Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is it??

Do they know we are going on a road trip and are purposefully being a pain in the butt??? Emily AND Taylor BOTH woke up screaming last night. I'll give Emily the teething card but Taylor?? I guess one can only surmise that she is teething too? I don't feel anything but that doesn't mean there isn't a tooth ready to break through that skin. Now I don't know about you, but I sure don't remember it being painful. But then again, I don't remember being under 5 years old either. :sigh: So we (I) were up until 12:30am - 1am. Got up at 4am to get ready for work. Lovely. Can you say tired? I've realized I've been lucky that my children have slept through the night relatively early and painless. Because nights like this drive me crazy!! I need sleep. I don't do well without sleep. I know I'll be able to sleep again sometime in the future but I still get pissy. I sure hope my parents realize they'll be getting little sleep the next few night. ;)

So we are still planning on going on our road trip, for now. They both woke up this morning bleary eyed but raring to go. They were both (I thought) sound asleep so I chose Taylor to wake up. As soon as I put her on the changing table I swear, Emily couldn't get up fast enough. The whole time I'm changing Taylor Emily is just staring at me. Not crying, not nothing. I certainly can't just leave her there, so I put Taylor on the ground (thankfully she isn't mobile yet) and I grab Emily and change her. Dh is up (which is unusual but my alarm woke him up since I slept on the couch last night to be closer to the girls) so he feeds Emily and I feed Taylor. They both gobble up and Emily of course wants to run around and play. And that's how I left them this morning.

So a good dose of Motrin, some teething tablets, and some ear plugs for Surbjit and we'll be ready to hit the road this evening. If you are a praying type, pray that we make it in one piece! ;)


joannabug said...

I'll definitely pray that your trip goes well.

We just had a chat with our pedi, and she said that the most painful part for them is the teeth emerging from the bone (yowch, it's painful to even read that), that the actual coming out through the skin isn't really all that painful in comparison.

We just went through this with Elanor, screaming, not sleeping, crabbies, and it did turn out to be a tooth.

mrs.izzy said...

oh no...bad start to the day! But I hope everyone is in their best behavior and you get there with sanity intact!