Monday, March 31, 2008

Rolling Over

And so it's begun! Taylor rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back this past Saturday. It was so funny. You should have seen the look on her face like woah! What did I do?! I put her on her tummy again and she did it again so it wasn't a fluke. Basically everytime I put her on her tummy she would roll over. =) Now Emily needs to do it. LOL! Taylor is almost ready to roll back to front. She is almost there, she just needs to get her arm out the way. Emily is slowly getting there too.

This weekend we moved both of them out of the co sleeper. We had moved the cosleeper to their bed to make the transition easier and to make it so the crib isn't so big for those little babies. =) Well my little babies aren't so little anymore. Taylor wasn't basically trying to roll over in the cosleeper mashing her face against the top of it so I figured it was time for her to get out. Then Sunday morning I wake up and see Emily all the way down OUT of her cosleeper and kicking the musical thing hanging on the side of her crib and turning the music on. (it got her to go back to sleep at least!). So needless to say we took her out of it last night too. So my babies are growing up. (sniff. sniff.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Official!!!

I got the results of the DNA test back. Taylor and Emily are fraternal twins. I should have figured that out. =) The older they get, the more and more they keep looking less and less alike. It will be very interesting to see and watch them grow up and how they are different. I mean, this is basically just sisters that happened to be born at the same time. So as much as everybody keeps saying Taylor looks like Surbjit and Emily looks like me, I guess we will get to see what our girls that take after each of us look like as they get older. =) I'm still going to keep dressing them alike though. ;-) It's just so much easier when I'm picking out their clothes the night before. LOL!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Connor's Words of Wisdom

This weekend we were playing outside and Connor was in the garage. Here is our conversation:

M: Connor (I can't see him in the garage)

C: (coming out to where I can see him) What?

M: What are you doing?

C: In Daddy's Garage.

M: If that's Daddy's garage, is this Mommy's house?

C: No.

M: Who's house is it?

C: It's Connor's.

Well, I guess he told me!


Well, the girls first Easter was beautiful!!!! Let's just say we are having a heat wave (and if this is any indication of what's to come this summer, I'll be having one heck of an electric bill!). It got to 92* on Sunday. YIKES!! We woke up and the Easter Bunny visited. He even left his foot prints for Connor to see. He really liked that and was amazed! He opened his Easter basket and didn't play with anything except his tractor trailer (Mack from CARS). Well, he played with his bubbles and sidewalk chalk but just because Mommy did. =)

Surbjit's family came over (minus Debbie - who was on a cruise and Edith - who wasn't feeling good) and we had brunch. I think we'll make that a tradition. It was so nice. It wasn't a lot of work, we just had bagels, muffins and a breakfast casserole, and it was too heavy for food either. It was just perfect! Then we had Connor and Monalicia "hunt" for eggs. (They weren't hidden, you just had to pick them up). Connor did great picking up lots of eggs. Monalicia did great too with Daddy's help and Uncle Harjinder's help too. I can't help thinking about next year when we will have four kids walking around and one that will need "help". The four kids running around picking up eggs will be fun to watch!!! Then we went over to the park to play for a little bit. It was so hot though we only stayed for about half an hour. Connor and Monalicia were so tired they were falling asleep on the way back. Monalicia, Taylor and Emily did fall asleep on the way home and Connor went down for a nap when we got back. Everyone left soon after and we ended up having Connor, Taylor and Emily outside for the rest of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day but HOT!!!! I see many more days like that in our future though because all three LOVE being outside. =)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Connor and the ATV

So for those that know us, you know that we got Connor one of those kiddie ATV's for his birthday. Obviously Surbjit loves riding so of course we are going to get Connor to also. Especially since he always wants to sit on Daddy's quad. So anyway, for his 2nd birthday we got him this quad. He wanted NOTHING to do with it. NOTHING. Wouldn't sit on it, nothing. Lately, he would go over to it and ask "mommy push the but". So I'd push it and ask Connor if he wanted to. He'd say "no, mommy push the but." Then he'd start to get on the quad and try to move it with is feet. Since it is a motorized vehicle, he couldn't move it hardly and would get off. Today, after I got home from work, he got on the ATV and was trying to push it with his feet. I asked him if he wanted to push the button. Again he said "mommy push the but" but he didn't get off the ATV! So I moved his feet onto the quad and pushed the button with him on it. And you know what?!? He liked it!!!! I had to steer him and push the button but he stayed on and wanted more. I asked him to push the button but he never did. Baby steps!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Sunday

Connor helping Daddy clean his quad



The girls chillin' in their chairs (we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Sunday!)






Pictures from Baby Loves Disco

Connor chillin' in the Chill Area


Connor getting ready to get his groove on


Connor getting his groove on


Sleeping Through The Nigh?!?!

For the past three of four nights, both girls have slept the entire night!!! YEAH!!!! I hope this is a trend that continues for many months (even years!!!!). Taylor has taken to waking up and talking. She isn't crying, she just talks. =) It's so cute!!! She will start to cry if you ignore her too long. But she will sit there and talk for probably 15 - 20 mins.

And Surbjit got Taylor to laugh on Saturday night!! It was so cute! I think I got a small laugh out of Emily this morning. I still can't get Taylor to laugh for me. But she is being a little more giving with the smiles these days. =)

Baby Loves Disco

And so did Connor!! (And Mommy too - that's my kind of music!!!). So we went to Baby Loves Disco in Orange County, CA. We had a blast!!! And even though Connor did not nap that day. He did pretty good.

We got there really early. I thought traffic was going to be worse than it did so we ended up being 1/2 hour early. No big deal. We met Melanie and Dylan there. So we walked around a little and waited in line. We were like the fourth people in line. I'm glad we got there early. The line kept growing and growing!!! We went inside and checked it out. This club that this was at had a HUGE fish tank complete with a shark (hence why the club's name is The Shark Club!). Connor LOVED that tank. We probably spent half our time watching it. But we also got out there and boogied! Connor danced and jumped and shook some shakers and used the hula hoops. I think he had a good time. They also had TONS of snack there for the kids (and adults too). The snacks included goldfish, cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies, juice boxes, etc. (this was all included). They also had their menu at the club you could order from and the parents could order drinks too. All around the club were various vendors. There was a yoga class going on, some massaging too (I didn't do this DARN!), a storyteller, face painting, temporary tattoos and hair coloring for the kids (washable of course!). There was also a chill out area complete with tents, pillows, games and books for the kids to do. And of course, there was the dance floor! They had bubbles going, egg shakers, hula hoops and scarves for the kids to play with while they danced. And the DJ played lots of good disco and 80's music for everyone to enjoy. Basically all the good music that is appropriate for kids to hear but none of the "kids" music (you know like Barney, Doodlebops etc. NONE of the that!).

So we had a good time. We ended up leaving after about an hour and a half. Since Connor hadn't napped he was getting grouchy. So Melanie and I left and we headed to South Coast Plaza to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Connor loved it! He got to see water and elephants and alligators and gorillas. He was kinda scared but not. I was afraid he might have nightmares that night but he was fine! On the way home, I was asking Connor if he was tired and of course he said No as his eyes were closing. =) He fell asleep as soon as I got off the freeway. I had to carry him inside the house. =) We changed into our PJs. Watched part of our favorite movie (CARS) and then when I told him it was time for bed he did not complain ONE bit!! I think he was tired!!!!

So it was a good time. I guess I would take the girls since they are free (non-walkers are free) but I don't think they'd get much out of it other than watching all around. If I had a child that was just starting to walk I don't think I'd take them as there were a TON of people and your child would probably get run into. Everyone was very nice and careful but with that many people it's hard not to bump into people. I have pictures on my camera. Once I download them, I will share!!!

Easter Bunny

So we went to see the Easter Bunny on Sunday. I wasn't going to hold my breath since visiting Santa last year was oh so good (insert rolling eyes here). So we went with my North OC Moms Working Group. We met them at the Brea mall. Poor Surbjit. He was the only guy there but there was no way I would be able to handle all three kids by myself. Plus there was supposed to be at least one other father there but he didn't go. Oh well. I guess Surbjit could have stayed home with the girls since they were sleeping the whole time anyway but it was nice to get out. It was a beautiful day!!

So anyway, we got to the Easter bunny and there was no one else there. YEAH! So we got in line. One of the moms went but her daughter was NOT cooperating so she asked someone to go ahead of her that way she can watch and maybe be ok with it. So I jumped in and said ok since Connor was just itching to go see the Easter Bunny. We got up to him and he said hi to the Easter Bunny and I told him to sit next to him. He climbed right up there and sat down. No crying no fussing no nothing!!! =) So the lady is not ready to take the picture. I'm like yikes! How long will this last? So I start talking to Connor about the Easter Bunny and what he's going to do and I tell him to talk to the Easter Bunny and he's looking at him and repeating everything I"m saying! FINALLY, the lady is ready and we take the picture! It actually came out pretty decent. He didn't want to smile at first but Daddy got him to smile.

We didn't have the girls take their picture with the Easter Bunny because Taylor was sleeping and I didn't want to wake her up. Emily was up but I couldn't very well have her just take the picture. I can imagine Taylor later in life "I'm scarred because my sister took a picture with the Easter Bunny and I didn't." Next year definitely!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Weekend

So let's see. What did we do this weekend. Saturday we went to Chris Jr's 2nd birthday party. Ok, that makes me feel guilty for not having a birthday party for Connor for his 2nd birthday but really, what was I supposed to do? I had week old infants! It was Thanksgiving so he had a HUGE meal and he got pumpkin pie. =) Plus, he did not need any more toys then he got from family anyway! I still have some of them sitting in his closet! LOL!

Anyway, back to the birthday party. So we put Connor down to nap early (12:15-12:30) since the party was starting at 2. He's been napping barely an hour lately so we figured no problem. It was 2:45 and he was still napping!! So we finally had to wake him up. We woke him up and got going and got to the birthday party about 3:20pm. Just in time for the pinata! Connor got to swing at it (although I had to help and after two swings he was so NOT interested in doing it anymore). He did have fun picking up the candy and immediately wanted to eat it. Then we got to watch Chris jr open presents. Of course Connor wanted to play with the presents. I had to keep telling him that they were not his and that Chris would open then later. While we were watching Surbjit was over in the corner with the twins just hanging out. They feel asleep on our way there and slept almost till we left. They were up for probably about 20 mins before we left. There was also a jumper there that of course Connor would NOT go into. Grrr. I don't know if he will ever go in one. I guess I just have to keep trying.

After the party we went over to Romy and Jeff's house. We haven't hung out with them for a long time. Connor got to play with Dylon (their grandson) and Katrina (their daughter). It was nice to see him playing with kids his age. Romy and I held the girls and I ended up feeding them while we were there too. We ate dinner and then we headed home a little before 9pm. Late night for Connor!! He went home and straight to bed and I tried to give the girls some more to eat and got them ready for bed. Taylor of course slept the whole night, Emily woke up at 2:30am. Then was up a little after 5am for the day. I was so tired yesterday.

Sunday we stayed at home. It was a beautiful day! Well, actually Connor went with me grocery shopping. It seems that's what we do on Sunday's now. =) And then we went and got his hair cut. He did really well. He cried when I first put him in the chair but then he fine the rest of the time and even enjoyed it. Bigi and Uncle Harjinder came over in the afternoon and we played outside. Connor had fun with his water table and playing on his clubhouse climber.

Last night, the girls did pretty good. They were both in bed at 8pm. I don't know if it's just because there are two of them crying or what. When we put them in bed, it doesn't matter if they've fallen asleep on us while eating or not, they wake up and start crying. So we give them their binkie, for Taylor we put the vibrate thing on under her bed or for Emily we put the music on and leave. After about 5-10 mins, they fall asleep. Sometimes, Emily won't wake up and will just sleep but Taylor, it never fears, she wakes up. But then I don't know if it's because they are feeding off of each other but it seemed to me if we put them both down to sleep at the same time they would cry longer. I don't think this is the case. I think it's just me thinking they are crying longer because there is two of them crying. Know what I mean?? In any event, they both fell asleep withing 10 mins last night of us putting them down. Emily then decided to wake up at 11:30pm. I had fallen asleep at 9pm. I guess Surbjit said he grabbed her and held her and she started to fall asleep again so he put her back in bed and she started crying again. He came into bed and we waited to see if she would fall back asleep on her own but after 10 mins I got up and made her a bottle. She ate a whole 1/2 oz. Oh well. She fell asleep while I wad feeding her, I put her in her crib and she did not make a peep. I woke up at 4:15am and both never woke up. I actually had to wake both of them up this morning when I was getting ready.

So anyway, that was our weekend. I am so excited that I have Friday off and I get to relax. I don't think there is anything that I "have" to do. So maybe I can get some sleeping in and clean the house a little bit. I'm so looking forward to it!!!