Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An entire month!

What's up with that?!?! Bad bad me. Ok, well first of all, Connor. =) He is doing pretty well. He has been teething lately and his mouth has been bothering him but other than that, everything is going good. I just feel sorry for the poor guy. I can only imagine how his mouth must feel. In other news, at daycare he has taken a nap like a big boy with the rest of the kids. =) Momma is so proud. No more cages for him. Well maybe not all the time because that boy will not sit still but he is growing up. I have to say he LOVES water. It's probably a good thing we do not have a pool. I can imagine him at the edge of the pool dipping his hand or foot in and falling in. Not a good idea!!! But we do have a kiddie pool for this summer that we can splash and play in. I know he'll have fun. And we have a water table for him that he already loves to play with. That boy and water. =)

In other news - I guess I'm going to have to change the name of this blog. It will no longer be Connor's life but Connor and his two siblings lives! Yup you heard me right. I am pregnant with TWINS!!!! We are shocked but happy. I never pictured myself with three kids but I guess someone else has other plans for us. =) I am due December 4th although I doubt I will go that long. I guess time will tell. Well that's about it here in this household. Hopefully I'll be able to update sooner than a month! Sorry!!!! :Blush: