Monday, March 02, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

We couldn't have asked for a more PERFECT weekend!! The temps were in the high 80's both Saturday and Sunday and I have learned Emily and Connor LOVE being outside. Especially Emily. If she could, she'd put her own socks and shoes on, open up the door and go outside. =) I have a feeling we'll be outside most of this summer!

Saturday Surbjit worked (OT at his new job! Not something that happens often but nice for extra money! =) ) so I had the kids to myself. They of course did not want to sleep in and we were up at 6:30am. We played inside for awhile:

And then headed outside to run around and enjoy. I know when Connor was younger is seemed that all we did was buy him toys for outside that hardly got used. Well, it's a good thing we did!!! With three kids running all over the place, we have more than enough (ok - there is never TOO much!) to go around. Bigi then called and said Uncle Harjinder, Aunt Edith, Aria and her were going to the Farmer's Market at the mall so we decided to join them. It was a nice leisurely walk. It's not too big, just the right size with some people selling fruit, veggies, crafts and some GREAT smelling food! Then we headed back home and everyone took a nap.

Surbjit made it home from work and the kids started slowly waking up. Emily woke up first and enjoyed reading a book with Daddy:

Then Taylor woke up, then Connor so we all decided to go outside and play some more. =)

Emily behind the bubbles

Taylor enjoying the water table!

Emily riding the quad! Surprised? ;)~p

So after an afternoon of playing outside - our friends Romy & Jeff and their daughter Katrina came over to hang out, play and visit. The twins went down for bed a little before 7am. Connor and Katrina played non-stop and the adults got to eat dinner and visit. It was fairly early night (they left by 9pm). The kids were tired and so were us Mommy's. I was falling asleep on the couch! But they didn't leave before we got this pic of Connor and Katrina together:

Sunday was another fun filled day. We all went and played outside in the morning and then had Gabby's birthday party to go to in the afternoon. Taylor & Emily use to go to daycare with Gabby before she started preschool. It was fun afternoon filled with a jumper, games and of course birthday cupcakes which Connor LOVED. Oh yeah and a balloon animal maker. She was awesome! Connor got an alligator that looked just like it! So cool.
So it was a great weekend filled with lots of great weather and lots of things to do! We sure did not get bored!

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joannabug said...

Your family is so precious! I love their grins, you can tell just from the pictures what happy, well-loved kids they are. The ones of your three littles together, Emily on the couch, and Taylor splashing in the water are my favorites.