Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Guess a New Post is in Order

My last post was quite sad and I just have not had the energy to come in here and post again. But I really don't want that post at the top of my blog anymore. But I should tell you about the viewing and things. Let's see. We told the kids on Sunday about Grandpa dying. They didn't get it. (I know they still don't get it because this morning they were talking about Grandma and Grandpa's house. :( ). Then Monday night we drove up to my Mom's because they were doing the viewing on Tuesday afternoon. We had the viewing and all the family was there except for my brother Andy who is in Arizona right now working. A couple of family friends came as well. We let the kids see Grandpa. I was expecting a lot of questions from Connor but he didn't really say anything. He just kept wanting to look at Grandpa the whole time. Taylor did her own thing and stayed back with Grandma most of the time. I asked her if she wanted to see Grandpa and she was like no. Emily. Well, Emily is Emily. And she was asking question after question after question. I wouldn't get one question answered and she'd be rattling off another questions. Sometimes, the same question. It was almost comical I had to laugh at one point at her.

After the viewing the family all went back to Mom's and we looked through old pictures and ate food (there was a TON of food). That night, Surbjit and the kids drove back home and  I stayed the rest of the week with my Mom. Surbjit then came back to pick me up Saturday night and we arrived home at 5am Sunday morning. He was cremated and the actual funeral is going to be a couple of weeks down here in Southern CA where his plot was purchased years ago after his first wife died. So all the family will be coming down here. Hopefully all seven of the children can make it. It appears they will and we will get to have one last picture with all seven of us in it. One thing we never could accomplish while he was alive.

On a more ironic note - My Dad's 75th birthday happened to be the day of his viewing. He had told my sister that he wanted to have a big party for his 75th birthday. How ironic, he sort of got his wish. We were all together!! LOL!

Monday, January 10, 2011

RIP Dad and Grandpa

Richard Young 1-11-1936 to 1-7-2011

You will be missed by all. Love you!

Weekly Notes - January 3

1/3 - The Start of me doing a 9/80 schedule at work. Means i'm not home until 7:15pm now. Poor Surbjit. But the kids did ok today.
1/4 - Connor was CRYING because he wanted to see Bigi this morning. Then he cried when dad picked him up because he picked him up first. Then he cried after I got home because he wanted to see Bigi. Not sure why he is so emotional today. Geez!
1/5 - Bigi came over in the evening and spent time with the kids.
1/6 - Emily was crying uncontrollably for me when I left her at daycare. I can;t wait for this phase of Mommy Mommy to be over with!!
1/7 - Received very bad news that my father died today.
1/8 - It just doesn't seem like there is much to write about it right now. :(
1/9 - Emily and Connor went to church with me. We told the kids about Grandpa passing away. They don't get it. The girls especially. I don't think Connor gets it either.

Friday, January 07, 2011


With three children and a husband living in a 1200 sq ft 3 bedroom home, we need to be organized. We are not. ;) I am going to attempt this year to get organized and I am going to TRY and keep my progress updated here. I mean why not? This is my blog. I can do whatever I want with it right? I'll of course still keep you updated with family (although I haven't been doing a great job of that lately have I?) but in addition, I'm going to do a few other things as well. =) Hopefully you will enjoy seeing my progress LOL!

Laura over at Org Junkie started a 52 weeks of organzing challenge. I'm jumping on board! I kinda sorta missed the first week as we are to show our progress every Friday and today is . . . FRIDAY. Oops! But hey, I'm posting about getting on board. And I'm making my plan today. I think that should count. ;) Now I just have to get better about taking before and after pictures. After pictures are easy but doing before pictures . . . I gotta remember. LOL!

So stay tuned!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A LONG Update

Geez. It's almost been so long, I don't even know where to begin! That's what happens when you take two weeks off of work I guess. I never really got to sit down. Let's see. Connor had two weeks off of school so I took those weeks off. The first Monday we ran around and did last minute Christmas shopping and then went to the movies and watched Unstoppable. Since it's about a train i knew he'd like it and he did. =) His second movie theater experience. ;)

Tuesday I wanted to go into work for a few hours to finish up a project and check e-mail and phone messages. Plus I knew Connor would love taking the train in. Boy was I right. We stayed at work for about 3 hours. I introduced him to some coworkes and some friends. Of course while we were there all he wanted to do was go back on the train. LOL! Even watching a movie (I brought the portable DVD player) didn't entice him! Oh well.

Wednesday, the twins were off as well as Connor so we finished packing and waited for Daddy to get off work. Once he was off work, we headed to visit Grandpa and Grandma in Oakdale.  Trip wasn't too bad. We are lucky the kids do fairly well while traveling for a long period of time. We stopped once to eat dinner and that was it. We then spent Thursday - Monday there. Christmas was nice and Santa even figured out we would be there and left their presents at Grandma and Grandpa's. ;) They had a blast playing with all thier aunts and uncles.

We came home Monday. Traffic was a joke when we hit Los Angeles since we left too late and hit downtown during the commute home. Woops!

Tuesday, I took the the kids to Knott's Berry Farm and we met up with Dylan and Melanie there. The place was a MADHOUSE. I've never seen it like that. It was like Disneyland but since it's much smaller it seemed even more crowded. In the 4 hours we were there we went on 3 rides. That is so not usual. I hope it's not like that again!! We also realized that a storm was coming in Tuesday night we decided to leave to go on our camping trip that night instead of the next morning. That meant while I was at Knott's, Surbjit was busy getting everything ready, which he did. We then left Tuesday night around 9pm.

We ended up camping Wednesday through Saturday. Weather was horrible for the most part. COLD COLD COLD. It barely got above 40 degrees. The wind was blowing like mad on Wednesday. It was in the 20's at night. Needless to say me and the girls were in the motorhome a lot of the time. It was just too darn cold! They would want to go out. I'd bundle them up. They would walk outside and then turn around and walk right back! But overall it was fun. We did get out on Friday. If it wasn't so cold that would have been THE perfect day. Since we came home on Saturday we got to relax on Sunday which was nice.

Maybe I'll be better at posting updates in 2011. =)