Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is it??

Do they know we are going on a road trip and are purposefully being a pain in the butt??? Emily AND Taylor BOTH woke up screaming last night. I'll give Emily the teething card but Taylor?? I guess one can only surmise that she is teething too? I don't feel anything but that doesn't mean there isn't a tooth ready to break through that skin. Now I don't know about you, but I sure don't remember it being painful. But then again, I don't remember being under 5 years old either. :sigh: So we (I) were up until 12:30am - 1am. Got up at 4am to get ready for work. Lovely. Can you say tired? I've realized I've been lucky that my children have slept through the night relatively early and painless. Because nights like this drive me crazy!! I need sleep. I don't do well without sleep. I know I'll be able to sleep again sometime in the future but I still get pissy. I sure hope my parents realize they'll be getting little sleep the next few night. ;)

So we are still planning on going on our road trip, for now. They both woke up this morning bleary eyed but raring to go. They were both (I thought) sound asleep so I chose Taylor to wake up. As soon as I put her on the changing table I swear, Emily couldn't get up fast enough. The whole time I'm changing Taylor Emily is just staring at me. Not crying, not nothing. I certainly can't just leave her there, so I put Taylor on the ground (thankfully she isn't mobile yet) and I grab Emily and change her. Dh is up (which is unusual but my alarm woke him up since I slept on the couch last night to be closer to the girls) so he feeds Emily and I feed Taylor. They both gobble up and Emily of course wants to run around and play. And that's how I left them this morning.

So a good dose of Motrin, some teething tablets, and some ear plugs for Surbjit and we'll be ready to hit the road this evening. If you are a praying type, pray that we make it in one piece! ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Tooth?!?!?!

Can it be? Can we actually start having some teeth show up? FINALLY! =) It seems little miss Emily has a tooth coming in. You can feel it. It appears to be her lower left front tooth. It's hard to see anything as when you try to look she just sticks her tongue out but you can definitely feel it.

And in other news, last night was a LONG night. =( I sure do hope it isn't a taste of what we are going to experience going up to my parents on Thursday night. Emily decided to wake up and was playing until 10pm when mom and dad decided they were tired and ready for bed. So we fed her two ozs and she went to sleep. Woke up at 11:30pm, gave her her binkie, fell back asleep. Taylor woke up at 12:30. Gave her, her binkie, she fell back asleep. Emily woke up at 12:45, wouldn't be consoled, wouldn't keep her binkie in. Brought her into our bed, would not settle down. Gave her 4 ozs and she went back to bed. So I probably got back to bed at 1:30. I wake up at 4am to get ready for work. =( Not a lot of sleep last night. Of course I was going to let Emily sleep in but she woke up at 4:45. I gave her her morning bottle (6ozs) and she gobbled that down. I wonder if she is going through a growth spurt. If this happens again tonight I'm just making bottles when she wakes up. :sigh:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Road Trip

We are taking a road trip for Labor Day weekend. And when I say road trip, I mean ROAD trip. We are headed to my parents this weekend. They live in Northern CA. It is a 6 hour drive. Well, it WAS a 6 hour drive before kids with only stopping once to fuel up. That has and will change I know. This will be the first trip for the twins. They longest they have been in the car was our 5 hour ordeal when we went camping in February. They did OK. Hopefully they'll do ok this time. I'm not too worried about Connor (watch I'll regreat that now!).

We are planning on leaving after dinner when everyone should be going to sleep. Let's hope they sleep the whole way there. My Dad has actually never met the twins and my Mom hasn't seen them since they were born. I know we need to see them more often, but traveling with infants is hard let alone two! So wish us luck. Don't worry I'll take lots of pictures (although I'm having a hard time sharing them LOL!) and let y'all know how they do!!

I still owe you pictures from camping. I haven't even downloaded them to my computer yet. Maybe tonight??

Monday, August 25, 2008

9 Month Pictures!

So we went on Friday for the girls 9 month pictures. It wasn't pretty. Well, they were very pretty, their smiles, just weren't there. =( I didn't get any good shots of the both of them together. I got decent shots of each but we had to work for them. Taylor wasn't as bad as Emily which was a SHOCKER. Usually Emily smiles at the drop of a hat. But she fell asleep right before we went and we had to wake her up when we got there so I don't think she too much cared for that. Oh well. Well, here you go . . enjoy!



Taylor & Emily

And here is just a sample of one of the "bad" ones:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Living Room . . .

is no longer mine. It now belongs to Emily. The crawling, moving, roving, pulling herself up and standing Emily. =) But that's ok. As long as she is over the spit up stage and doesn't ruin my carpet. LOL! But now this poses a challenge to Surbjit in the morning. Neither of the girls likes to be stuck in their chairs in the morning anymore. So babyproof their room, here I come. That is my challenge this weekend. Joy.

In other news, we went to the beach this past weekend. It was a great weekend. Had a ton of fun and the kids did great! I have pictures that I will share when I get them downloaded. It was a beautiful weekend, a little windy but beautiful.

Other than that, nothing much to report. The girls are 9 months now. YIKES! Three months until they turn ONE! Where did the time go?? They are so fun to play with and LOVE books. I need to start reading to them more. When we sit on the floor and I read a book to Connor they just stare and listen and then try to grab the book. =) I will have them all to myself on Friday since their daycare is closed. I'm planning on doing their 9 month pictures that day so wish me luck!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

So what's been going on . . .

in our household?? Not much. Which is probably part of why I haven't updated. There are so many little things I want to say that I just get overwhelmed and don't post at all. Not good. So let's see. ..

Last weekend we went to the OC Fair. It was nice. Beautiful day. Not too hot. Of course we never charged the battery in our camera from the week long trip so we got hardly any pictures. Highlight of the day was when Connor saw the pigs. They were sleeping and he says to them, "Oink,oink,oink pigs. Wake up. It's time to play!". He kept saying that. It was too funny. The girls did fine. Emily got cranky at the end so I ended up picking her up and carrying her while Connor rode in the BOB (LOVE that stroller) and Taylor slept (my angel!). Emily was quite content then. ;)

This past weekend Connor got his big boy bed. He is now transitioned to a twin bed. No more toddler bed for him. We sold his whole crib set (crib, changing table/dresser, and armorie) to my BIL for their new baby due next month! Of course, this now means we have no changing table for Connor. So now we have to improvise. I have the changing pad in between my two sinks in the bathroom. It fits. It's a pain but it fits. If I'm just putting pull-ups on him it's not a big deal as he can just stand and doesn't have to lie down. But since he is REFUSING to go poo poo in the potty (even with bribery!) we still have to have him lay down for some diaper changes. Ugh. It has almost appeared that he is going backwards in the potty training. He doesn't want to go pee pee in the potty but he doesn't want his diaper changed either. My stubborn stubborn boy. I just keep telling myself, kindergartners aren't in diapers but shoot, that's a long way off! One of these days it'll just click for him (hopefully) and then I'll only have two in diapers.

Emily has now decided that she wants to stand. Crawling just isn't enough for her. When I have her on the changing table, I use to sit her up to dress her since he HATED lying down. Well now, she grabs my chest and starts to stand. So I guess I'll be changing her standing up. She has also got to kneeling and this past weekend I found her looking at me from above her crib rail. =) Guess it's time to lower that crib setting!

Taylor is Taylor and will do things on her time. Still not interested in crawling. Shoot, she gets places much faster with just rolling! So she rolls everywhere. It's fun times in our living room trying to keep the two contained. On Saturday, it was almost time for the girls to go to bed so I had them on the floor playing (without our usual "fort" set up). I noticed Connor leaked and pooped so I grabbed him and ran into the bathroom to change him. Not 2 minutes later I hear (tap, tap, tap). It's Emily crawling on the hard wood floor. She was looking for where we went.

This weekend we are going camping at the beach. Our last camping trip of the season. Should be beautiful weather and hopefully the girls can get to play in the sand this time. It was too cold when we went for Memorial Day weekend so I'm hoping it's better this time. Well, I better go, but I wanted to give a few updates here and there!!