Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swimming is coming to an end

So today is Connor's last day of swim class. We have been preparing him all week. Every day he asks "we going swimming today?" Actually it's more like a statement so I don't want him to freak out when I say not today for the next month. I'm thinking of signing him up again but obviously I can't do it again right away for the next session (as I don't think my boss would like me to keep leaving work early) and then the following two week session we'll be on vacation for a week so maybe I'll sign him up for the following class. Tonight we get to do anything we want to do in the pool for the half hour. Connor will love that as all yesterday all I kept telling him was not yet, we have to do this first. We have to do this thing with the class. He said he wants to go down the slide and he instructor said we'd be able to but I still don't think he understands that he will be going under water at the end. He sure didn't like it when I had him go under yesterday and I barely had him go under. Just up to his nose. Oh well.

On Monday, Shawn came over and watched the girls so Surbjit could come and watch Connor swim since he hadn't been able to. Of course we forgot the camera but he was able to take a couple pics with his cell phone.

You can see the slide on the right of the pool that Connor wants to go down. I know it's hard to tell but Connor and I are in the middle facing the camera. I'm wearing a white shirt and we are to the left (as you are looking at the picture) of the instructor (in the red bathing suit).

Me & Connor

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sitting Up!

So I guess I can finally give them credit for sitting up. Well, mostly Emily. She'll sit for a good 10 mins before falling over. On her face mind you and when you pick her up she's smiling like a fool! LOL! Taylor will sit but you better be ready to make sure she doesn't fall (and watch that left arm, argh!) So they are doing good. You wouldn't know anything was a miss the other day with Taylor's arm.

We had a busy weekend. Mona's 1st birthday party was Saturday (my niece). It was a HOT one. Thankfully the park they had it at was nicely shaded. Made it halfway bearable. Then we went to our friend's daughter's graduation party. Thankfully they at least have a wall a/c unit in their house so it was cook in there but I was thankful to get back to my nice central a/c house. =) One of the BEST things we ever did to the house!

This is Connor's last week of swim lessons. He's had a blast and I think is going to have a rough time when I keep telling him after this week that swim lessons are over. Maybe I'll take him to the night swimming on Tuesday's or Thursday's when we get a chance. It's just so hard being so late. Hmm. Friday was a rough class day with Connor. The instructor informed us that we were going off the diving board! I was like great. This is going to go over well. So we walk over to the diving board and Connor was immediately wanting to climb up it (he loves to climb) and saw the girl in front of him jump and tried to back down! I grabbed him and carried him out to the edge and dropped him in to the instructor. I could hear him crying as I was trying to get off the board. Another mom in the class asked if I could take her son out to the edge. I was like sure but I had to grab Connor first. So I got him out of the pool and handed him (crying) to her to hold and I took her son to the edge. He walked almost all the way to the end and was like he didn't want to go any further. So I just prodded him forward telling him I wasn't going to let him fall. We counted to three and I "pushed" him off into the arms of the instructor. I got down off the board and grabbed Connor (who was fine now!) so she could go get her son.

After all this all I'm hearing from Connor now is I want to go down the slide. They have a slide right next to the diving board. I don't quite think he understands that he is going to go in the water at the end. But it wasn't our turn to go down the slide. The instructor did say next week but Connor wanted to go now. So the entire rest of the class, he wanted to do what he wanted to do and didn't want to do what the class was doing. I sure hope he isn't like that today. UGH.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Taylor & Emily's Dr Appt.

Ok, So here are their stats, sort of (I'll explain later).

Emily 15 lbs 26.75"
Taylor 15 lbs 9 ozs

I took Emily first. My friend Shawn came with me to keep me company and chat. We hadn't seen each other in forever (and she lives across the street!) so I asked if she wanted to come and we could chat and hang out. So anyway, we took Emily first. She was ok at first but once I started undressing her she started melting down. She still overall, did better than her brother use to. I don't ever remember Connor calming down throughout the visit and she did. So anyway, she's doing good. Growing good (although i still feel like she is small but she is catching up to her sister!). She got four shots what fun NOT. But this time she did fine afterwards. No fever or anything. I think the reason she got the fever last time was because she was sick with a cold.

So fast-forward to Taylor. I drop Emily off at daycare and pick up Taylor. She's kinda fussy but Jackie tells me she hasn't finished her bottle. She's only had like 2 ozs so I take it and figure I'll finish it with her at the dr. We get to the dr and are sitting there waiting to go in and she just starts freaking out crying. That is so unlike her. So I get her out of her car seat and try and calm her down. They take us back and I'm still trying to calm her down. Shawn takes her and tries too but no luck. I finally take her back and hold her and she calms down. I touch her left arm and she starts freaking out again. So i place it back next to her body and she calms down so I touch it again and she starts freaking out again. So now I'm like ok something is wrong with her arm. So when the doc comes in we check it out. We touch her shoulder and shoulder area but that's not bothering her. So I took Taylor and we got some x-rays done. There isn't anything on the x-rays. So either she sprained it or she dislocated her elbow (what Shawn calls nursemaid elbow I guess her son use to get it a lot when he was a toddler). Anyway, So we wrap up Taylor's arm to her body with an ACE bandage and the doc tells me if she still isn't moving it and it hurts her in the morning call and come in.

So we take her home and I re-wrap her tighter hoping if it is nursemaid elbow that will help to put it back in. I see her trying to lift her arm now and she isn't freaking out so I'm thinking maybe that did it so I unwrap her. Sure enough i lift her arm and she's not crying. I was careful with her the rest of the afternoon though. She really didn't want to use her left arm either. I could see when she was playing she would only use her right. So I put her on her tummy and she rolled over ok and was using both arms to push up so it wasn't hurting her. I think she was just remembering that it hurt and thought it still would so she was being cautious. I took Connor to swim class and Surbjit said she did fine during her bath and went right to bed. This morning she was as happy as could be and using both arms to pull her dress up! So we'll just have to be careful with her. If anything, I would've thought we'd have to be extra careful with Emily not Taylor!

In happier/funnier news, after I picked up Emily at daycare for the night I had them both at home on the floor because I wanted Taylor to use her left arm and make sure it wasn't still bothering her. Emily's on her stomach scooting around in a 360 circle and Taylor is on her back with a binkie in her mouth. Emily scoots to Taylor, takes the binkie out of her mouth and puts in her own mouth! I had to laugh!!!! It was just too funny. And Taylor didn't even care!

So that was my eventful day yesterday. :sigh:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Connor's First Swim Class

I took Connor today to his first swim class! He did great. He clung onto me like there was no tomorrow but that's ok. He did hold onto the kick board and kicked for a good 5-10 mins. So that was a break through. He actually let go of me. =) He had a lot of fun. Our class is every day this week and Mon- Thurs next week. I'm not sure if I'll continue after that. I'll definitely take the following two weeks off. With us going to swim class, Surbjit has to put the girls to bed by himself and I'm having to leave work early. I don't think that's a great idea to do the entire summer! LOL! But I'm glad I'm getting him in the water now and getting use to it. Probably by the end of the class, I won't be able to get him out!!!

Last Weekend

We had a busy weekend. Harjinder's store opened up at Anaheim GardenWalk this weekend so we went down to visit and order smoothies.

They had a soft opening on Friday night (when this picture was taken) just for friends & family. We also went on Saturday and got to enjoy the whole place. A lot of stores aren't open yet but they are all getting ready to within the next month or so. It's going to be a good place to go and hang out. So if you are ever in the area check it out!!

While we were hanging out for the day, drinking our smoothies, we went to lunch at California Pizza Chicken there. It was the first time we have taken the girls out to a restaurant since they've been born!

Connor, the girls and Mona did awesome! It was so nice to sit outside. It was a beautiful day and we were sitting right on Katella so we got to people watch and enjoy a nice lunch. It actually wasn't bad! After lunch we all dispersed and we ended up driving to Rancho Cucamonga to Mathis Brothers to search for new furniture for Connor. We are getting rid of his crib set (Surbjit's brother is taking it for their new baby) so we are getting Connor a twin bed, dresser and table and chair set. If we can find something. So far we have only found something passable at Living Spaces. We basically didn't find anything in Rancho but that's ok. At least now we know and don't really like Mathis Brothers. Most of the furniture just seemed cheap. None of the dressers were on rollers it was all friction slide and it was basically MDF construction for the bottom of the drawers. I know how Connor is and I need good furniture! So we are going to take a day off of work (no kids) and go to places that we know of. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!!

On Father's Day, we just stayed at home and I took the kids on a walk to get out of the house so Daddy could relax and enjoy no kids. I am proud to say Connor actually rode his bike the entire block by himself!! I was so shocked that he wanted to ride his bike. For the most part he got himself going and I didn't have to help at all. He'd ask for help and I'd pretend to help but he got himself going. It was a slow ride because he kept stopping but once he got going a few times, he actually ran into me once because I wasn't expecting him to get going!! I have a feeling in a few weeks I'll be jogging behind him trying to keep up! =)

So that was our weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emily Said It!!

She said Da-da. I swear she did. And so does Surbjit. Actually I swear she said it like two weeks ago but that's a different story. For the past two days, she is a talker. Opening her mouth and making it go up and down. So last night when I was giving her her last bottle she was looking at me and smiling (and NOT eating, grrr) so I started saying Dada to her over and over. She kept looking at me and opening and closing her mouth mimicking me and then making sounds and saying da-da. So there you have it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Connor doing Yoga at Baby Loves Disco.

I'm not quite sure if this going to work but this is a video of Connor and Dylan doing Yoga. I still haven't seen it but I'm ready for bed and Youtube is still "processing" it. If it doesn't work, let me know!!

And Another:


I just have to say, I LOVE my BOB stroller.

Here are Taylor & Emily in it. I've actually taken the girls & Connor on a walk everyday that I've been home all day since I got it. It's so nice!!! And they even fell asleep on Sunday in it so it must be comfortable for them too. =)

You Know Gas Prices are High When . . .

It's really sad when your 2 1/2 year old knows that gas is expensive. Connor was up before I left for work this morning and this was our conversation:

M: Bye Connor I'm going to work. See you tonight.
C: You going bye-bye?
M: Yeah I'm going to work.
C: To make money?
M: Yep.
C: For gas??

How sad are the gas prices???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memorial Day Camping Trip 2008

I know I know. I'm a little late in talking about it. But life with three kids is hectic! Since i can't download the pictures at work I can't share. I could have just written about it but what fun is that without pictures. ;-)
So all in all it was a good trip. The kids did AWESOME! The girls took excellant naps (and haven't since =( ) and went to bed like champs. I guess the fresh air (the little we got) wore them out. It rained a lot that weekend. Weather was not cooperative. It rained Thursday after we got there. Luckily we got camp set up THEN it decided to rain. It rained off and on on Friday so the kids stayed in the motorhome and watched 101 Dalmatians. Then it rained Saturday morning but Saturday afternoon and Sunday were gorgeous!! So at least we got 1 1/2 days of good weather. The rain didn't bother Connor at all. He had a blast playing with Braeden. Every morning he'd wake up and ask "where's Braeden". Braeden is our friends 5 year old son. They played well together for the most part so it was nice to have to worry about him too much. We took a walk with the girls every day in the Baby Bjorn's up to the camp store. Nice little jaunt so they got out and got some fresh air. And they got to play alot in their "playpen". I really like this campground as it is beach level on the south side and really easy to get to the beach from our campsite. We know the two spots we want to get next year and if we do, we'd have this whole corner to ourselves. So I hope we get it!!! Anyway, here are some pics:

Our campsite - As you will notice the tv on the side of the motorhome. What can I say, we travel in style (and we had to watch the Laker game. GO LAKERS!!!!)

The girls in their "playpen"

Connor playing on the beach

Connor & Braeden hangin' by the fire:

Monday, June 02, 2008

6 month pictures!

So I went and got the girls 6 month pictures done on Saturday. I went by myself! It actually wasn't too bad but next time, I'm going to be assuming they'll be moving, so I will DEFINITELY need help!! They both did pretty good. Taylor was not into it at first at all. Which is kinda bummer since all the pictures of them with my favorite background didn't turn out good. But the single ones did so I guess that's ok. So, here are some of the pictures:

Emily (she is always my smiley one!!)

Taylor (I'm amazed we finally got her to smile)

Taylor was finally starting to have some fun!!


My Favorite!!!