Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Musical

Tonight is the kids Christmas Musical. I'm so excited to see them dance and sing. The last couple days I've been asking the girls if they dance and sing in it and to show me. They start singing softly and moving their arms in movements. It's too cute!! Connor even has a speaking part! He's had it memorized since basically the first day. He even knows the girl's part before his.

It was too cute this morning I was talking to the girls about their musical and how much fun they are going to have singing and dancing. Then I mentioned brother having a speaking part and Emily said she wanted a speaking part too. =) So I said his line to them and Taylor and Emily repeated it to me. So cute! Not that they could memorize something this young but maybe next year!

We are definitely going to videotape it. It's supposed to be a short program and then they have a Holiday Boutique afterwards. They asked the parents to bring Holiday crafts and/or baked goods so I made a bunch of baked goods this past weekend (cookies, peanut krackle, fudge and brownies). Each classroom has a table and the proceeds from the sale go back to that classroom. Apparently they are even going to have crafts the kids made for sale to their parents. =)

Connor was so excited this morning and kept asking who was coming. He was so excited to hear that Bigi, Uncle and Aria were going to be there. He kept telling his teacher this morning that his cousins would be there. He asked if his Aunties and Mona would be there but I couldn't tell him for sure and didn't want him disappointed if they didn't show up because it sounded like he really wanted everyone there. Whoever doesn't end up making it, we'll have it on video!! =) Hopefully I can figure out a way to take bits and pieces out to share with everyone because I doubt I'll be able to upload the whole thing to the Internet. It'll be too big a file. But stay tuned. I'll definitely have pictures to share!!!

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The Brandt Family said...

They are going to be so cute tonight!! How adorable that your girls will be up there too! Madyson is the only one with the xmas performance....Dayton and Caydon's school took it away this year....how sad, huh?
Have a wonderful time!!