =) She was supposed to be on the OTHER side of the stage with her sister and other teacher Miss Gina but apparantly she had a mind of her own. =( =D

Taylor with Miss Gina (where Emily was supposed to be too!). Taylor loves Miss Gina so it works out good with the girls having the two teachers! =)

Connor standing at the back. He must be a tall one to be put in the back. =)

When he noticed Daddy taking a picture (at this point all the kids were just standing on stage and the parents were like paparazzi standing in front taking pictures!!!!) he had to be his funny self. Of course, he was goofing around with Connor W (the boy next to him) during the performance too. But he sang and did mostly what he was supposed to do!



And as part of their festivities, they had tables set up for each classroom. They asked parents to donate baked goods and holiday crafts for sale with the proceeds benefitting the classroom. These were the cookies, peanut krackle, fudge and brownies that I made!

It was a good night and we were able to share it with Bigi, Uncle TJ, Auntie Debbie and Mona. Plus we were lucky to have Jackie, Brian and Grant there too!(They are the twins old daycare providers - well Jackie is. Brian and Grant are her sons). Uncle Harjinder and Aria were supposed to join us too but unfortunately Aria got sick so they had to pass. No worries! We taped the whole performance (well almost all of it!) and I will try and make copies for everyone's enjoyment! I know the kids had a blast and really had fun. I think I have some blossoming singers, dancers, and actors on my hands. =D

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Musical

Tonight is the kids Christmas Musical. I'm so excited to see them dance and sing. The last couple days I've been asking the girls if they dance and sing in it and to show me. They start singing softly and moving their arms in movements. It's too cute!! Connor even has a speaking part! He's had it memorized since basically the first day. He even knows the girl's part before his.

It was too cute this morning I was talking to the girls about their musical and how much fun they are going to have singing and dancing. Then I mentioned brother having a speaking part and Emily said she wanted a speaking part too. =) So I said his line to them and Taylor and Emily repeated it to me. So cute! Not that they could memorize something this young but maybe next year!

We are definitely going to videotape it. It's supposed to be a short program and then they have a Holiday Boutique afterwards. They asked the parents to bring Holiday crafts and/or baked goods so I made a bunch of baked goods this past weekend (cookies, peanut krackle, fudge and brownies). Each classroom has a table and the proceeds from the sale go back to that classroom. Apparently they are even going to have crafts the kids made for sale to their parents. =)

Connor was so excited this morning and kept asking who was coming. He was so excited to hear that Bigi, Uncle and Aria were going to be there. He kept telling his teacher this morning that his cousins would be there. He asked if his Aunties and Mona would be there but I couldn't tell him for sure and didn't want him disappointed if they didn't show up because it sounded like he really wanted everyone there. Whoever doesn't end up making it, we'll have it on video!! =) Hopefully I can figure out a way to take bits and pieces out to share with everyone because I doubt I'll be able to upload the whole thing to the Internet. It'll be too big a file. But stay tuned. I'll definitely have pictures to share!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Decorating

The kids helped us put up the Christmas lights outside in the front yard.

And they helped me decorate the tree inside. (Well Connor helped and the girls threw ornaments).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We have Annual Passes!!

We just bought annual passes for Knott's Berry Farm for Surbjit, Connor and myself - the twins are still free for another year. =) They were offering a really good deal and we couldn't beat it. All we have to do is go three times and we more than cover it. Yeah!!! So whoever comes out to visit (HINT HINT!) we will probably take you to Knott's one day! =D

The kids

Friday, December 04, 2009

Conversation with Connor this Morning

It was VERY foggy on our drive to preschool:

C: Who made the fog?

M: Well, that's a good question Connor. I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with the temparture being cold and something ...

C (interuppting me): I know Mom! I know who made the fog.

M: Who?

C: The weather guy!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

No Binkies & Big Girl Beds

Well we had a wonderful birthday for Connor & a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with Grandma & Grandpa. But the most noteworthy news is - no more binkies and we are in big girl beds!!! Emily is taking it much better than Taylor. How did this occur you ask? When we got to Grandma & Grandpa's on Tuesday night (like 1 am so more like Wednesday morning), the girls were UP. Well so was Connor but I at least can tell him to lie down. So we played a little and they still had their binkies from the ride and I proceeded to tell them that Grandma does not allow binkies in her house. They immediately took them out of their mouths and handed them to me. And that was the end. It was not smooth. Still isn't as Taylor keeps waking up. At least now she is asking for her blanket instead of a binkie.

Of course, when we got home Saturday night, as soon as we put them in their cribs they cried for their binkies. We did not give in and they went to bed within about 10 mins. (They were tired!). So Sunday morning we switched their beds to toddler beds and they are big girls now and don't need their binkies!! So far it's kinda working. I just need to figure out how to get Taylor to calm herself down and QUIT waking up in the middle of the night. I think I need to hit the store and buy two toddler sheet/comforter sets so I can tuck them in and maybe that will help. I can only try right??

Last night Taylor kept waking up every hour. We tried to ignore her but she kept getting louder. Guess why?? She made it into the hallway and took her shirt off.?.? Not sure why. Surbjit asked her what was wrong but she was so worked up it took her awhile to say anything. Finally she said she had to go potty so Surbjit took her to the potty. Did she go? No but she tried. Whatever. Of course this morning she wouldn't wake up. Gee I wonder why she was so tired. Ugh. I hope tonight is better!!!