Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Living Room . . .

is no longer mine. It now belongs to Emily. The crawling, moving, roving, pulling herself up and standing Emily. =) But that's ok. As long as she is over the spit up stage and doesn't ruin my carpet. LOL! But now this poses a challenge to Surbjit in the morning. Neither of the girls likes to be stuck in their chairs in the morning anymore. So babyproof their room, here I come. That is my challenge this weekend. Joy.

In other news, we went to the beach this past weekend. It was a great weekend. Had a ton of fun and the kids did great! I have pictures that I will share when I get them downloaded. It was a beautiful weekend, a little windy but beautiful.

Other than that, nothing much to report. The girls are 9 months now. YIKES! Three months until they turn ONE! Where did the time go?? They are so fun to play with and LOVE books. I need to start reading to them more. When we sit on the floor and I read a book to Connor they just stare and listen and then try to grab the book. =) I will have them all to myself on Friday since their daycare is closed. I'm planning on doing their 9 month pictures that day so wish me luck!!


Outnumbered said...

Can't wait to see the 9 month pics!

mrs.izzy said...

Oh. yes... You know, I haven't had my living room in 3 years! ;-p

My girls don't like getting strapped in to eat now either, so I feed them on the floor.

Thanks for giving me info on my blog about strollers!

Anne said...

I never had a living room for three years.. and I only just reclaimed it when they started school.... but come 1pm and it's a disaster. LOL

Good luck with the photo session... can't wait to see pictures of your gorgeous girls!