Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For my newer readers . . .

I just want to clarify (since my hubby said you probably think we tent camp) that we own a motorhome. That was the only way he was going to get this girl to go camping!

Here is our motorhome. It's a 33' Class A. We have 2 slides which make the room inside wider than a normal 8 feet that you drive down the road. I have a bathroom, shower, A/C, heat and most important Satellite TV. (Ok the Satellite isn't THAT important but it sure is NICE!).

Those were pictures from our camping trip three weeks ago. This is the ONLY way I would ever go camping with three small children. Connor was 6 weeks old on his first ever camping trip. The twins were 3 months old on theirs. We had thought about taking them out when they were 6 weeks old (it would have been for New Years) but their brother decided to share his cold with them and they were both sick so we decided not to go and waited another 8 weeks.

So there you have it. That is how I camp with three kids. =)

Monday, March 30, 2009

And Here We Go Again

We are going camping again . . . this coming weekend. So for those that keep track, that is 3 camping trips in the span of 4 weeks. Are we crazy - yes. But we pay for that sucker so why not use it!! Plus the kids LOVE to be outside and Connor loves camping so why not. I'm sure if the girls could tell me, they would say they love camping too. Well, Emily for sure. The jury is still out with Taylor. I'm sure she likes it but that girl is one headstrong chick!

In more Taylor news, I guess you could say she is walking. She will walk here and there. It was actually funny on Saturday we were in the living room and she was standing next to the ottoman. Next thing we know she is walking 5 or 6 steps and is at the couch! We both looked at each other and then started clapping and saying YEAH TAYLOR!!! She is getting more into wanting to walk. I showed her how to push those push toys when we were outside and she kept walking all over the place. Before when I would show her, she was very disinterested. Now she wants to walk so maybe we are finally over that hurdle. I will be ecstatic when she is FULLY walking. I think it will make her much happier too!!!

Well maybe tonight I'll share the pictures from our last camping trip. I still haven't downloaded them from the camera. But I'm getting home early today and tomorrow since Surbjit is off work (darn those city workers and the ONE holiday I DON'T get being a county worker) so he is taking the kids to daycare. Nice for them since they don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn (well actually before the crack of dawn!). Next week I am off all week with the twins since their daycare is closed. I will keep Connor home on Monday, Tuesday is their doctor appts so Connor will go to daycare that day and the rest of the week I'll play by ear. I'm hoping the week is beautiful weather!

Wild Harvest Organic Review

So I'm a member of SheKnows Message Board 100 Moms Club. Basically we get free products to try out and review. How fun!! So my first package was a box of snack products from Wild Harvest Organic. Here is my review:

I tried out several of the wild harvest organic products and was very pleased with almost all of them. Let’s first start out with kid friendly items!

We tried the Honey Graham Teddy Bear Cookies. Very similar to the Teddy Grahams that I’m sure most people are familiar with. These cookies were a little smaller than those. The little size makes it perfect for little hands to enjoy. My twins GOBBLED these down. They were definitely a hit with them.

The next item we tried were the juice drinks. We tried Strawberry Kiwi and Wild Cherry. Although the Strawberry Kiwi was good (but in my mind you have to like that combination; if you are even on the fence, you will probably not like it), the Wild Cherry was delicious. It was just the right flavor and at 60 calories for the pouch, not bad nutrition wise either. I also like the fact that there is no high fructose corn syrup in these juice drinks. There is 15g of sugar in the pouch which is actually a little less than most juices. I was not able to see the ingredients since we only received the juice pouch itself but I would definitely buy these over the Capri Sun. Also, the juice is not colored, it’s a clear juice even though it’s a “dark” juice which means it won’t stain clothes or furniture as easily as a dark colored juice. The only downfall in these pouches were trying to put the straw into the hole. It's not really a hole it's more like a silver scratch on the pouch. I actually thought they were harder to put in than a Capri Sun.

We also tried the Butter Style Golden Round Crackers. I was VERY disappointed in the packaging of this item. They are basically ritz style crackers in a big bag in the box. More than 1/3 of the box was broken. I’m not sure if it was due to the shipment but I can’t imagine them not mostly being broken due to the packaging. I also fed these to the kids with cream cheese on top (and without). My three year old and twin one year olds both liked them both ways. The crackers have a buttery taste to them which makes them taste really good. They would be a great crumb topping to most casseroles.

The final product we were able to try this weekend was the Vanilla Crème Sandwich Cookies. These were just YUM! I did not feed them to the kids because dh and I ate them all. The crème in the middle was the perfect amount for the cookie. The cookie themselves had a nice crisp vanilla cookie taste. These cookies are also perfect if you are the type of person that likes to break apart the cookie and eat the crème first. The crème did not stick to both sides. I was able to eat all the crème and save the cookie for last.

I was actually very impressed with all the wild organic products. I’ve seen them in my grocery store and advertised and will definitely look to buy these products.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Giveaway Winner

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Congratulations ~Momma to Twin Girls~!!!! I'll contact you for your address!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

And so today . . .

end the Ultimate Blog Party 2009. I had fun! Met quite a few people! Still need to check out some blogs and definitely found some new ones to keep tabs on. I hope you had as much fun as I did!! And don't forget . . you still have until 5pm PDT today to enter my giveaway. Really good odds of winning as there are only 3 entries so far!!! =) Check it out HERE.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back from Camping

I'm home with the kids today. They are all napping right now (well supposed to be napping. I hear Taylor talking in there!). Wouldn't you know I came down with a cold and feel miserable. Ugh. Not really able to rest today since I have all the kids at home either. But we've been playing and relaxing in the house so that is helping.

Just wanted to say we are back. We had a good time although the wind picked up towards the end. It was a little scary coming home because of the wind but we did good. And the kids had a blast! This was one of the BEST camping trips we've had. =) I'll share pictures when I get the camera out of the motorhome ( i think that's the only thing I've forgetton in there. Whoops!) Got some good pictures of the kids.

Well I better go take a shower and then grab a nap while I can!

My very first GIVEAWAY!!

WOO HOO! What better way to celebrate a party than to have a giveaway?!? So I am giving away a copy of Kate Gosselin's book: Multiple Blessings. Being a fellow mother of multiples I love their show on TLC and I just had to read this book. As crazy as my life gets sometimes with twins and a singleton, it will NEVER be as crazy as Twins and Sextuplets. It grounds me to watch their show. If I've had a rough day, or the kids are wearing me out, I can think of Jon and Kate and realize how crazy it COULD be!

Rules for the giveaway:

1. You must be in the U.S.

2. Leave a comment below saying you'd like to be entered in the giveaway.

3. For an extra entry blog about the giveaway. Make sure you leave a link so I can verify!

The giveaway will end Friday March 27th @ 5pm PDT. GOOD LUCK!!!

Hope you are meeting new people and enjoying the party as much as I am!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Going Camping

We are going camping this weekend! I hope the weather holds out. In the desert it is supposed to be 85 on Saturday and then 65 on Sunday. Talk about a DRASTIC change in the weather. Maybe miss Taylor will finally start walking.

Welcome UBP introduction . . .

Since there are simply HUNDREDS of participants in the UBP I thought I'd introduce myself. =)

Sit back and enjoy a little cup of hot cocoa (sorry I'm not a coffee fan!) and let me tell you a little something about myself. ;) My name is Heather and I am married to my high school sweetheart. We will have been married for 11 years this coming July. WOO HOO! I can't say it's all been peaches and creme but it has been an adventure. More good than bad. =D We have three children. Our son Connor who is 3 and twin daughters Taylor and Emily who are 1. They are actually almost exactly 2 years apart. What can I say. I know how to plan? I also work full-time outside the house and so does my dh. Life is definitely challenging with three kids under 3 (I guess I can only say that for a little longer huh?) but it has it rewards.

Please feel free to ask any questions! I will try to answer them all. I'm also going to be doing a giveaway next week so check back. Hopefully I'll have it up by Monday but no guarantees. We are going camping this weekend (leaving tonight) and will not be back until Sunday night so I'll be gone this weekend. But feel free to browse around and here is a cookie to enjoy!

Enjoy the Blog Party! Hope to meet lots of great NEW people!!!

The ULTIMATE Blog Party is HERE!!!!

WOO HOO!! I did this a couple years ago and then you know I got pregnant and such and life just got the better of me. What can I say. But this year I remembered and you are all welcome to join me. YEAH!!!

There is lots going on and lots o' PRIZES too so check it out!

It has taken me all week to go through the prizes but here are my top 3:

#58 - Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer giving away by MomsWhoThink
#14 - $43 in Scentsy products by Andrea Hatfield
USC 11 — See Kai Run baby/toddler shoes

If those are already taken, the following are other prizes I'd like:

19, 21, 22, 28, 38, 99, 49, USC 10, 113, 119, 123, INTL 49, 73 or any gift certificates that are being offered! There are SO many prizes there will be HUNDREDS of winners! I hope I'm one and I hope you are TOO!!! =)

I'll be back shortly to introduce myself.

Check out my Giveaway HERE.

Check out my Introduction HERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Connor has a Heart of Gold

Yesterday as I was getting dinner ready Connor had this Santa hat that he had been wearing. He was asking for a hat on Sunday and somehow he asked for a Santa hat and just coincidentally I had one in his drawer that I got from a coworker. So I gave it to him.

Well yesterday he had it and he looks at me and says:

C: Who bought that?
M: My coworker, well my friend (not sure he would understand the term coworker).
C: Is your friend coming over, I want to tell your friend thank you for the hat.

WOW. I guess saying please and thank you is getting into that thick skull of his.

Monday, March 16, 2009


So we were home after our camping trip yesterday afternoon and I was playing with the kids. Taylor was on my lap and I was making her laugh. I glanced inside her teeth and thought I saw white on the back gum area of her bottom right. I'm like hmm. . . am I seeing things? So I stick my finger in there (very dangerous these days!) and sure enough. She has a molar that poked through! So I tell Surbjit and he's like are there anymore? So I stick my finger back in there. Not on the bottom on the otherside but BOTH tops (one on each side) I can feel! Yikes!!! Never even realized (except for the excessive drool that is so UNLIKE Taylor lately).

ANOTHER video of Emily riding a quad

Pictures from San Mateo

We'll start off with the cuties:

Taylor & Emily waiting to go on our walk.

Connor climbing the trees in between the campsites

Our campsite

The back of the campsites

Walking over to Gina & Curtis' campsite (right next to ours)

Gina & Curtis' campsite (that's our motorhome you see)

Daddy & Taylor

Daddy & Emily

Going for a walk

Playing at the campground

Connor & Braeden's new friend Logun

Camping at San Mateo Campground

So we went camping this past weekend to San Mateo. It was pretty decent weather. We all ran around with sweatshirts all weekend but it wasn't windy and it was fine for the girls to be out in so I call that a good weekend!

We left the house around 7pm and pulled into camp at 8pm. This campground is DARK. Thankfully our friends were already there so Curtis helped Surbjit to back up without hitting a pole while I kept the kids quiet. Why the campgrounds feel the need to have wooden poles around them I will never know. It makes it difficult for those with slides to make sure we have room to pull the slides out. Not to mention as we walked out the door we had one directly to our right that could impale us if we stepped off the stair the wrong way.

So anyway, we got camp set up and Connor went outside to play with Braeden while we set up inside. Bigi was able to come with us this trip too so she played with the cranky girls (since they did NOT want to sleep on the way there) until we set up the beds and put them to bed.

Saturday came bright and early (why won't my children sleep in???) and we woke up, ate breakfast and headed outside. We went walking around the campground and enjoyed being outside. Braeden and Connor befriended the 3 yr old boy that was camping next to us and was able to play with him a lot of the weekend. That is the nice thing about camping at a campground. The kids usually find new friends to play with. =) The girls went down for a nap and them and Mommy (and Bigi!) got to sleep for about 3 hours. It was what mommy needed to feel refreshed!

Went back outside and was able to play in the back area behind the motorhome that was all grass. The only "bad" thing about this campground is you are 1 1/2 miles from the beach. So we did not see the beach at all this weekend nor did we see the ocean even. Oh well. The kids were able to ride their bikes and play in the trees and grass around the campsites so that was all that mattered. We were only there for basically 1 1/2 days anyway.

Sunday shone nice and sunny (of course, the best day is ALWAYS the day we are leaving). So we hung out most of the morning, ate lunch and then headed home.

Very nice weekend camping trip. And we are doing it all again this coming weekend. We are going to the desert though this time. Leaving Friday night and will come home Sunday after dinner. The weather is supposed to be WONDERFUL so let's hope it stays that way!

A Beautiful Slideshow

Check it out: Here

Friday, March 13, 2009

Car Seats

There is a whole car seat saga that I've been meaning to write about and just haven't had the time. :sigh: So what better time than now. =)

I've been putting off moving the girls from their infant car seats. I mean come on. With a 3 year old and 2 one year olds it was just EASIER. I didn't have to worry about any of them running off or trying to figure out how to get everyone to the car (especially since Taylor is NOT walking). But we knew we would have to sooner or later. So we looked. The only car seats that will fit three across in my 2001 Dodge Durango is the Sunshine Kids Radian. We already have two for Connor (one in my car, one in Surbjit's car). We do like them, Connor seems comfortable etc. So we went on the lookout. We found them on sale with no shipping and no sales tax from HipMonkey. This store was created by Kyle David Millers Mom to raise money for the foundation she created in memory of her son. For those that don't know the story, her son was basically killed in a car accident while he was in a booster. Had he been in a 5 point harness car seat, he probably would have survived. This foundation helps lower income families afford the often high priced higher weight limit 5 point harness car seats. This store that she created, all proceeds go to the foundation.

Great I thought! It's on sale PLUS no shipping, no tax. They were back ordered 1-2 weeks but we didn't need them soon so no problem. So we forked out the dough for 4 car seats (2 for my car, 2 for Surbjit's). Two days later, they called me up and said they were having a problem with Sunshine kids and they did not know when they would get the delivery. But if I wanted, I could upgrade to the Radian 80. So I talked with Surbjit who was reluctant to upgrade because he wanted all car seats to be matching. Except if we could get the Princess cover because then it would make sense not to have matching car seats. I called them back and told her my concerns. She said that she only had the Monaco (heck no! It's a LIGHT beige. It'll look dirty in a day!) or the SuperCool. I asked if it would match the granite and she said yes but it would look different as it's a different shade of gray. I asked to think about it and I would get back to her over the weekend (this occurred on Friday). So I e-mailed and called on Monday and said we'd take the SuperCool. That's when she told me she only had 3. Well that's a problem. I need 4. So she would talk to her boss as they were changing warehouses etc etc.

Long story short and three weeks later, I received an e-mail from hipmonkey saying they were getting their shipment from Sunshine Kids and I could pick whatever radian I wanted. =) I of course, picked the Princess. So all in all I was very satisfied with hipmonkey. They were able to work with me and keep me in the loop concerning their back order status with Sunshine Kids. They were able to come to a great resolution for me and they are really supporting a great cause! If I need baby items in the future I will definitely order through them.

We received the car seats last Thursday. We still haven't had a chance to install them as we are busy getting ready to go camping. I was really hoping Taylor would start walking so I wouldn't have to carry her and walk Emily to the car at the same time as I'm trying to lock the door in the mornings. =( Guess that won't be happening. It sucks too because it's pitch black in the mornings now because of the time change. Oh well. It's time for them to switch car seats. Now the question is forward or backward facing. . . .

Going Camping - Going Camping

We are headed out to go camping this weekend. Heading out to San Onofre State Beach - San Mateo Campground. We are camping with three other families I believe. We know the one family well, we go camping with them all the time. The other two families are friends of Gina & Curtis'. We've camped with the one family before but not the other. Should be fun. Bigi is coming along with us so we have a one to one ratio with the kids this weekend! YEAH!! A bonus in my eyes for sure. =) Maybe we can get Taylor to start walking on her own - that LAZY girl.

Emily is better. No fever since Monday. Taylor has had quite the cough and they both have runny noses. Gotta love this time of year with the weather changes. We will be in the 60's this weekend but by Wednesday it will be in the 80's. Can't summer just get here already?!?

As if we weren't busy enough, we are going camping yet AGAIN next weekend. So stayed tuned for more pics. I really need to get someone to take pictures of the five of us together. I don't do that enough. Plus I need more pictures of daddy and the kids and mommy and the kids. Usually the pictures are just the kids. That needs to change.

So anyway, I know I haven't been great this past month on updates. I'll try and do better!! I always have thoughts in my head just don't get a chance to get on here and write them down. Maybe I'll start carrying a little notebook to jot things down in. Well, wish us good weather this weekend. It's supposed to be in the low 60's at the beach but hopefully the sun will shine!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Train Ride, A Petting Zoo, Time Change & A Fever

Well, we were a busy little family last weekend. As a reward for Connor getting potty trained I said we could go on a train ride. Well, yes it's been awhile but we are busy busy people what can I say. So we FINALLY were able to get that train ride in. We took the Metrolink to San Juan Capistrano. Right next to the train station is a petting zoo called Zoomar's. It was so much fun!!! We spend 2 hours there and could have easily spent more. It's not that big but they have a TON of stuff to do. They have a little train to ride. They have horse/pony rides. They have lots of animals to pet and feed - guinea pigs, bunnies, cow, turtle, geese, birds, emus, pigs, goats and baby ponys. They even have a little play area with two swing sets for the kids to play in. Very nice set up and less than a 1/2 mile from the train station.

Then we headed over to Ruby's to eat lunch. After lunch we still have about 1 1/2 hours to kill before the train ride home so we walked around the historic part of San Juan. It was really beautiful and peaceful there. Surbjit said he enjoyed the day because he didn't have to worry about driving or parking. That was nice. The only un-nice thing of the whole day - Our train was running an HOUR BEHIND schedule due to mechanical difficulties. Ugh. Oh well. The girls were not happy about it. Connor didn't care as we got to see about 4 trains come in and out of the station while we were waiting. You should have seen the look on his face every time the trains whistle blew. It was too cute! Of course by the time our train got there, Emily just wanted to walk. So I spend the entire hour of the train ride back home walking with her and Connor up and around the metrolink car. I'm sure the people were tired of seeing us every few minutes. But it was better than hearing a screaming child!!!

Then the time change happened. I HATE the time change. Well I like it in the evening! But it's pitch black now when I'm taking the girls and Connor to daycare. It's so weird! I know it will start lightening up but it's weird. Everyone has been extremely tired. Although after our adventure on Saturday I'm sure that would make anyone tired! But then Emily decided to go and get a fever. It started Sunday afternoon. I stayed home with her yesterday. This morning it was gone but you could still tell she was tired. They all went to daycare with instructions to call Surbjit if anything happens. I think she is teething plus she got no nap on Saturday and then the time change. If only that little girl didn't need to be in the middle of everything she could nap and be refreshed! =)

So that was our exciting weekend. I'll be e-mailing pictures out to everyone so stay tuned!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

We couldn't have asked for a more PERFECT weekend!! The temps were in the high 80's both Saturday and Sunday and I have learned Emily and Connor LOVE being outside. Especially Emily. If she could, she'd put her own socks and shoes on, open up the door and go outside. =) I have a feeling we'll be outside most of this summer!

Saturday Surbjit worked (OT at his new job! Not something that happens often but nice for extra money! =) ) so I had the kids to myself. They of course did not want to sleep in and we were up at 6:30am. We played inside for awhile:

And then headed outside to run around and enjoy. I know when Connor was younger is seemed that all we did was buy him toys for outside that hardly got used. Well, it's a good thing we did!!! With three kids running all over the place, we have more than enough (ok - there is never TOO much!) to go around. Bigi then called and said Uncle Harjinder, Aunt Edith, Aria and her were going to the Farmer's Market at the mall so we decided to join them. It was a nice leisurely walk. It's not too big, just the right size with some people selling fruit, veggies, crafts and some GREAT smelling food! Then we headed back home and everyone took a nap.

Surbjit made it home from work and the kids started slowly waking up. Emily woke up first and enjoyed reading a book with Daddy:

Then Taylor woke up, then Connor so we all decided to go outside and play some more. =)

Emily behind the bubbles

Taylor enjoying the water table!

Emily riding the quad! Surprised? ;)~p

So after an afternoon of playing outside - our friends Romy & Jeff and their daughter Katrina came over to hang out, play and visit. The twins went down for bed a little before 7am. Connor and Katrina played non-stop and the adults got to eat dinner and visit. It was fairly early night (they left by 9pm). The kids were tired and so were us Mommy's. I was falling asleep on the couch! But they didn't leave before we got this pic of Connor and Katrina together:

Sunday was another fun filled day. We all went and played outside in the morning and then had Gabby's birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Taylor & Emily use to go to daycare with Gabby before she started preschool. It was fun afternoon filled with a jumper, games and of course birthday cupcakes which Connor LOVED. Oh yeah and a balloon animal maker. She was awesome! Connor got an alligator that looked just like it! So cool.
So it was a great weekend filled with lots of great weather and lots of things to do! We sure did not get bored!