Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Loves Disco

And so did Connor!! (And Mommy too - that's my kind of music!!!). So we went to Baby Loves Disco in Orange County, CA. We had a blast!!! And even though Connor did not nap that day. He did pretty good.

We got there really early. I thought traffic was going to be worse than it did so we ended up being 1/2 hour early. No big deal. We met Melanie and Dylan there. So we walked around a little and waited in line. We were like the fourth people in line. I'm glad we got there early. The line kept growing and growing!!! We went inside and checked it out. This club that this was at had a HUGE fish tank complete with a shark (hence why the club's name is The Shark Club!). Connor LOVED that tank. We probably spent half our time watching it. But we also got out there and boogied! Connor danced and jumped and shook some shakers and used the hula hoops. I think he had a good time. They also had TONS of snack there for the kids (and adults too). The snacks included goldfish, cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies, juice boxes, etc. (this was all included). They also had their menu at the club you could order from and the parents could order drinks too. All around the club were various vendors. There was a yoga class going on, some massaging too (I didn't do this DARN!), a storyteller, face painting, temporary tattoos and hair coloring for the kids (washable of course!). There was also a chill out area complete with tents, pillows, games and books for the kids to do. And of course, there was the dance floor! They had bubbles going, egg shakers, hula hoops and scarves for the kids to play with while they danced. And the DJ played lots of good disco and 80's music for everyone to enjoy. Basically all the good music that is appropriate for kids to hear but none of the "kids" music (you know like Barney, Doodlebops etc. NONE of the that!).

So we had a good time. We ended up leaving after about an hour and a half. Since Connor hadn't napped he was getting grouchy. So Melanie and I left and we headed to South Coast Plaza to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Connor loved it! He got to see water and elephants and alligators and gorillas. He was kinda scared but not. I was afraid he might have nightmares that night but he was fine! On the way home, I was asking Connor if he was tired and of course he said No as his eyes were closing. =) He fell asleep as soon as I got off the freeway. I had to carry him inside the house. =) We changed into our PJs. Watched part of our favorite movie (CARS) and then when I told him it was time for bed he did not complain ONE bit!! I think he was tired!!!!

So it was a good time. I guess I would take the girls since they are free (non-walkers are free) but I don't think they'd get much out of it other than watching all around. If I had a child that was just starting to walk I don't think I'd take them as there were a TON of people and your child would probably get run into. Everyone was very nice and careful but with that many people it's hard not to bump into people. I have pictures on my camera. Once I download them, I will share!!!

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