Monday, March 30, 2009

And Here We Go Again

We are going camping again . . . this coming weekend. So for those that keep track, that is 3 camping trips in the span of 4 weeks. Are we crazy - yes. But we pay for that sucker so why not use it!! Plus the kids LOVE to be outside and Connor loves camping so why not. I'm sure if the girls could tell me, they would say they love camping too. Well, Emily for sure. The jury is still out with Taylor. I'm sure she likes it but that girl is one headstrong chick!

In more Taylor news, I guess you could say she is walking. She will walk here and there. It was actually funny on Saturday we were in the living room and she was standing next to the ottoman. Next thing we know she is walking 5 or 6 steps and is at the couch! We both looked at each other and then started clapping and saying YEAH TAYLOR!!! She is getting more into wanting to walk. I showed her how to push those push toys when we were outside and she kept walking all over the place. Before when I would show her, she was very disinterested. Now she wants to walk so maybe we are finally over that hurdle. I will be ecstatic when she is FULLY walking. I think it will make her much happier too!!!

Well maybe tonight I'll share the pictures from our last camping trip. I still haven't downloaded them from the camera. But I'm getting home early today and tomorrow since Surbjit is off work (darn those city workers and the ONE holiday I DON'T get being a county worker) so he is taking the kids to daycare. Nice for them since they don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn (well actually before the crack of dawn!). Next week I am off all week with the twins since their daycare is closed. I will keep Connor home on Monday, Tuesday is their doctor appts so Connor will go to daycare that day and the rest of the week I'll play by ear. I'm hoping the week is beautiful weather!


jolyn said...

Phew, you are busy! Camping is something that we should do more often, but we had a BAD experience when my daughter was two and haven't been again since. (She's, um, six now.) Just saying "hi" after you stopped by for the party! Oh, and my oldest is a Conner, too! (But with an "e";)

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Wow. Camping again! And with three kids. You are one very brave woman! We love going camping too, but we have not been as a family yet. You're definitely making me think it's possible...but I still don't know if I'm brave enough to attempt it! You are awesome. : )