Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Notes 8/22 - 8/28

8/22 - Stayed at home with all the kids. Let them sleep in and we waited until the Dish Network people came and installed our new tv system.

8/23 - Kaylee came over for the day and we all went to the Krikorian free movie and watched Despicable Me. It was fun. In the afternoon I dragged the kids to the uniform shop to get Connor's bottoms for school the following week.

8/24 - The girls went to school and I took Connor into work with me. He LOVED taking the train.

8/25 - We went to the Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana with the Ferraro's. We were there from 11am  until 4 pm. It was a fun day!

8/26 - It was Surbjit's day off so the whole family spent the day at Legoland.

8/27 - Stayed home and relaxed. The kids and Surbjit went over to Uncle Harjinder's house to watch the UFC fight.

8/28 - Bigi came over and watched the kids while Surbjit and I went on my coworkers annual "booze" cruise to Acapulco.

Weekly Notes - 08/15-08/21

08/15 - Today was Connor's last field trip at SDC. They went to Moon park. The girls had water play day. Taylor did not participate. They swam in the pool for about 2 hours after getting home. Definitely getting our money's worth!

08/16 - Today was PJ day at SDC for Connor and they got to watch a movie. Today was bike day for the girls. Emily brought her scooter and Taylor brought her little pink bike.

08/17 - Today was water war day for Connor. He didn't want to bring his swimsuit to school. Guess who got a call in the afternoon asking if he could get his clothes wet. Yup. Oh well. The girls got to pan for gold and gems. :)

08/18 - Today was crazy hat/hair day at SDC for Connor.

08/19 - Today was Connor's last day at SDC. They had a talent show and Connor showed off his karate moves. :) Today was also Kids Night Out at the preschool.

08/20 - Today Connor acheived his next level belt in Karate. He is now a yellow belt third degree. Then we went up to Victorville for Ashtyn's 1st birthday party.

08/21- Low key day at home all day. Attempted to take the kids to church but they were way too rowdy and we ended up leaving after 5 minutes. Yeah, no joke.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Highlights 08/08 to 08/14

08/08 - Connor had a center day at school (so he just stayed on campus). He wanted me to drop him off and for him to walk in by himself. Say what? This is the same boy that cried in the beginning of kindergarten! I had already unbuckled the twins so I told him Tuesday.

08/09 - I let Connor walk into school by himself! He was so happy. The twins were sad they didn't get to say hi to Miss Nancy.  Connor went to Clark Park today.

08/10 - Today Connor went roller skating with SDC. The girls had a trick roper show to watch. :)

08/11 - Today was water play day for the twins. Taylor participated as well today! Yeah! Connor got to go to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana today. I also got to sign up Connor for all the fun 11-12 school year stuff and found out his teacher is going to be Mrs. Jones next year (new teacher to first grade). We then went to the OC fair.

08/12 - Today Daddy was off and we were up late going to the OC fair so he kept the kids home. They went to Keno's for breakfast and then they went to the park in the afternoon.

08/13 - The morning was Connor's yellow belt karate test. We will see if he passed next week. Then we all went to Chuck E Cheese for Aria's birthday. It was Uncle Harjinder, Uncle TJ, Aunt Debbie, Bigi, Mona and our whole family. :) The only one that didn't make it was Aria's mom. The kids had a blast running around riding rides and playing games. Then Uncle TJ, Aunt Debbie, Mona, Bigi and our family went to the OC Fair (again for us!). It was fun walking around with the kids and they got to ride some rides. Mona even went on some rides her Mom didn't think she would. Gotta love cousin peer pressure. :) Although Taylor does not succumb. LOL!

08/14 - Low key kinda say. I went to church and Emily joined me. She did really good! Then Mona got dropped off at our house and everyone went to the Gurdwara while I stayed home and relaxed. Mona then spent the rest of the afternoon and dinner with us. :)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekly Notes - August 1 through August 7

08/01 - Connor had super hero center day at school today. They also got to make s'mores. The girls had water play day today and again - Taylor did not want to participate. Hmmm. The kids and Surbjit were swimming when I got home. :) Then we ate dinner and then took a bike ride around the block.

08/02 - Today Connor got to go to the movies. At the girls preschool it was ice cream day.

08/03 - Today the girls got to bring a rock to school. Luckily we collected some from when we went camping. :) Connor got to go to nickel nickel today. Then Jeff, Romy, Katrina and Dylon came over so Jeff could help Surbjit work on the jeep. The kids played until almost 9pm!!

08/04 - Today was a trip to Atlantis Park for Connor. Went a bike ride/walk after dinner. :)

08/05 - Today Connor got to go to Soak City with SDC! And it was Kids Night Out at the girls preschool. All the kids went. We ended up going out to dinner with an old friend from Surbjit's old dealership and his wife.

08/06 - Karate, then Jeff's birthday party. :) The kids had a blast and did not want to leave. They swam, they jumped and they played dressup (well the girls at least!).

08/07 - Errand running day. And took Emily to urgent care because she was complaining her ear hurt (ear infection :( ) Went to Target and did back to school shopping with all the kids and Bigi. Then went grocery shopping with just the girls. Then cooked dinner. Tiring day!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Highlights - July 25th to July 31

07/25 - Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary. :) Connor had fiesta center day at school. The girls had cowboy dress up day (although they didn't dress up). Went home and the kids were in the pool. When they got out, we went for a bike ride/walk around the block. Then two of the neighbors came over and played for about 20 minutes. It was a fun night. :)

07/26 - Today was water play day for the girls (again Taylor chose not to do it). And Connor got to go to the movies and watch Marmaduke. After I got home, the kids got out of the pool and the four of us went on a bike ride. Connor is doing awesome with his bike and no training wheels!

07/27 - Today the girls had Jessie from Toy Story come and do a skit. :) Connor got to go to Twila Reid park. New park for him as we have never been there. Went on a bike ride again. :) And Emily was taught this new thing. When you say stop - she says Collaborate and listen, emily is back with a new adventure, take a hold of me tight. (if you know Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby you know what she is doing.)

07/28 - Today Connor got to go to John's Incredible Pizza. We did another bike ride around the block.

07/29 - Connor went to Peak Park to go swimming today. Daddy picked up the kids early today and they met me at the train station. We then all went for ice cream at baskin robbins. :) After we had dinner we all went for a bike ride (well I walked).

07/30 - Busy day. Connor's karate. Then we met the Leach family at Knott's. After that we went to Surbjit's uncle's house in San Bernardino and BBQ'd and swam in the pool.

07/31 - Low key day. Daddy took the kids to the gudwara. Then they came home and played. We still had Mona since she went with us the night before so she stayed all day and they played and swam in the pool.