Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And the road trip ....

was a success! The girls (and Connor) did awesome on the way up!! Connor and Emily woke up about an hour before we got to my parents but were fine. Connor was just enjoying looking at everything. When we got there, Taylor woke up too so we fed both girls a bottle (well I fed both girls a bottle while Surbjit unpacked and set up everything). Then we put them to bed. They ended up sleeping until 7am I believe so I got some sleep.

Friday we spent visiting my Mom's work so everyone could see the twins and Connor. Connor was NOT shy! LOL! He loved visiting with everyone and got to see their Koi pond with the fish and waterfall. He even got to feed the fish! The rest of the day was basically just spent at the house relaxing and spending time with my Mom and Dad.

Saturday we went to Jamestown to visit the railroad and take a ride on the train (pictures to come later). Connor LOVED this and keeps asking to go on the choo choo again. It was a very nice ride (45 min ride but it ended up being longer because their fire trolley that rides with the train ended up derailed when they were trying to switch the engine around. Woops! But after about 15 mins (of sitting on the HOT sweltering train) they got it back on the rails and we continued our ride!). Then we ate our picnic lunch on the grounds at the railway museum. Since it was Labor day, they even had an ice cream social so we all had ice cream (except Taylor and Emily of course!). All the kids were wiped out! We went back home and tried to take naps (ha!) and then Connor spent the good part of the afternoon playing in the gravel. My parents don't have a yard per se since they live in the mountains. But my mom got Connor a bucket and some spoons and measuring cups and he had fun playing with the gravel in the driveway! Then my Dad decided to take him on a ride in the tractor. Oh boy!! Did he love that! Surbjit got a video I'll try and shorten and share. He has the bulldozer attachment on front so Connor kept saying "It's not a tractor, it's a bulldozer!" He got to drive it around and even steered it himself.

Sunday we stayed at home. We were basically outside a lot of the day. Or I should say Connor was. He and Grandma got to walk around and dig in the gravel again and had so much fun. He loved walking around and just being outside. Three of my brothers ended up coming over for dinner and Dad made a huge spread of delicious food. It was nice to be able to see them and no one had seen the twins ever. (oh yeah, and I forgot my mom had seen the girls since they were born. I forgot she came down in April! Woops!). Then Connor got to drive the tractor again. This time they took some gravel from the pile my Dad had and spread it over the driveway so he got to pick up gravel and dump it out. Very much a highlight of the day for him!!

We left Sunday night for the return home. We figured it would just be easier. It's kind of a bummer for Connor because he doesn't get to see all the tractor trailers and trains that go by. But in due time. When the girls are older and we can entertain them and they are more "aware" we can travel during the day. They did fairly ok on the way home. Both girls kept crying out every now and then. We were on pins and needles just waiting for one of them to start freaking out and we wouldn't be able to calm them down. Luckily that never happened. When we got home, all three kids went straight to their beds and stayed sleeping. Surbjit and I got to sleep around 2:30am. Taylor and Emily started to wake up at 5am. I went in, gave them their binkies and begged for one more hour! Taylor ended up falling back asleep and woke up at 7am. Emily fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 9am!!! We almost thought there was something wrong. She obviously was very tired!!!

Speaking of Emily, when she does things, she does them full throttle! She is getting not one, not two, but THREE teeth! YIKES! All on the bottom. It still doesn't look like Taylor is getting any but I think she might be getting one of her top teeth in. Weird. Who knows. Last night Emily woke up at 2am and wouldn't fall back asleep so I made a bottle and she guzzled it down! They both guzzled down their bottles this morning too. I'm thinking they are growing and getting teeth in. So I have a feeling we are in for some rough night over the next month. eek. Oh well. It will pass right. =)

Well, I'll try and get the pictures up as soon as I have time to get them off the camera.

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