Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Connor and the ATV

So for those that know us, you know that we got Connor one of those kiddie ATV's for his birthday. Obviously Surbjit loves riding so of course we are going to get Connor to also. Especially since he always wants to sit on Daddy's quad. So anyway, for his 2nd birthday we got him this quad. He wanted NOTHING to do with it. NOTHING. Wouldn't sit on it, nothing. Lately, he would go over to it and ask "mommy push the but". So I'd push it and ask Connor if he wanted to. He'd say "no, mommy push the but." Then he'd start to get on the quad and try to move it with is feet. Since it is a motorized vehicle, he couldn't move it hardly and would get off. Today, after I got home from work, he got on the ATV and was trying to push it with his feet. I asked him if he wanted to push the button. Again he said "mommy push the but" but he didn't get off the ATV! So I moved his feet onto the quad and pushed the button with him on it. And you know what?!? He liked it!!!! I had to steer him and push the button but he stayed on and wanted more. I asked him to push the button but he never did. Baby steps!

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