Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, the girls first Easter was beautiful!!!! Let's just say we are having a heat wave (and if this is any indication of what's to come this summer, I'll be having one heck of an electric bill!). It got to 92* on Sunday. YIKES!! We woke up and the Easter Bunny visited. He even left his foot prints for Connor to see. He really liked that and was amazed! He opened his Easter basket and didn't play with anything except his tractor trailer (Mack from CARS). Well, he played with his bubbles and sidewalk chalk but just because Mommy did. =)

Surbjit's family came over (minus Debbie - who was on a cruise and Edith - who wasn't feeling good) and we had brunch. I think we'll make that a tradition. It was so nice. It wasn't a lot of work, we just had bagels, muffins and a breakfast casserole, and it was too heavy for food either. It was just perfect! Then we had Connor and Monalicia "hunt" for eggs. (They weren't hidden, you just had to pick them up). Connor did great picking up lots of eggs. Monalicia did great too with Daddy's help and Uncle Harjinder's help too. I can't help thinking about next year when we will have four kids walking around and one that will need "help". The four kids running around picking up eggs will be fun to watch!!! Then we went over to the park to play for a little bit. It was so hot though we only stayed for about half an hour. Connor and Monalicia were so tired they were falling asleep on the way back. Monalicia, Taylor and Emily did fall asleep on the way home and Connor went down for a nap when we got back. Everyone left soon after and we ended up having Connor, Taylor and Emily outside for the rest of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day but HOT!!!! I see many more days like that in our future though because all three LOVE being outside. =)

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