Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Harvest Organic Review

So I'm a member of SheKnows Message Board 100 Moms Club. Basically we get free products to try out and review. How fun!! So my first package was a box of snack products from Wild Harvest Organic. Here is my review:

I tried out several of the wild harvest organic products and was very pleased with almost all of them. Let’s first start out with kid friendly items!

We tried the Honey Graham Teddy Bear Cookies. Very similar to the Teddy Grahams that I’m sure most people are familiar with. These cookies were a little smaller than those. The little size makes it perfect for little hands to enjoy. My twins GOBBLED these down. They were definitely a hit with them.

The next item we tried were the juice drinks. We tried Strawberry Kiwi and Wild Cherry. Although the Strawberry Kiwi was good (but in my mind you have to like that combination; if you are even on the fence, you will probably not like it), the Wild Cherry was delicious. It was just the right flavor and at 60 calories for the pouch, not bad nutrition wise either. I also like the fact that there is no high fructose corn syrup in these juice drinks. There is 15g of sugar in the pouch which is actually a little less than most juices. I was not able to see the ingredients since we only received the juice pouch itself but I would definitely buy these over the Capri Sun. Also, the juice is not colored, it’s a clear juice even though it’s a “dark” juice which means it won’t stain clothes or furniture as easily as a dark colored juice. The only downfall in these pouches were trying to put the straw into the hole. It's not really a hole it's more like a silver scratch on the pouch. I actually thought they were harder to put in than a Capri Sun.

We also tried the Butter Style Golden Round Crackers. I was VERY disappointed in the packaging of this item. They are basically ritz style crackers in a big bag in the box. More than 1/3 of the box was broken. I’m not sure if it was due to the shipment but I can’t imagine them not mostly being broken due to the packaging. I also fed these to the kids with cream cheese on top (and without). My three year old and twin one year olds both liked them both ways. The crackers have a buttery taste to them which makes them taste really good. They would be a great crumb topping to most casseroles.

The final product we were able to try this weekend was the Vanilla Crème Sandwich Cookies. These were just YUM! I did not feed them to the kids because dh and I ate them all. The crème in the middle was the perfect amount for the cookie. The cookie themselves had a nice crisp vanilla cookie taste. These cookies are also perfect if you are the type of person that likes to break apart the cookie and eat the crème first. The crème did not stick to both sides. I was able to eat all the crème and save the cookie for last.

I was actually very impressed with all the wild organic products. I’ve seen them in my grocery store and advertised and will definitely look to buy these products.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I love the Wild Cherry juice. My daughter took the Kiwi-Strawberry to school and loved it. DH took a grape the other day and said it was just the right amount of sweetness. I would definitely buy these if available in my area. Sadly, they are not. Make sure you go to their website and print out your $1 off coupon, too.

I received the lunch pack and so far everything is really good. I can't wait for to try the others.

bames13 said...

I am addicted to their blueberry granola and even moreso to their maple spice oatmeal.