Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Notes - 08/15-08/21

08/15 - Today was Connor's last field trip at SDC. They went to Moon park. The girls had water play day. Taylor did not participate. They swam in the pool for about 2 hours after getting home. Definitely getting our money's worth!

08/16 - Today was PJ day at SDC for Connor and they got to watch a movie. Today was bike day for the girls. Emily brought her scooter and Taylor brought her little pink bike.

08/17 - Today was water war day for Connor. He didn't want to bring his swimsuit to school. Guess who got a call in the afternoon asking if he could get his clothes wet. Yup. Oh well. The girls got to pan for gold and gems. :)

08/18 - Today was crazy hat/hair day at SDC for Connor.

08/19 - Today was Connor's last day at SDC. They had a talent show and Connor showed off his karate moves. :) Today was also Kids Night Out at the preschool.

08/20 - Today Connor acheived his next level belt in Karate. He is now a yellow belt third degree. Then we went up to Victorville for Ashtyn's 1st birthday party.

08/21- Low key day at home all day. Attempted to take the kids to church but they were way too rowdy and we ended up leaving after 5 minutes. Yeah, no joke.

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MommyofSweetpea said...

Wow, he is doing well in Karate! So happy you guys made it up for the party!