Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weekly Notes - August 1 through August 7

08/01 - Connor had super hero center day at school today. They also got to make s'mores. The girls had water play day today and again - Taylor did not want to participate. Hmmm. The kids and Surbjit were swimming when I got home. :) Then we ate dinner and then took a bike ride around the block.

08/02 - Today Connor got to go to the movies. At the girls preschool it was ice cream day.

08/03 - Today the girls got to bring a rock to school. Luckily we collected some from when we went camping. :) Connor got to go to nickel nickel today. Then Jeff, Romy, Katrina and Dylon came over so Jeff could help Surbjit work on the jeep. The kids played until almost 9pm!!

08/04 - Today was a trip to Atlantis Park for Connor. Went a bike ride/walk after dinner. :)

08/05 - Today Connor got to go to Soak City with SDC! And it was Kids Night Out at the girls preschool. All the kids went. We ended up going out to dinner with an old friend from Surbjit's old dealership and his wife.

08/06 - Karate, then Jeff's birthday party. :) The kids had a blast and did not want to leave. They swam, they jumped and they played dressup (well the girls at least!).

08/07 - Errand running day. And took Emily to urgent care because she was complaining her ear hurt (ear infection :( ) Went to Target and did back to school shopping with all the kids and Bigi. Then went grocery shopping with just the girls. Then cooked dinner. Tiring day!

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