Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well it seems as if the next two months our weekends are always going to have that title! But it's nice when we get out and DO things. It makes the kids happier and not as cranky which makes mommy and daddy happier too! Although it does mean we don't get errands run!

Saturday we had a fellow OCMOM (Orange County Mother's of Mulitples) mom came over and bought Connor's old Thomas toddler set. Woo Hoo! I'm slowly making a little bit of extra cash and getting rid of the baby stuff. YEAH!! (I sold a BUNCH of stuff the weekend before to another OCMOM that is due with twin boys in November). Then we had a birthday party to go to at 1pm. Since the girls were still sleeping (after Emily cried for an hour but finally went to sleep but that's a whole 'nother post in itself), Connor and I went over first. It was a pool party so we brought our swim suits. Of course it was a 6 year old's party so I was the only adult in the pool! Connor was luke warm. He hates going under and refuses to wear a life vest or swim things. He doesn't understand that he won't go under. I think that's my fault. We didn't start him out early enough but I don't have a pool or have easy access to a pool. Oh well.

So anyway, we were in and out of the pool. At one time I was in the pool and Connor was sitting right outside next to me. He got up and started walking and must have tripped and fell right in the pool next to me. I grabbed him but of course he went under. He didn't freak out too bad. I talked him down but he was done. After that, we got to eat, sing Happy Birthday and watch Kaylee open her presents. Then I took the three kids home and Surbjit got to stay back and hang out with the adults. Connor was so tired he fell asleep at 7pm while watching The Incredibles (his new favorite movie). That is UNHEARD of! All three kids were actually ASLEEP by 7pm! I think we need to wear them out like that more often!!

Sunday, I took Connor on a playdate with a mom and her daughter from my Working Moms group. We got to check out a new park and playground. I'll have to take Surbjit and the girls there soon. It's a really nice park. Actually, I'm running my first 5K ever (me run?!?! YIKES!) on October 5th at this park so it was nice to be able to check it out a little before hand. And it's right next to La Mirada's new water park which looks like a lot of fun! I'll definitely take Connor there next year.

Anyway, so that was our weekend! Nice and busy! Next weekend, Surbjit is going riding and then I have another birthday party to go to in Victorville on Sunday. Only Connor is going to go with me. Ah the joys!

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