Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Notes - January 3

1/3 - The Start of me doing a 9/80 schedule at work. Means i'm not home until 7:15pm now. Poor Surbjit. But the kids did ok today.
1/4 - Connor was CRYING because he wanted to see Bigi this morning. Then he cried when dad picked him up because he picked him up first. Then he cried after I got home because he wanted to see Bigi. Not sure why he is so emotional today. Geez!
1/5 - Bigi came over in the evening and spent time with the kids.
1/6 - Emily was crying uncontrollably for me when I left her at daycare. I can;t wait for this phase of Mommy Mommy to be over with!!
1/7 - Received very bad news that my father died today.
1/8 - It just doesn't seem like there is much to write about it right now. :(
1/9 - Emily and Connor went to church with me. We told the kids about Grandpa passing away. They don't get it. The girls especially. I don't think Connor gets it either.

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