Monday, March 16, 2009

Camping at San Mateo Campground

So we went camping this past weekend to San Mateo. It was pretty decent weather. We all ran around with sweatshirts all weekend but it wasn't windy and it was fine for the girls to be out in so I call that a good weekend!

We left the house around 7pm and pulled into camp at 8pm. This campground is DARK. Thankfully our friends were already there so Curtis helped Surbjit to back up without hitting a pole while I kept the kids quiet. Why the campgrounds feel the need to have wooden poles around them I will never know. It makes it difficult for those with slides to make sure we have room to pull the slides out. Not to mention as we walked out the door we had one directly to our right that could impale us if we stepped off the stair the wrong way.

So anyway, we got camp set up and Connor went outside to play with Braeden while we set up inside. Bigi was able to come with us this trip too so she played with the cranky girls (since they did NOT want to sleep on the way there) until we set up the beds and put them to bed.

Saturday came bright and early (why won't my children sleep in???) and we woke up, ate breakfast and headed outside. We went walking around the campground and enjoyed being outside. Braeden and Connor befriended the 3 yr old boy that was camping next to us and was able to play with him a lot of the weekend. That is the nice thing about camping at a campground. The kids usually find new friends to play with. =) The girls went down for a nap and them and Mommy (and Bigi!) got to sleep for about 3 hours. It was what mommy needed to feel refreshed!

Went back outside and was able to play in the back area behind the motorhome that was all grass. The only "bad" thing about this campground is you are 1 1/2 miles from the beach. So we did not see the beach at all this weekend nor did we see the ocean even. Oh well. The kids were able to ride their bikes and play in the trees and grass around the campsites so that was all that mattered. We were only there for basically 1 1/2 days anyway.

Sunday shone nice and sunny (of course, the best day is ALWAYS the day we are leaving). So we hung out most of the morning, ate lunch and then headed home.

Very nice weekend camping trip. And we are doing it all again this coming weekend. We are going to the desert though this time. Leaving Friday night and will come home Sunday after dinner. The weather is supposed to be WONDERFUL so let's hope it stays that way!

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